• Mon, Nov 30 2009

    Drive By Shooting

    Well, Point-n-Shooting, that is. Sometimes you find yourself strapped into a seat, hurtling at 75 mph in a car, down a highway, on the back roads of whatever land into which you are currently imprisoned.  Beside you the guide posts whirl by, much slower the mile posts, and even more slowly, the hours. Why not use [...]
    • Mon, Nov 30 2009

    Krasbit Layouter

    Normally I talk about one macro each Monday. Of course that macro may have a few different features included with it. Today we are going to talk about a whole group of macros that are packaged together as Krasbit Layouter . I always recommend that you read all of the details about a macro carefully before trying it. The same applies here as there are several requirements for these macros. It also notes quite clearly that...
    • Sun, Nov 29 2009

    Father Christmas

    I saw parts of a few parades on TV during the Thanksgiving holiday. Each one had a very similar ending as Santa Claus arrived and the Christmas season officially began. So I thought it would only be appropriate if I were to find a clip art image of Santa arriving. Father Christmas Came is just such an image. You can download it either as an EPS file or a JPG depending on your needs. Give it a look and get starting on...
    • Sat, Nov 28 2009

    All CPU Meter Desktop Gadget

    If you are using Windows Vista or Windows 7, you'll be in luck. Sorry XP users, you'll have to upgrade to take advantage of today's widget...or make that gadget. You see we're going to look at a Desktop Gadget that runs as part of the Windows Sidebar. All CPU Meter is especially useful if you have a number of cores in your machine. The newer quad core processors are also hyperthreaded so that each of them...
    • Fri, Nov 27 2009

    Degrassi Font

    Yesterday was very relaxing. It was the Thanksgiving holiday here in the United States where we take time to share a tasty dinner with our family and friends. As my family is many miles away, I joined an eclectic group of friends. We shared conversation around a wide variety of subjects and also shared an amazing meal. Now it is time to share a font with you and I've chosen Degrassi for today. It is listed as a "grafitti"...
    • Thu, Nov 26 2009

    A note on creating attractive images with a Paletted bit depth

    Study these settings, and give them a try on your next GIF or Paletted PNG. A few changes make a huge difference...
    • Tue, Nov 24 2009

    HDR: The Results Show

    Well, I received a good response off the last post. The image in the previous post was not an HDR image but rather one that was recovered strictly through the RAW converter. Below is the same file processed with the benefit of a three-exposure HDR. You can compare the two if you like.  This is [...]
    • Tue, Nov 24 2009

    Pick Your Poizin

    Rather than a plain tutorial today, I thought I'd show you how some artwork created in CorelDRAW is used to make some wine extra special. I know that many of you in the United States will be celebrating Thanksgiving this week and that often includes a little bit of wine. In this case, the wine is Poizin. Yes, I spelled that right. CorelDRAW user and awards shop owner Dennis Wilkerson is featured in today's video...
    • Tue, Nov 24 2009

    AM Halftone dot integrity for conversions to 1-bit monchrome

    A quick test I made... interesting how 3 programs convert to 1-bit. I love Photo-PAINT, but hopefully the next version will have better integrity relative to the others shown. I intentionally used a low line screen to reveal the circle integrity.
    • Mon, Nov 23 2009

    Hatch Fill

    CorelDRAW includes a wide variety of fills in its arsenal. One type of fill that has been curiously missing is the hatch fill. It is included as part of Corel DESIGNER ( download a free trial ), but I've asked and Corel intends to keep it there. That means you have to turn to macros if you want the ability to fill objects with hatch fills. Today's macro, HatchFill , does exactly that. When you run the macro, you...
    • Sun, Nov 22 2009

    To HDR or not to HDR?

    That is the question. I get this question at just about every presentation I give. Oh, the question may take a different form such as: Is that HDR? What HDR program did you use there? Photoshop? Photomatix? That has to be HDR, right? Novices in the art of combining multiple exposure-value shots into a single image are often seduced [...]
    • Sun, Nov 22 2009

    Round Turkey

    I'm really lucky this year. I get to celebrate Thanksgiving twice. Yesterday I joined some friends for an early Thanksgiving dinner. I'm still full of food! Of course I'll celebrate with some other friends on Thursday on Thanksgiving day. What this means is that I get to have a lot of tasty turkey. To commemorate the meals, I thought I'd share some turkey clip art with you. I know, the clip art doesn't...
    • Sat, Nov 21 2009

    Remember Your Passwords Automatically!

    Do you use the same password on all the Web sites you visit? If not, do your forget many of them? Or do you completely forget the login information? I'm guess all of the above applies to many of us. Unfortunately that is one way that the bad guys get into our accounts. When you forget your information, you have to ask for help and that is frustrating for both you and for the Web site you are wanting to visit. All...
    • Fri, Nov 20 2009

    We Give Thanks

    Last week I provided you with a link to the 4YEOTHANKS dingbat font as one example of Thanksgiving designs. With the holiday less than a week away, we need another appropriate font to use. We Give Thanks is another dingbat font with some really intricate designs appropriate for the holiday. Now that we have the fonts we need, it is time to start thinking about all the great food to be shared.
    • Thu, Nov 19 2009

    Select All Tricks

    When working in CorelDRAW, as well as most any other software, pressing Ctrl + A will select all. By default in CorelDRAW, it select all objects in your drawing. But there are a few tricks you can use to select other things. If a guideline is selected when you press Ctrl + A , it will select all guidelines. If a node is selected, it will select all nodes. Of course this information is included in my CorelDRAW X4 Unleashed...
    • Wed, Nov 18 2009

    At the Ready

    Keeping a camera handy and ready-to-shoot is a great way to capture fleeting moments. Today’s Catch: Albino Squirrel Personally, I keep a camera charged and ready-to-go, sitting on the shelves next to my desk should something interesting happen by.  Today’s Camera-at-the-ready is a Canon 40D with a 300 MM F4L IS lens. It is set for ISO [...]
    • Wed, Nov 18 2009

    Canon 7D DSLR

    It seems like everywhere I go these days, the signs of Christmas are quite evident. So in my next few Hump Day Hardware posts I'm going to talk about some toys that you might want to get yourself as a present. We'll start out with a great new DSLR from Canon, the Canon 7D . The link goes to the version with a 28-135mm lens, but you can also buy it without a lens. Inside you'll find an 18.0 megapixel CMOS sensor...
    • Tue, Nov 17 2009

    Illustration for Who is Pirate? at Swedish National Maritime Museum

    This is the new illustration I did the for the new poster, for the new upcoming exhibition "Who is Pirate?" at Swedish National Maritime Museum, which opens December 5, 2009. I also made 4 additional illustrations that are part of the actual exhibition, in large format. 2,5 x 1 as well as 3 x 3,5 meters in size. It was a fun work to do. I made this illustrations by first sketching in my sketchpad, and later...
    • Tue, Nov 17 2009

    Using OpenType Features: Figure Styles

    Today we're going to return to a tutorial teaching you more about fonts. Using OpenType Features: Figure Styles gives you a wonderful description of the different types of figures and ways to use them in Adobe InDesign . To use special characters like this in CorelDRAW, open the Insert Symbol Character Docker ( Ctrl + F11 ) and navigate to the font of your choice. The bad news is that CorelDRAW just flat out can't...
    • Mon, Nov 16 2009

    GDG Click-It! Contours and Shadows

    When you are working with Contours in CorelDRAW, the options provided don't give you a choice for the type of corners you want. GDG Click It! Contours & Shadows allows you to choose between rounded and beveled corners. You can also apply a Contour to multiple shapes at the same time instead of being limited to only a single object. This gives you more flexibility and allows you to work faster than the built-in...
    • Sun, Nov 15 2009

    Fashion Graphics Women

    If you design garment graphics, you definitely want to check out YouGraph's Fashion Graphics Women collection . It includes a total of 30 fantastic designs that are ready to use or even to modify. Not sure if it is right for you? Download a free sample and check it out.
    • Sat, Nov 14 2009

    Wilcom DecoStudio e1.5

    Not all users are aware of the amazing fashion designs that can be created in CorelDRAW. A really cool product for creating multidecorations is Wilcom DecoStudio e1.5 and now is a great time to give it a look if you haven't already. Why is it a great time? Because Corel is throwing in the DecoStudio PowerPack if you purchase before December 31, 2009! First, let's go over what you get with Wilcom DecoStudio. I...
    • Fri, Nov 13 2009


    That name is sure a mouthful. Canadian Thanksgiving has already passed and the US version is getting closer every day. That led me to a search for an appropriate font. 4YEOTHANKS is a dingbat font with some cute graphics related to the holiday. If you are hosting a feast at your home, this font is sure to help you make invitations.
    • Thu, Nov 12 2009

    Changing Outline Defaults

    A loyal reader recently asked me how to change the default outline to a hairline. Picking the thickness you want is pretty simple. The key is knowing how to change the default outline. With nothing selected in CorelDRAW, bring up the Outline Pen dialog box (just press F12 ). This will first trigger a dialog asking if you want to change the defaults for Graphic, Artistic Text or Paragraph Text. Make your selection, click...
    • Wed, Nov 11 2009

    CorelDRAW X4 and Color Management Bundles

    Corel has put together several holiday bundles that combine CorelDRAW X4 with tools to help you master the art of color management. There are introductory, advanced and professional bundles available and all of them are at special prices good through November 24, 2009. If you want to get an even better deal, use the coupon code "UNLEASHED12" without the quotes to save an additional 10%! Check out all the bundles...