• Thu, Sep 30 2010

    Artificial Sunshine in the Palm of Your Hand

    Who says you have to hold a camera just one or two ways? Same subject-four consecutive shots-four very different looks If you have ever been bored enough to watch a sundial all day you probably have figured out what is different in these four shots. The rose, shot on a cloudy and rainy day was [...]
    • Thu, Sep 30 2010

    Make a Custom Artistic Media Brush in CorelDRAW

    Watch and learn how Jeff creates a unique brush and then applies it to a shape in CorelDRAW X5. This feature has been in CorelDRAW since version 9, but very few know about it.
    • Wed, Sep 29 2010

    Your Flyouts Out!

    The ability to customize your workspace has always been an important when it comes to saving you time and making things a bit easier for you. And it will definitely give your fingers a little rest. I like the mix of “Assigning Shortcuts” and “Making my own custom toolbars”. Sometimes it’s easier just to Drag
    • Wed, Sep 29 2010

    External Hard Drives for Storage and Backup

    When was the last time you backed up your data? You don't have to tell anyone so be honest with yourself. If your hard drive died today, how much work would be lost? What would it cost you to replace or re-create the lost data? Remember, it is not a question of when your drive will fail, it is a question of when. The reason most people don't back up their data as often as they should is because it is too difficult...
    • Tue, Sep 28 2010

    2010 Fight For Air Climb

    Loyal readers will remember that I participated in an event last year where I climbed 53 flights of stairs (1272 total) in two buildings to raise money for the American Lung Association. The last few flights of stairs were a bit painful, but I made it to the top as shown in the picture at right. I was pretty impressed that I completed the climb in 15 minutes and 15 seconds. This year I want to do better and you will help...
    • Tue, Sep 28 2010

    Manually Tracing Bitmaps With CorelDRAW X5

    One of the most common tasks for CorelDRAW users is converting a scanned logo into a vector version. While most users will try to use Corel PowerTRACE, the best way is almost always to re-create the logo manually. Today's tutorial, Lesson 33 of CorelDRAW X5 Unleashed , will show you a variety of ways to do the conversion so you can determine the best way for the job at hand. You'll get a 12-page PDF file along...
    • Mon, Sep 27 2010

    Music again for inspiration

    When you have listend to a series of fast, hard songs with Foo Fighters and Metallica for inspiration while working, dont hesitat to throw a slower song into the mix. Like myself for example who listened to Katie Melua´s great song “Closest thing to crazy”. Stefan Lindblad Illustrator
    • Mon, Sep 27 2010

    ShareCropping at HolyCrop! is launched!

    Don’t you love two exclamation points in the same sentence? The first victim has been chosen at Holy Crop! for the series ShareCropping.  See the crop analysis of Steve Shor’s Bluebells in Brussels. Rikk Flohr © 2010
    • Mon, Sep 27 2010

    GDG Space Master

    Do you have the need to create a bunch of items that are evenly spaced? Wouldn't it be great if there was an automated way to create the objects perfectly spaced? GDG Space Master is a new macro that will do all the hard work for you. You can specify the spacing between objects or fit them into a specific area. Of course you can do it horizontally or vertically. Check it out!
    • Sun, Sep 26 2010

    Auto Center Contents in a Powerclip!

    Many users I’ve spoken to said that they liked the way Powerclips worked in previous versions of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite®… namely X4. For those who have no idea of what a Powerclip is… it’s basically an object created by placing objects (contents objects) inside other objects (container objects). How to Powerclip objects? Select your Object
    • Sun, Sep 26 2010

    Ultimate Hot Rod Art Mini Pack

    Users are always looking for great artwork of cars and the Ultimate Hot Rod Art Mini Pack gives you 414 different vehicles to use in your projects. You'll find classic cars, muscle cars, show cards, race cars and hot rods with flames. If you need vehicles in your art, this is a collection you can use on a regular basis. All vehicles are provided as vector artwork in both EPS and AI format. Check out this collection...
    • Sat, Sep 25 2010

    Windows Clipboard Extenders

    Two weeks ago I asked everyone to tell me about their favorite utilities . One of the suggestions was for a program that extends the Windows clipboard. So I'll mention it and see if there are any other utilities you might want to investigate for empowering the clipboard. First up is inteleXual Products Yankee Clipper . There is a free trial as well as two versions of the utility. Look over the feature list and the...
    • Fri, Sep 24 2010

    Tribbon Layered Font

    A loyal reader sent me a suggestion for a really cool font. It is what is called a layered font and when used properly it will give the appearance of a 3D ribbon. This is done by having three copies of the text that each use a different font. Put all three on top of each other and you get the cool look. The folks at Noupe have a detailed blog post on the font , the usage restrictions (free for personal use), examples...
    • Thu, Sep 23 2010

    Creating a Double Outline

    I often see users asking how to create a double outline (or triple or quadruple). It really is pretty simple. Use the Contour feature in CorelDRAW to add however many steps (outlines) you want. Sometimes the outline you want is white. Break apart the Contour group that is created and color each of the steps in whatever colors you want. CorelDRAW X5 Unleashed shows an example of how to easily do this along with hundreds...
    • Wed, Sep 22 2010

    September 23, 2010 Graphics Unleashed Newsletter Now Available

    The latest information packed Graphics Unleashed Newsletter dated September 23, 2010 is now available for immediate reading. It includes coverage of two of Corel's new products, ways you can interact with Graphics Unleashed and information you need to get the most out of your graphics software. Read it now !
    • Wed, Sep 22 2010

    Behind the Shot: The Warrior

    And a Featured Android App: Photo Studio Buddy This is a shot of my latest studio session featuring model Liz Manalo.  Aside from an excellent model, some cool props and a good composition, the shot features some killer lighting. Knowing about the lighting setup is the key to getting behind the shot. When it comes [...]
    • Tue, Sep 21 2010

    How to Interact With This Blog

    I was asked recently by a loyal reader for instructions on how to post comments on this blog. I will provide instructions below for those who read as e-mail, in an RSS reader and on the Web site. It is my desire that this blog be as interactive as possible. I start the conversation with each of my posts and you can continue it by leaving your comments. Once I provide the instructions for commenting, I'll also tell...
    • Mon, Sep 20 2010

    Quick Introduction!

    Welcome, This is the blog section of the Website. Here you will find useful Tips & Tricks that you can use in your everyday workflow to save you time and money… Of course, there will be posts that will help both Novices & Advanced users. I also plan on posting interviews with the Industry’s leading
    • Mon, Sep 20 2010


    A new feature column on Holy Crop! …and a call for willing victims! The week of September 20th will see the launch of a new regular feature on Holy Crop! blog. The goal of ShareCropping is to have readers and selected victims share their image with the Cropists at Holy Crop! It is our goal [...]
    • Mon, Sep 20 2010

    GDG Color Click

    A common task for CorelDRAW users is changing the colors in a document. There are a number of ways to accomplish this task in CorelDRAW. Some ways are quicker than others. The GDG Color Click macro may be the quickest possible way to get the colors changed the way you want. With a single click, it will show you the colors used on the current page or in the current selection. It tells you the color model and the makeup...
    • Mon, Sep 20 2010

    Corel's Premium and Ultimate Products

    Corel has released two products this month that build upon existing products. I'll tell you a little bit about them and then give you links to get more information and purchase. There are even some special enticements going on if you buy soon. The links provided will pay me a commission while bringing you the best deal possible. So if you are going to buy, I would definitely appreciate it if you use the links provided...
    • Sun, Sep 19 2010

    Beauty of Public Signage

    The folks at Smashing Magazine held the World of Signage Photo Contest a while back and now they have posted the results . All designers should check out the page and look over the winners. You'll find photos of a number of signs. Some of them are great photos. Others show really good graphic design captured in a photo. You'll also get a chuckle out of some of them. I found the translation of some of the signs...
    • Sat, Sep 18 2010

    Screen Capture Utilities

    Last week I asked loyal readers to tell me about their favorite utilities . Two of the suggestions were for utilities that do screen captures. I'll list the two utilities suggested, talk about another utility you already have and then tell you how I do screen captures....and I do a lot of them. The first suggestion was for Gadwin Print Screen . It comes in a free version and a low-priced "Professional" version...
    • Fri, Sep 17 2010

    Köp böcker från min webbshop

    Buy books such as e-books & audio books in english language from my website web shop. US based Crossroad Press & I have hooked up making it possble form me to offer the books via my website web shop. They are as said in english language and written by my friend Steven Savile, David Niall Wilson and many other writers. Look for more info here http://canvas.nu/zencart/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=31  ...
    • Fri, Sep 17 2010

    Rock Font

    Last week I told you my football-playing Jayhawks needed a big renaissance after a poor outing in their first game. They responded with a huge win over a tough opponent. Their defense was solid as a rock and so I chose to feature the Rock Font this week. Not only was I thrilled that my Jayhawks won, it was the first time in several years that your favorite blogger was able to attend a home game. After the huge victory...