• Sun, Nov 1 2009

    New Swatch Macro

    Color Spectrum Pro is available, for making variable CMYK swatches around a known value.
    • Sat, Oct 31 2009

    Bart's Stuff Test

    I can pretty much guarantee that the name of this utility gives you very little information about what it does. Even the page where you download it doesn't say much about it, not even the name of what you are downloading. Bart's Stuff Test allows you to test the read and write speed of your hard disks. It is a free utility. When I built new new computer , I used two different types of hard drives. One was an SSD...
    • Fri, Oct 30 2009

    Thriller Font

    Just one more day until little goblins and ghouls wander around looking for candy. It is also the week when Michael Jackson's This Is It soundtrack and movie are being released. So it seemed only appropriate to highlight the Thriller font today. Maybe this font will get you and the other zombies in the office dancing. Or maybe you'll just get more designs done.
    • Thu, Oct 29 2009

    Outlines That Don't Inflate the Border Size

    A CorelDRAW user recently asked me if there was a way to create a box of an exact size with an outline on it. The most common usage of this would be to create a border around an ad. Remember that half of the outline is inside the shape and half is outside. So even if you draw a rectangle of the exact size, the outline will make it larger than what is allowed. There is a simple answer for this, though it will take a couple...
    • Wed, Oct 28 2009

    ATI Radeon HD 5870

    There is a new speed king when it comes to video cards. Even better, the speed comes at a lower price. There are a variety of cards based on the ATI Radeon HD 5870 and all sport the same price of $399. Of those posting comments, the only negative seems to be the large size of the card at 11.5 inches long. So if you are going to get one, make sure you have room in your computer for it. My preference in video cards has...
    • Tue, Oct 27 2009

    Setback for Digital Cameras

    The title sounds more ominous than the truth. Darn writers and their enigmatic hooks! November 1 is the day your camera needs to be set back for Daylight Savings Time’s end. If you have more than one camera, you might consider syncing them all up at this time. Twice a year, in the US anyway, the [...]
    • Tue, Oct 27 2009

    Two Ways to Create a Split Front Design

    In only a few days the World Series will start. The New York Yankees against the Philadelphia Phillies. Many of you probably have had to design artwork for the front of baseball jerseys that requires a split front. For those who aren't familiar, a split front has to have a small amount of overlap where the jersey buttons. Today's tutorial will show you two different ways to create a split front in CorelDRAW ....
    • Mon, Oct 26 2009

    Save Old Version

    If you have multiple versions of CorelDRAW installed in your office or you have clients with older versions, it may be handy to automatically save your files to an older version. The Save Old Version macro will do exactly that and it is free. Now I'm going to caution you about using this macro unless you know the downsides. No, the macro doesn't do anything wrong. The problem is not having a copy of the file saved...
    • Sun, Oct 25 2009

    Fall Image Collection Announced

    Fleeting Glimpse Images is pleased to announce the fall release of four new prints. These prints have not been featured before in the Fleeting Glimpse Image On-line Store. All prints are photographic process prints signed by the creator. The Gallery can be accessed via the Fleeting Glimpse Website at this link. The Fleeting Glimpse On-line store [...]
    • Sun, Oct 25 2009

    Vector Smiley Pack

    It seems that every where you turn in software, there are smileys. I thought it might be nice to have some cool vector smileys to use in various projects and so I went searching around the Web. The search led to some really nice vector smileys in the Vector Smiley Pack . The files are supplied as Adobe Illustrator files so you may have to do a little editing after importing into CorelDRAW to get them to look the same...
    • Sat, Oct 24 2009

    4th Quarter Substitutions

    As the weather in the Northern Hemisphere changes from Summer to Winter it is a good time to examine the contents of your camera gear’s carrying case. As I fumble through the vest pockets, I come upon some, decidedly warm-weather gear.  A dew rag that I use for emergency shade will be of little use in [...]
    • Sat, Oct 24 2009


    How cluttered is the hard drive on your computer? Even on a new machine it doesn't take very long for the gunk to build up. Yet often you have no idea what exactly is taking up all the space. That's where Xinorbis can help out. Allow it to scan your hard drive and you will get a wealth of data about what it found. Find out the size of the folders, what types of files take up the most space, the age of those files...
    • Fri, Oct 23 2009

    Sinister Fonts

    Last week I directed you to a dingbat full of skulls to use for Halloween themed graphics. Today I'm going to continue that trend by telling you about a site loaded with some really sinister fonts that are perfect for the holiday. The Sinister Fonts Web site contains a number of free ghoulish fonts, wallpapers and even a few desktop themes sure to get you in the mood for Halloween.
    • Thu, Oct 22 2009

    New Reviews and New Deals

    This post is a bit of a mixed bag of information. I decided to put it all in a single post rather than having two separate posts. Hopefully you'll find all of the information useful. Those of you who have been reading the content on Graphics Unleashed will remember a very prolific reviewer by the name of Kurt von Behrmann . He has been busy the last few years building his career as an artist and hadn't had the...
    • Thu, Oct 22 2009

    Move It While Drawing

    Does that title mean anything to you? I bet not. It is probably pretty confusing. What I'm talking about it moving an object while drawing it in CorelDRAW. There is one huge gotcha with this feature. You have to be using a mouse. I can't get it to work at all when using a tablet. Let's start with the rectangle tool. Click and drag to draw a rectangle. Before you let go of the left mouse button, press down...
    • Wed, Oct 21 2009

    Amazing Deals for Windows 7 Release

    Last Saturday I told you my thoughts on Windows 7 . The release is less than 24 hours away. As a way to capitalize on the release of Windows 7, Corel decided to have an incredible sale on two of their latest products. They didn't plan on this coupon getting out to a wide audience, but I won't tell if you won't. If you use the provided coupon code, you'll get 70% off these products. Save 70% on downloads...
    • Tue, Oct 20 2009

    How to Make a Hi-Tech Interface Using CorelDRAW

    Maybe you need a cool looking interface for a Web design project or maybe you just want it to include in a design to be printed. No matter what reason you have, Jeff Harrison has a great tutorial for showing you how to do it. How to Make a Hi-Tech Interface in CorelDRAW will show users of CorelDRAW 9-X4 a number of cool features and techniques for achieving the interface of their dreams. Of course that also includes tips...
    • Mon, Oct 19 2009

    What’s in a Name

    Richard is my given name but I gave it back. Now I need it again. As a conference speaker, I sometimes have the situation arise where I am (gratefully) traveling on someone else’s dime. In these cases, it is normal for the conference staff to arrange for you travel. I never gave it a second [...]
    • Mon, Oct 19 2009

    wOxxOm Patch CorelDRAW X3/X4

    If you simply look at the name of this tool, you'll likely think it is a service pack for CorelDRAW. I've already suggested to the folks at MacroMonster that it should be renamed to TweakCDR as this is a tool that makes it easy to change some defaults in CorelDRAW by modifying the Windows registry for you. wOxxOm Patch CorelDRAW X3/X4 gives you a number of functions. For example, you can change the size and color...
    • Sun, Oct 18 2009

    Komodo Vector Leaves

    The folks at Komodo Media have put together some files with vector leaves that look really cool. Now here's the problem, you can't get the full benefit of them in CorelDRAW. The original files are saved in Adobe Fireworks format. While it has the PNG extension, you won't be able to use the vector data with CorelDRAW. A second file includes the leaves in Adobe Illustrator format which you should be able to...
    • Sat, Oct 17 2009

    Windows 7 Less Than a Week Away

    Every few years a new version of Windows appears and we have to decide if there is a good reason to make the jump from the current version we are using. As I need to document software, I need to at least have one computer on the current version of Windows just in case things work a little differently. I told you a little while back that I was building a new computer . The computer is now built and most all of my software...
    • Fri, Oct 16 2009

    1000 Words – Hidden Falls @ Big Woods

    I just got back from PowerPoint Live in Atlanta and will have some things to say about that-till then… Rikk Flohr © 2009 del.icio.us Tags: pretty pictures,big woods state park,hidden falls,waterfalls
    • Fri, Oct 16 2009

    Skullz Halloween Font

    We are now halfway through October and that means Halloween is getting closer. Or maybe it is Dia de los Muertos that you celebrate. Regardless, I found the perfect font for the occasion. Skullz is a dingbat font full of various skull graphics, many with crossbones. Of course the best of the bunch has to be the skull in the top hat.
    • Thu, Oct 15 2009

    Duplicate Offset

    In the last week I've had several users ask me about modifying the duplicate offset value in CorelDRAW. In every case the desire was to change the offset to zero. So this tip is very short and sweet. You don't need to change the duplicate offset value at all. Simply press the + key on the numeric keypad. It always makes a duplicate with an offset of zero.
    • Wed, Oct 14 2009

    Samsung Dual LCD Digital Camera

    Most often when new digital cameras come along, they don't offer any big new features. It might have a better lens or more megapixels. Samsung has added a unique new feature to their latest cameras. There is an LCD screen on the front of the camera as well as on the back. The smaller LCD on the front of the camera can be used to help with self portraits, it can display a countdown timer or it can even play a cute...