• Sun, Oct 31 2010

    Clipart and Fonts Artwork Collections

    I've featured some of the collections from Clipart and Fonts in previous posts. Today I wanted to give you a link to a page showing all of the forty-four collections they offer . You'll find a wide variety of collections in most every category. The images are all vector and optimized for numerous production methods. That includes apparel graphics, banners, decals, digital printing, embroidery, logos, screen printing...
    • Sat, Oct 30 2010

    Collectors Print: Mission Bay Sunset Glow

    I waited for four days of grey overcast for a glimmer of sun to light the world.  On the fifth day, the sun broke through the afternoon clouds and bathed Mission Bay in a warm sunset glow. I am pleased to offer this open-edition 12×12 inch fine art print for sale.  The print is signed [...]
    • Sat, Oct 30 2010

    Jon Stewart and his Rally to Sanity

    In Sweden we could watch during the late night until morning hours the Fox News channel broadcasted on a small cable channel. Especially during the beginningof the Iraq war. After a while Fox News was out and in came a German TV show. Now the cable channel only show their regular programs. For a while it was both scary and informative to watch what many americans were watching. I know  of no Swede to date that like...
    • Sat, Oct 30 2010

    MysticThumbs Thumbnail Manager

    Users are always asking for a way to see accurate thumbnails of all of their graphic files in Windows Explorer. A few months ago I featured FastPictureViewer Codec Pack as one solution to the problem. Today, I want to tell you about MysticThumbs as an alternative. Each of these products has a cost and in return they support quite a few of the files types that users want to see. The side benefit is that Corel CONNECT ...
    • Fri, Oct 29 2010

    Fearless Vampire Killers Font

    Not too long ago I met someone who is originally from Romania . After a while, the talked turned to vampires as they are also supposed to be from Romania. Should I use garlic to keep the vampires away or should I just drive a wood stake through their hearts? If nothing else, I could use the Fearless Vampire Killers font to simply tell the vampires to leave my neck alone.
    • Wed, Oct 27 2010

    Logitech HD Pro Webcam for Video Conferencing

    When I was a kid, I remember seeing a future where everyone had a video phone in their house. In many ways, that prediction has finally become available to anyone with a decent Internet connection and a Webcam. To project the best image, you need a good Webcam and a fast connection. While there are numerous services that offer video calls, my favorite is Skype . It is completely free if you are calling another Skype user...
    • Tue, Oct 26 2010

    Windows Live Writer gets an upgrade to 2011

    My blogging software of choice over the past several years has been Windows Live Writer which is part of the Windows Live Essentials software suite available free from Microsoft. Last week after a long hiatus, the Blog software got a much-needed upgrade. The interface is now in harmony with other Microsoft products and the new [...]
    • Tue, Oct 26 2010

    Coffee Party vs Tea Party in USA

    Vi have all read, heard or seen news about the famouse Tea Party movement in USA. Now a new party in USA called “The Coffee Party” have been formed in USA. Which seems very clearly to be a opposition to the “The Tea Party. Read more here> Quote from the The Coffee Party statement: ” COFFEE PARTY MISSION STATEMENT The Coffee Party Movement gives voice to Americans who want to see cooperation in government. We recognize...
    • Tue, Oct 26 2010

    Creating and Manipulating Text in CorelDRAW

    There are very few CorelDRAW projects with no text. In fact, I have a hard time remembering any projects that didn't include at least a word or two. That makes working with text an extremely important skill to master. Lesson 7 of CorelDRAW X5 Unleashed tells you all about working with Artistic Text, Paragraph Text, Symbol Characters and much more. This tutorial is an excerpt from the full CorelDRAW X5 Unleashed and...
    • Mon, Oct 25 2010

    October 26, 2010 Graphics Unleashed Newsletter

    The October 26, 2010 edition of the Graphics Unleashed Newsletter is now posted. This issue features links to over 40 articles for the graphics software user as well as other valuable information for CorelDRAW users. Check out the newsletter now !
    • Mon, Oct 25 2010

    Oberon Color Replacer

    A very common task for CorelDRAW users is changing the colors in a document. You want everything of a particular color changed to another color. Oberon Color Replacer really simplifies this task. Choose the color you want to replace and the color with which it is to be replaced. This can even be done with an eyedropper. Then you can select whether it applies to fills, outlines or both. Lastly, you can select the scope...
    • Sun, Oct 24 2010

    Vehicle Tribals Mega Pack

    Tribal graphics are certainly one of the hottest categories on the market right now. The Vehicle Tribals Mega Pack is loaded with 1650 designs from seven different collections. While the package is designed for those cutting vinyl for vehicle graphics, the designs work just as well on the printed page or embroidered on a shirt. So if you are looking for some really cool tribal graphics, you'll definitely want to check...
    • Sat, Oct 23 2010

    Adobe Acrobat X

    This week Adobe announced the upcoming release of Adobe Acrobat X. In one way or another, we all work with PDF files and Acrobat is Adobe's tool for creating and manipulating them. I'll list a few of the new features that may entice you to upgrade. For some of you, the free Adobe Reader is all you need. The new features that jumped out to me are the ability to convert a PDF file to Word and/or Excel format. Adobe...
    • Sat, Oct 23 2010

    Logos: Consider the Future Requirements

    When creating a brand or a logo, you should imagine the wide variety of output methods that are available with modern equipment. Quite often I see new desingers of all ages create artwork that is very complex and doesn't translate well to simpler versions of the brand. Here's a fictional company where a several prospective output methods are considered.
    • Fri, Oct 22 2010

    Feast of Flesh Font

    OK, I have to admit that today's font has an absolutely disgusting name. The Feast of Flesh font isn't nearly as gruesome as the name. As we are one week closer to Halloween, I thought I should continue the theme of horror fonts I started last week. We'll look at one more before we have our annual chocolate holiday.
    • Thu, Oct 21 2010

    Cabo, Sammy and Loreto

    Last week I was enjoying a week in Baja, Mexico and I wanted to share a little bit with my loyal readers. This post doesn't have anything to do with graphics software, but I'm hoping you still enjoy it. A friend and I have talked about attending Sammy Hagar's Birthday Bash in Cabo for years. For those who don't know Sammy Hagar, you probably are at least familiar with some of his songs or his days as the...
    • Thu, Oct 21 2010

    Tilt-Shift Photography

    Tilt-shift simply means the camera is somehow being moved or tilted, often for selective focus. I'll let Wikipedia give you a more detailed explanation . The result is that a photo will look like a miniature and they can look really cool. Want some examples? Smashing Magazine posted 50 Beautiful Examples of Tilt-Shift Photography . Look over the examples and I think you'll be impressed.
    • Wed, Oct 20 2010

    TechtalkRadio Network Interview About CorelDRAW and Training

    I had the pleasure of doing a radio interview yesterday with Andy Taylor (not the sheriff in Mayberry) of TechtalkRadio Network about the many ways CorelDRAW was used and how to best learn the software. Go ahead and go to the TechtalkRadio page where you can listen to the interview . Since the interview covered some of our training products, I wanted to provide you some updates on upcoming books and new Boot Camp information...
    • Tue, Oct 19 2010

    Batch Convert X5 files to X4!

    If you’re using CorelDRAW X5, or your X5 trial is about to expired… you may want to save all of your files to the Native X4 file format. Luckily, you don’t have to open and resave each individual file using the Save Dialog. X5 includes a Macro, File Convertor, that does that for you To
    • Tue, Oct 19 2010

    Google Offers JPEG Alternative

    The JPG file format has existed for many years because it makes small files and has wide support in graphics software and the Web. Of course it is also used extensively in digital cameras. Users love it because of the small files, yet they often overlooked the flaws . Google thinks they have created a superior alternative . Their WebP format makes smaller files than JPG. Their engineers claim a decrease in size of about...
    • Tue, Oct 19 2010

    4 Essential iPad Apps for Landscape Photographers

    There has been much written about essential iPad apps, even essential apps for photographers, but I wanted to approach the subject of what specifically there exists for the photographer who specializes in Landscapes. My criteria included apps which helped take the picture-not those which manipulate the photos later.  So without further adieu, here are my [...]
    • Mon, Oct 18 2010

    Me and my publisher

    Something I like about working with my publishers who I do covers and illustrations for, is that I can write quickly and not worry about when I write fast to them when showing drafts, or longer explanations with sloppy grammar - they're all well-educated people after all so they understand what I write in any case ;-) I just did that now Stefan Lindblad Illustrator
    • Mon, Oct 18 2010

    Shortcuts for Aligning & Distributing objects

    If you’re new to CorelDRAW, you may want to memorize certain shortcuts keys. I normally use these keys instead of using the Align and Distribute Toolbar [Arrange > Align & Distribute > Align & Distribute]. Here are the default shortcut keys for Aligning objects. With your objects selected: Align Bottom                         B
    • Mon, Oct 18 2010

    The Wonders of Technology

    I was traveling in Mexico the last week and it was pretty cool to experience the many ways that technology touches our lives. Of course there were Internet connections to be found most everywhere and I saw people connecting on all varieties of devices. The Internet allowed me to communicate with people all over the world for business and pleasure. The phone in my pocket would allow me to call anyone if I was willing to...
    • Sun, Oct 17 2010

    Van Gogh Parodies and Famous First Lines

    Vincent van Gogh is one of the best known artists from the 1800s. I'm sure you would instantly recognize some of his paintings. When something becomes popular, it gets parodied. Today let's have some fun and look at some funny parodies of Van Gogh paintings . For those who prefer to read the classics, I've also got a list of the 100 Best First Lines from Novels . How many of the books on the list have you...