• Mon, Aug 31 2009

    Downwind of the Stock Yard

    “For the times, they are a-changin’…” ~ Bob Dylan It used to be that the professional designer/artist/photographer had someone working for him in the form of an agent. This agent was commissioned to sell the artist’s work to various places, including magazines. The traditional artist-agent relationship morphed into a more modern type of agency, namely stock [...]
    • Mon, Aug 31 2009

    Hotel Text

    this macro makes it easy to change an artistic text string into a column of text.
    • Sun, Aug 30 2009

    YouGraph Fashion Graphics

    A couple of weeks ago I told you about one of the packages from the folks at YouGraph. They have added three more packages of graphics geared towards those working in the direct to garment and screen printing industry. So that you can sample the excellence of their graphics, they have also added free samples in each of the categories. To see all of their packages and download any of the free samples, visit the YouGraph...
    • Sat, Aug 29 2009

    Easy Button and Menu Maker

    Buttons and menus on a Web site are an extremely important form of navigation for visitors. As a designer, you want to create attractive buttons with flawless functionality. It is also important that the navigation elements can be seen by search engines to give the pages on the site a good ranking. This is also important to follow accessibility requirements. Easy Button and Menu Maker from Blumentals Software is a great...
    • Fri, Aug 28 2009

    Score Board

    We are getting closer and closer to the start of football for high school, college and pro teams here in the US. One of the things that you find at any stadium is a scoreboard to help the fans keep track of the game. Today's font, Score Board , mimics what you see on that scoreboard. I know that many of you create graphics used by schools of all sizes and this font may be exactly what you need for those projects....
    • Thu, Aug 27 2009

    What Processor is in Your System?

    Today I have three short questions I'd like to ask you. If you could please leave a comment with your answers, that would be great. I'd prefer that you not e-mail me your answers because I would like for everyone to be able to see the results. The developers at Corel are very curious about this, so please take the time to answer if at all possible. What version of CorelDRAW do you currently use the most? What...
    • Wed, Aug 26 2009

    Brian Davies Quick Margins

    Here's a macro that allows you to quickly set your margins (using guidelines). It creates margins based on user input, and there's a Lock Margins checkbox too.
    • Wed, Aug 26 2009

    MD3 Media Dashboard

    The last three computers that have sat on my desk (or under it) have been computers that I've built myself. I will probably be building a new computer in the next month or two and this has had me searching for the components for my perfect PC. Part of the reason I'll be doing it soon is so that I have a fresh new machine on which to install Windows 7. Once I have my final list of components, I'll post the...
    • Tue, Aug 25 2009

    The Easy Way to Create Calendars in CorelDRAW

    Think about everything involved in creating a calendar from scratch in CorelDRAW. How many rectangles do you need to draw? What about creating all of that text and placing it just right in each square? What about putting moon phases on the calendar? Did you know that all of this can be done automatically in CorelDRAW? Today's tutorial, The Easy Way to Create Calendars in CorelDRAW will show you just how quickly you...
    • Mon, Aug 24 2009

    Jeff's Select Same

    When you are trying to change an attribute of several objects, often the hardest part is selecting all of those objects. Jeff's Select Same is a macro that can automate the task for you. Select an object, run the macro and choose what attributes you want to match and click the Select Same button. It really is that simple.
    • Mon, Aug 24 2009

    Corel Deal Alert Includes One Day CorelDRAW Sale and More

    If you aren't a subscriber to the Corel Deal Alert , you definitely want to check out the latest edition. There will be special pricing on CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X4 that is only available on Wednesday, August 26, 2009. I have no idea how good it will be, but you'll definitely want to check it out. You'll also find special pricing on my CorelDRAW X4 Unleashed book, CorelDRAW X4: The Official Guide, the ColorMunki...
    • Sun, Aug 23 2009

    Swedish Book Fair opens 24th-27th September 2009

    The Swedish international book fair in Gothenburg (Göteborg) opens this september, 24-27 . Spain is in focus this year. I will be going there for at least one day visiting, among publishers my own publishers, which I have made covers and illustrations for. To quote the press release on the book fair website: "The Book Fair is a four day long literary festival. The many stages and over 800 exhibitors' stands host...
    • Sun, Aug 23 2009

    Richard Reilly's Vector Vehicles

    If you have followed the Graphics Unleashed Web site over the years, you know that Richard Reilly has delivered some fantastic tutorials for getting the most out of CorelDRAW. Richard is a screen printer by trade and his artistic specialty is creating realistic looking vehicles as vector graphics. Richard has started to add his vehicles to Graphics Unleashed Media Marketplace so that you can use them in your projects...
    • Sat, Aug 22 2009

    Xara Xtreme Pro 5

    Today's blog post will be fairly short. I just finished a review of Xara Xtreme Pro 5 and any of you who have a need to create graphics should give it a look. It is a great product, even if you use it to complement other graphics tools. You can also download a trial version if you want to give it a try. As you'll see in the review, I was really impressed with the content aware photo scaling! Check out the full...
    • Fri, Aug 21 2009

    Expose Right-Develop Left

    A Video Investigation-right up the middle: A lapse of photographic judgment recently produced three very appropriate test files for examining the usefulness of the “expose right” ideology in digital photography.  I was shooting bracketed exposures of a church in rural North Dakota with  HDR compositing in the back of my mind.  The scene turned out to [...]
    • Fri, Aug 21 2009


    When I think back to the summer of 1983, I remember working as a lifeguard at a local pool. This was at the height of Pac-Man mania so I remember many of the swimmers taking a break from swimming in front of a Pac-Man game ( download a trial version or buy a copy if you want to play it). Those memories brought me to today's font, Pacfont , whose characters resemble variations on our hungry yellow friend. You'll...
    • Thu, Aug 20 2009

    New book illustration & cover design "Moving Fast!"

    A new book with cover design & illustration have just hit the Swedish book shelves, a month before the Swedish international book fair opens in Göteborg (Gothenburg). The book is called "Snabba ryck!", ("Moving Fast!" in English). Author is Gunnar Berg. Its target group is set towards both boys & girls from age 10. isbn from the publisher is ISBN: 978-91-85877-22-5. If you like to read more...
    • Thu, Aug 20 2009

    Keyword Your CorelDRAW Files

    When you create a file in CorelDRAW and save it, do you make sure to include keywords in the file? I'm guessing most of you not only don't include keywords, you may not even realize their importance. Today I'm going to try and clear that up for you. First, we need to talk about how to add keywords. For those using CorelDRAW X3 and older, you do it in the Save or Save As dialog box. If there is not an area...
    • Wed, Aug 19 2009

    Patriot Torqx Solid State Drives

    Traditionally hard drives have featured thin magnetic platters spinning at very high speeds. As the years have passed, the density of data on each platter has grown. Unfortunately there is a limit to the speed at which the platters can spin and a mechanical arm moves over the platters to find the precise piece of data needed at any given time. In the last couple of years, a new type of drive has appeared on the scene...
    • Tue, Aug 18 2009

    Whose Picture is it Anyway?

    Sometimes passing the camera around creates a sticky copyright situation. Submitted for your approval, the following photography containing the author of this blog and his photographic idol/mentor, Jim Brandenburg. Jim Brandenburg and Rikk Flohr Photo Credit: Heidi Mae Niska  The shot above was taken at the TCACCC 2008 Spring Break event where Jim [...]
    • Tue, Aug 18 2009

    Imposition and Print Merge

    I think the most powerful feature in CorelDRAW is the ability to impose pages. It's a feature you won't find in the competitor's product. Combining the imposition features with print merge allows users to easily create hundreds, if not thousands, or name badges or tickets or anything else. Today's tutorial covers imposition, print merge and much more . Not only do you get the written instructions in a...
    • Mon, Aug 17 2009

    Alexander Penkin's Charting

    I've always wondered why an easy way to create graphs in CorelDRAW hadn't been developed. I don't have to wonder any longer because Alexander Penkin's Charting macro makes it easy to create a wide variety of graphs (see animated samples below). Data for the graphs can be drawn directly from text in the CorelDRAW file or imported from a CSV file. This means you can easily export data from a spreadsheet...
    • Sun, Aug 16 2009

    Fashion Graphics Men 01

    I'm really excited to have template collections from YouGraph in the Graphics Unleashed Media Marketplace . One of the first collections is the Fashion Graphics Men 01 which features fifteen separate pages with two designs on each page. Samples of each are shown below. If you are creating apparel via screen printing, digital garment printing or any other method, you'll want to check out this and the other YouGraph...
    • Sat, Aug 15 2009

    Nero 9

    I regularly burn hundreds of CDs and DVDs. For me it is important to have the latest version of Nero 9 , my favorite app for burning discs. About a month ago I ordered the upgrade to version 9 and got it installed last week. As I was installing, I was amazed at the number of utilities were included and admittedly didn't understand how they would be useful to me. I didn't have any urgent projects on the agenda...
    • Sat, Aug 15 2009

    Create Beautiful Bevels Fast with CorelDRAW

    By Steve Bain Applying good-looking bevel effects in CorelDRAW® used to be a slow, tedious task. Since the introduction of new bevel effects in version X3, all that has changed. In this tutorial, we'll take put this new feature to the test for impressive results.