• Tue, Sep 29 2009

    More Insight Into Sans Serif Fonts

    In some previous posts I gave you links to two tutorials on sans serif fonts. There are actually four parts to the series and today I'm going to provide the other two links. Part 3 and Part 4 will teach you about some different styles of sans serif fonts. This post is short and sweet with those two links. I'm working on a much longer post for tomorrow.
    • Mon, Sep 28 2009

    Auto Size macro updated

    Shelby's Autosize now supports document scaling. It also has these new features: Single Undo Form Remembers Location (saved upon pressing Apply) No Sizing applied (If left blank or 0 entered) Straighten Horizontal or Vertical Added Accelerator Keys Delete line option Save Settings button
    • Mon, Sep 28 2009

    Jeff's Sooper Dooper Must Have Macros V2

    It is really hard to tell just how much hundreds or even thousands of macros exist for CorelDRAW. The number of "publically available" macros is definitely in the hundreds and I'm sure there are many more than users have created for themselves or their companies that are never made public. Jeff Harrison has put together collections of some of his most popular macros and today I'm focused on Jeff's...
    • Sun, Sep 27 2009

    Retro Sun Burst

    For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, it is now fall and the sun won't be as prevalent in our lives until next Spring. Of course those of us in Arizona still have plenty of sun for another month or two. Anyways, I went looking for some artwork of sun bursts and found some really great EPS images available for download . I've linked to my favorite and you'll find links to other sun bursts on the same...
    • Sat, Sep 26 2009

    The Eyes Have It

    “Now there’s a look in your eyes, like black holes in the sky.” ~ Shine on, you crazy diamond – Pink Floyd Common sense sometimes yields the best results when it comes to people photography. When photographing a person, the eyes truly are the window to the soul. When we are attracted to person, [...]
    • Fri, Sep 25 2009


    A couple of weeks ago I talked about fonts that don't have isolated holes. A user who cuts designs with a scroll saw can't have characters with holes like that. In searching for today's fonts, I tried look for stencil style fonts and found Densmore . There are no uppercase characters, just lowercase. Some of the most interesting characters to me are the punctuation characters. Check it out and then post a...
    • Thu, Sep 24 2009

    The Number of Pixels Matters

    I recently received an e-mail from a reader of my CorelDRAW X4 Unleashed book . He described an all too common problem that is easily remedied when you understand the importance of the number of pixels in an image. Yes, this is explained in the CorelDRAW X4 Unleashed book, I'm guessing the person asking the question just hasn't made it to that chapter yet. The user has created a similar title page in Lumapix FotoFusion...
    • Wed, Sep 23 2009

    Thermalright Ultra-120 Extreme

    Two weeks ago I talked about the latest Core i7 and i5 processors from Intel . Each of the processors is set to a stock speed and is certified to run well at that speed. Yet it is very easy to make changes in the computer's BIOS to run the processor at a faster speed. The problem with running a processor at a faster speed is that it will get warmer. Heck, it will get downright blistering hot. The hotter it gets, the...
    • Tue, Sep 22 2009

    Two-Page Spread!

    Own a Rikk Flohr original! Yesterday the courier arrived with my complimentary contributor’s copy to the regional publication, Lake Superior Magazine. The current issue (November 2009) contains a stunning 11×17 full color, two-page spread of one of my Lake Superior Autumn images.  So turn to page 20 and enjoy. Please support the artist and the [...]
    • Tue, Sep 22 2009

    Using Seamless Textures in CorelDRAW

    I think one of the most underutilized features in CorelDRAW is the pattern fills. Part is this is probably because users are unsure of how to use the feature or even unaware that it exists. Another part could be because the fills supplied with CorelDRAW are not something that users want to incorporate into their projects. Today's tutorial comes in two parts, both a downloadable PDF and a video tutorial about Using...
    • Mon, Sep 21 2009

    Brian Davies Quick Margins Redux

    Three weeks ago I told you about Brian Davies Quick Margins . There have been some important modifications to the macro since that post. The first change allows you to assign the colors of your choice to the guidelines. Then came a second change allowing the macro to work with drawings displayed in facing pages. Even with these changes, you can still download the macro for free . Further testing of the macro has shown...
    • Sun, Sep 20 2009

    What’s in your backpack?

    People often wonder what a professional photographer carries around for a ‘portable camera’ and if he carries any other photo accessories with him.  I’ve never been one for a pocket camera but I do have a portable set of gear that I try to keep with me at all times. My Portable Kit If you’ve run [...]
    • Sat, Sep 19 2009

    My oil painting in a TV commercial

    Just noticed that one of the three oil paintings I made for Swedish hotel chain Scandic Hotel Infra City in Stockholm, Sweden (A Hilton when they comissioned and bought it), is seen in the background in this Swedish commercial, shown on Swedish television channels (and probably movie cinemas) Actime l . Women sits on a bus and then begins to handchake with two men, look closely and there it is, my painting I call "Ocean...
    • Sat, Sep 19 2009

    Online Lighting Diagram Creator

    In studying photographs that I like, some of the most fascinating shots come from dramatic usage of lighting. Of course I can only guess how the photographer lit the shot unless they provide a description of the shot. A few days ago I read an article about how a shot of my favorite sports team came about . Now you may not care about the Jayhawks or even sports. But if you like photography, you'll probably enjoy the...
    • Fri, Sep 18 2009

    Sand Bureau

    Last weekend I saw a lot of sand as I traversed the desert from Phoenix to El Paso to Truth or Consequences and back. Along the way I got to see a good football game and ride in a hot air balloon owned by a former student of our CorelDRAW Unleashed Boot Camp . Anyways, all that is leading me back to sand and today's font, Sand Bureau . It looks like a font that was handwritten with a felt pen to me. I'm also guessing...
    • Thu, Sep 17 2009

    10 Traits You Should Possess if You Want to be a Good Photographer

    Regular readers surely know by now that I've spent a lot of time in the last few months trying to improve my photography skills. I ran across a very good blog post yesterday entitled 10 Traits You Should Possess if You Want to be a Good Photographer . In reading through the 10 Traits, I found myself agreeing with each of them. But I also noticed that you could substitute graphic design in place of photography in many...
    • Thu, Sep 17 2009

    Showing real projects done with CorelDRAW

    I found this exchange in a email from 2005. Yes, trying to clean house a little. LOL On this point your position is inarguably correct. For promotional purposes, Corel must present images that are far beyond the comprehension of the average graphic artist. To me, that often translates to attempts at photo-realism in Draw. But not always... things like maps, product labels/packaging, embroidery, vinyl signage, yellow page...
    • Wed, Sep 16 2009

    New illustrations - Swedish Fire Protection Association

    The information material as a A4 size paper for the Swedish Fire Protection Association just came out. Its called "If a fire starts". I finished the illustrations a week ago, and is the info material is now downloadable from their website. A printed version is coming out shortly. To have a look now already, please go to their website here>> I made the illustrations using CorelDRAW X4 and my pencil sketches...
    • Wed, Sep 16 2009

    iPods, the 2009 Versions

    I've talked a few times about how much I enjoy music. Last year I got my first iPod. I had owned other MP3 players and each one had pros and cons. I give the iPod credit for having a very easy to use user interface. I can't say I love iTunes, but it does make it easy to create playlists and transfer music to the iPod. Last week Apple held one of their much-hyped press conferences to announce the latest members...
    • Tue, Sep 15 2009

    Secrets from the CorelDRAW International Design Contest

    Earlier this year Corel held the latest iteration of the CorelDRAW International Design Contest with the winners being announced on July 30th. Today they sent out a newsletter with links to some tutorials giving you tips on how some of the artwork was created as well as a link to the winners. Corel has also included some special deals in the newsletter that you'll want to check out.
    • Tue, Sep 15 2009

    An Intro to Sans Serif Fonts

    A loyal reader sent me a link to some wonderful tutorials on fonts and I wanted to pass them along to all of you. The folks at AscenderFonts have created a very information article on Sans Serif fonts . Early in my career, I worked for a font foundry and got a good education on the many types of fonts available. This article will explain to you the meaning of sans serif and describe some of the styles that are available...
    • Mon, Sep 14 2009

    Brian Davies Before and After

    How many times have you looked at a image and seen a before and after version. Whoever created that image probably had to spend some time to put the two versions side by side. Brian Davies Before and After makes it easier for you to put those two images together. No matter your starting image, the paper size will be modified to twice the original size and everything in the image will be copied side by side. Should you...
    • Mon, Sep 14 2009

    Converting Spot colors to the CMYK color model

    Someone mentioned in the newsgroups that by tinting a Spot color towards a CMYK hue, the color model will change to CMYK. IMO, it's better to change with: color dialog the find and replace function a macro that will convert many colors at once Here's why:
    • Sun, Sep 13 2009

    The Lost Symbol

    I've thoroughly enjoyed reading previous books from Dan Brown and I'm looking forward to reading The Lost Symbol . Some of you may not recognize the name Dan Brown, but you have no doubt heard of Angels and Demons as well as The DaVinci Code . Both of those books were made into mega movies starring Tom Hanks. Of course the books themselves were wildly popular. The lead character of each of these books, Robert...