• Fri, Apr 30 2010

    Behind the Shot: The Frog Prints

    You have to say the title out-loud to get it~ Some of you may remember a previous entry when I was feeling froggy. I wrote about using field lights at night for finding and photographing frogs in Costa Rica and then applying correct white balancing. Though we searched diligently, no frogs were found at night [...]
    • Fri, Apr 30 2010

    Wet Pet

    After two months of grunge fonts, today will be the last one for now. Wet Pet is going to make you think this font has something to do with animals. That certainly doesn't look to be the case. Like some of the other grunge fonts, the outlines of the characters look hand drawn. Only in this case, only the top half of the characters has been filled. By the font's description, they claim this gives the font a wet...
    • Thu, Apr 29 2010

    Working With Scanned Text

    I find that many users are thoroughly confused by the graphics they scan. I was reminded of this yesterday when a user posted a question about working with a page of scanned text. The user wanted to manipulate the individual characters of text and even quoted a dialog box for importing text into CorelDRAW. Let's start at the beginning. If you scan something, your computer will see a single rectangle encompassing the...
    • Thu, Apr 29 2010

    Tools You Can Be Leaf In

    One user asked about leaves in CorelDRAW. She wanted to use the PostScript Leaf fill, but find a way to fill those leaves with custom colors. While there are tedious ways to do it, IMO the fill itself isn't that great. One of the skills I have is to look further than the initial question to figure out the final goal. The project was a poster for Earth Day for her business. For a quick poster, spending hours fooling...
    • Wed, Apr 28 2010

    Cutting Press Sheets with Crop Marks

    Once a user prints out their sheets with crop marks, they realize at some point that they've also cut off the marks that go in the other direction . Here's an idea I came up many years ago when cutting business cards on a commercial machine. This is a hydraulic machine that requires 220v of power to run, it can easily cut through a whole ream of paper at once. However, the method works on any machine, even a small...
    • Wed, Apr 28 2010

    Microsoft LifeCam Cinema

    These days it is so easy to communicate with people on the other side of the world using software like Skype . Where Skype really gets fun is when you use it with a Webcam so the call has video of each of the callers. I have frequently done this when traveling overseas since I can easily call a computer back home with a Webcam. The Microsoft LifeCam Cinema delivers 720p video and a decent microphone for under $50. It...
    • Tue, Apr 27 2010

    The Crop Dictionary is Online at Holy Crop!

    Back from Costa Rica! I just posted an update on the Holy Crop! Blog announcing the inclusion of Rikk’s Holy Crop! Cropping Dictionary. Click here to read the post. Rikk Flohr © 2010
    • Tue, Apr 27 2010

    Installing Plug-Ins in Corel PHOTO-PAINT

    The last two weekends I've provided links to some cool Photoshop plug-ins that work in Corel PHOTO-PAINT. Today I wanted to write a short tutorial to explain how to install plug-ins. Plug-Ins With Installer: Some plug-in packages include an installer. Typically they try to locate compatible host programs or at least Adobe Photoshop. If you don't see Corel PHOTO-PAINT on the list, simply install into the location...
    • Tue, Apr 27 2010

    Registration for Vinyl Pieces

    Lining up vinyl pieces relative to the edge of a sign, or to other pieces is possible by simply creating some registration pieces. I use triangles. In this example, I'd lay the black artwork down first so that it's square with the sign piece. Then the red artwork (and the triangle that goes with it) would go on the bottom left corner. After the two colors of vinyl are positioned, all triangular registration pieces...
    • Tue, Apr 27 2010

    Transparency Option for Custom Icons

    When assigning or customizing an icon, you may have overlooked an option to set a transparent area. I'll admit I didn't notice this until about a year ago. One of our VBA developers at macromonster.com had icons with bright blue backgrounds as BMP files, but in his workspace they looked fine. After some exploring, I figured out what he was doing. Click on the image for an animation. Notice how the background is...
    • Mon, Apr 26 2010

    NumberGen 1.5

    One of the most powerful tools in CorelDRAW is the ability to impose multiple pages onto a single printed sheet. When combined with the Print Merge facility, you can do amazing projects in a very limited timeframe. Probably the toughest part of such a product is creating a proper data file when numbering forms or tickets. The NumberGen utility will solve that problem by creating a data file in a minimal amount of time...
    • Mon, Apr 26 2010

    Noisia Applications Color Spectrum Pro has had a major update!

    In the sign and printing industries, artists are often called upon to match specific colors. This color can be anything from a Pantone color, to a hardcopy proof. Due in part to the color shift between pigment based colors such as Pantones and the CMYK printing on large format machines, finding a good match can be very time consuming and difficult. Using this software, it is easy to create a set of color swatches containing...
    • Sun, Apr 25 2010

    CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X5 - How to neatly pack a computer software

    I read an article in Swedish Graphics Magazine Cap & Design (use google translate), Adobe Creative CS5 new packaging. Okay, it looks pretty traditional. Neither good nor bad. Nothing negative. It looks completely okay. Since Cap & Design is Cap & Design and usually is a very Adobe-oriented magazine it means all Adobe is good, but everything else left unnamed. Well almost. At least as its not labeld Adobe,...
    • Sun, Apr 25 2010

    Text Line Spacing from Imported PDF Files

    When opening a PDF, you may know how to reassemble text strings into blocks of text. If not, Shift+Select the text in the order you want it combined, then press CTRL+L to combine it. However, many tremble with fear when they proceed to see a blob of text, all on one line. Don't worry, it's a small adjustment to get that text into separate lines. I prefer the interactive way : by pressing the F10 Key and dragging...
    • Sun, Apr 25 2010

    Moon Vector Clip Art

    A couple of nights ago we held the BBQ for the latest CorelDRAW Unleashed Training Boot Camp . As always we had a great meal and a great time socializing. The only bummer was that it was extremely overcast so we couldn't see the stars and moon. Afterwards some of the class went to a local hotspot to watch live bull riding. Some of the bull riders must have been seeing stars after the bulls were done with them. Ouch...
    • Sun, Apr 25 2010

    How to Make a Simple Icon

    Most of our newer macros all come with "official" icons to help save time for the users when setting up their own macro toolbars. That means the older ones didn't come with them. However, making a quick icon isn't too bad once you get the hang of it. There is an icon editor in Corel's appearance dialog, but I prefer to make icons in PHOTO-PAINT. Some tips: Create a new 24-bit RGB document in PHOTO...
    • Sat, Apr 24 2010

    MV Color Replacer

    Last week I told you about the Wireworm plug-in and got a significant amount of positive feedback. So today I wanted to tell you about a plug-in from the same developer that is equally excellent. Most image editing software includes some sort of color replacer function, but the Color Replacer plug-in gives you a little more control and that leads to better color replacement. Since the plug-in is free, you'll definitely...
    • Sat, Apr 24 2010

    Trimming with Lines Instead of the Knife Tool

    I've always felt CorelDRAW's knife tool was unintuitive and unpredictable. By drawing lines lines instead in advance, one can: Create very complex trimming lines in advance (the trimming line can be very curvy) Position the trimming line exactly where needed (for example to divide a shape into 2) Combine many separate lines into a single trimming tool. Here's a demonstration where I trim into the shape twice...
    • Sat, Apr 24 2010

    How To Make Blurry Text

    A user in the Coreldraw.com forums asked about how to intentionally make text blurry. Here are some steps to follow:
    • Fri, Apr 23 2010

    VTKS Revolt

    This font reminds me of a circus font gone wild. Maybe VTKS Revolt somehow means that the font is revolting from being a circus font. Or maybe it is just a really cool looking grunge font that is perfect for a project.
    • Thu, Apr 22 2010

    Landscape Photography Tips

    I just finished taking a landscape photography course last night. It was taught by a frequent contributor to Arizona Highways magazine. So it was interesting that I came across My Five Favorite Landscape Photography Tips just before going to that last class. While these five tips won't teach you everything I learned in my class, they certainly touch on all of the high points. Give it a read and hopefully you'll...
    • Wed, Apr 21 2010

    Corel Earth Day Sale

    In honor of Earth Day, Corel is having a one day sale on the downloadable versions of several of their products. Please note that the discounts only apply to the download version and they will only be in effect on April 22, 2010 . If you click on the links provided below, you will only see the discount on that single day. Where the discounts are known, I have included them next to the product name. Painter 11 (30% off...
    • Wed, Apr 21 2010

    Computer Tool Kit

    We all use computers. If not, you wouldn't be reading this blog. If you need to do some work on your computer, do you have a special tool kit for it? I'm not expecting you to do major surgery on your computer, though you certainly can do that. Even opening up the case to get rid of dust bunnies is a good thing to do once or twice a year. Regular tools are sometimes magnetized and that could harm the data on your...
    • Tue, Apr 20 2010

    Bitmap Manipulator Released

    This macro allows comprehensive resampling and color model changes for bitmaps in your document. It's the fastest way to convert numerous bitmaps to another color model, and/or change their resolution. It has the ability to find bitmaps inside Groups, and also within Powerclips. It also features a single Undo. 8-bit Alpha Channels are preserved when found in an image. A handy Adaptive Unsharp option helps restore...
    • Mon, Apr 19 2010

    Jeff's Select Same 2

    Before I get to today's macro, I thought I would let you know that this is post #1000 in the Graphics Unleashed blog. It is hard to believe that I've written so many posts, yet it has been several years since the first post. I hope that you are all getting good information from the blog and I welcome your input on what you like, what you dislike and what I can do to make it even better. Jeff's Select Same...