• Tue, Nov 30 2010

    21 Days of the Crop: Badlands Style

    Well, Fleeting Glimpse readers, I have arrived at Badlands for another stay as Artist in Residence.  In honor of my stay, I will be running (internet and time dependent) a series of crops over at the Holy Crop! blog.  Each day, I will crop one image captured during my 21 days and post it with [...]
    • Tue, Nov 30 2010

    Shaping Objects in CorelDRAW

    When working with vector graphics, understanding how to work with nodes is one of the most important things for any user to know. Today's tutorial on Shaping Objects gives you all the ins and outs of working with nodes and more. You'll also learn how to modify the shapes of vector objects using tools like the Roughen Brush, Smudge Brush, Crop Tool, Knife Tool, Eraser Tool, Virtual Segment Delete Tool and Fillet...
    • Mon, Nov 29 2010

    Oberon Place CorelDRAW Macros Updated for X5

    I've featured a number of different Oberon Place macros over the years. If you were dependent on them, you may have been frustrated recently since they hadn't been updated to X5. That has now changed since they have all been updated. Check out the Oberon Place Web site to check on your favorite macros.
    • Sat, Nov 27 2010

    Notepad++ Text Editor

    In many ways, I enjoy minimalist software. It strips away bells and whistles that get in the way and lets me get things done faster. One of the tools included with Windows is the Notepad text editor. For many text editing tasks, it works great. Yet there are times you want a text editor that does more without complicating things too much. That's where Notepad ++ comes into play. You might just call it Notepad on steroids...
    • Fri, Nov 26 2010

    CorelDRAW massive export to EPS–so called Batch Processing

      In Photo-Paint Batch Process is heavily used by myself when processing multiple images. In CorelDRAW its not called Batch Process, meaning you wont find the words Batch Process in the menu system, as its only called this way in Corel Photo-Paint. Instead in CorelDRAW you will have to use Macros and “FILE CONVERTER”, in this case in the Macro Manager in CorelDRAW. All though Batch Processing is great, the real power...
    • Fri, Nov 26 2010

    Ithornet Font

    Wow, I definitely had too much to eat yesterday. After all that turkey, it was time for a long nap. Of course, I got to thinking about fonts as I dozed off. The trendy fonts right now have distress and flourishes. My font search led me to Ithornet that has both of those qualities. If you are looking for a trendy font, you'll definitely want to get this one. Well, time for another nap. I hope all of you had a great...
    • Thu, Nov 25 2010

    Learn Something New Every Day

    For those of you in the United States, today is the Thanksgiving holiday. I hope you are taking the time to spend the day with friends and family. I will certainly be enjoying a relaxing day and I'm very thankful to have all of you loyal readers. Today's tip is going to be short and more motivational than anything. I want each of you to make a goal for each day. Try to learn one new thing that will help you to...
    • Wed, Nov 24 2010

    Apple Releases Boot Camp 3.2

    For those of us who have chosen to run a dual-environment on a Mac, Apple released Boot Camp 3.2 on November 18, 2010. This update is available for both the 32 bit and 64 bit Windows OS. It fixes a host of bugs including the dreaded Blue Screen of Death that sometimes occurs in the [...]
    • Wed, Nov 24 2010

    The CPU for Dream Computer 2011

    Last week, we talked about motherboards for Dream Computer 2011 . Now it is time to put a brain in those motherboards.We identified three levels of motherboards for three different processor types. Thus, I'll choose different processors based on the motherboards selected. You'll have to decide what level of power and what cost best meets your needs. For those who choose a motherboard for Intel LGA1366 chips, I...
    • Tue, Nov 23 2010

    Flashing on the Beach

    At the recent Presentation Summit, I had the opportunity to take 15 presentation professionals/amateur photographers on a field trip to Pacific Beach in San Diego.  One of the concepts I hoped to teach was balancing ambient light with flash ala the Strobist. The Pinch: An unsuspecting model strolled down the beach towards our group. As [...]
    • Tue, Nov 23 2010

    Selecting and Transforming Objects in CorelDRAW

    When a user first starts with CorelDRAW, there are a number of topics that are very important to learn. The many methods for selecting objects is one of them. Even experienced users probably only know half of the selection methods. Once selected, there are a wide variety of ways to transform and rotate the objects. Again, even the most experienced users probably only know some of the ways. Today's tutorial is Lesson...
    • Mon, Nov 22 2010

    Select Guidelines Macro

    In many ways, guidelines in CorelDRAW are no different than other objects. You can click on them to select click, drag them to a new location, rotate them and much more. What you can't do is marquee select them. That is, you can't do it without the Select Guidelines macro . Using this macro, you can marquee select multiple guidelines. Once selected, they can be moved, rotated or deleted. For those of you who use...
    • Sun, Nov 21 2010

    Animal Print Seamless Textures

    Seamless textures are a great tool to use in your designs. They can give you a really cool pattern of any size you want. Why any size? Since they are seamless, they edges tile perfectly. This allows you to fill any object with these patterns. I wanted to introduce you to a few animal prints today as that is a style I'm often asked about. The various animal prints available include Bear Fur , Cow Hide , Giraffe Hide...
    • Sat, Nov 20 2010

    Tools For E-Book Creation

    I've talked about the self-publishing of e-books recently and so I thought it was time to share a couple of tools that may be helpful in creating them. Since I publish all my books as PDF files, it would be great to have a tool that could simply convert a PDF file directly into e-book format. PDF to EPUB 1.5 does exactly that and you'll love the price (free). For files that are mostly text, you'll probably...
    • Fri, Nov 19 2010

    Bete Noir Font

    I love retro fonts. They evoke feelings of a time that has passed. In some ways, I feel they add a bit of classiness to a project. As I was searching retro fonts, I came across Bete Noir and it was love at first sight. Display fonts with patterns in them are a personal favorite and this one has a nice jagged pattern in it. Get a copy for yourself and give it a try in your next project.
    • Thu, Nov 18 2010

    Questions About E-Books and Self Publishing?

    Last week I wrote How to Self-Publish an E-Book which provided a nice overview of the process. I also shared with you some of the knowledge I have gained by self-publish my own e-books. I want to thank Stefan Lindblad for posting a really nice comment and asking for more information. He and I had an e-mail conversation and he has convinced me to provide more details on self-publishing and e-book production. I'm sure...
    • Wed, Nov 17 2010

    Motherboards for Dream Computer 2011

    I got a little bit out of order last week by talking about video cards first . Now I'll go back to the beginning and start at the heart of our machine. Today we're going to pick a motherboard for our dream computer. The choice of motherboard could dictate some of the other component choices we make. While our overall goal is to put together the best computer, I'll also provide at least one choice that fits...
    • Tue, Nov 16 2010

    Bitmaps vs. Vectors

    One area that frequently confuses users in the world of graphics is the difference between bitmaps and vectors. Today's tutorial will tell you the difference between the two as well as when you should use each type of graphic. You'll also learn the most popular file formats for each type of graphic. Lesson 3 of CorelDRAW X5 Unleashed teaches you all of that and more. While it has a lot of great information, it...
    • Tue, Nov 16 2010

    Satin Finish

    A user in the public forums had an interesting question about how to create a satin/silk look. Look for a video I had made early in the thread. Brian had an interesting idea that I also explored (the gold example).
    • Mon, Nov 15 2010

    File Name Inserter Macro

    I had a project a few years back where I needed the file name of each drawing to appear on the drawing. It could have taken me hours to manually insert the file names on all of the drawings. That's where the File Name Inserter macro can come in handy. You can select where the name is supposed to appear on your image, the font size, the margin and whether it applies to only the active document or every file that is...
    • Mon, Nov 15 2010

    Enabling the Old Export Dialogs for CorelDRAW X5

    For those that prefer the old-style export dialogs in both CorelDRAW and PHOTO-PAINT X5, here are the steps: Close all Corel programs Navigate to the folder shown below Add an x to these file names Then you can have fast and familiar access to parameters you need for your exports. To revert to the new way, rename and remove the x 's. I like the idea of the new export dialog, but for X5 there are too many problems...
    • Sun, Nov 14 2010

    Drainspotting - Japan's Beautiful Manhole Covers

    I'm sure you've all seen a manhole cover. Heck, I have one within a few feet of our office door. It is a boring steel circle stamped with the name of the town. Things are a bit different in Japan . Manhoru (that's the Japanese name for manholes) there can include really colorful designs on them. Remo Camerota has compiled a book called Drainspotting with photos of some of the best. I just wonder if any of...
    • Sat, Nov 13 2010

    RockMelt Browser

    I often talk about new software. Of course much of the "new" software is simply an updated version of software that's been around for a while. Other times it is a small utility with a very simple function. Today I'm going to introduce you to a new browser that is still in the development stage. The name of this new browser is RockMelt and it is built around social media. I encourage you to watch the...
    • Fri, Nov 12 2010

    Presley Press Font

    When I was exploring Greece and Italy three years ago, I took notice of the lettering I saw. Of course there were modern signs everything. Yet it was the lettering on the ancient architecture I found most interesting. Many of the letterforms were the same as today, though there were a few differences. Today's font, Presley Press , follows the lead of those ancient letterforms while also adding a modern flair. Download...
    • Thu, Nov 11 2010

    Tileable Texture Example

    Here's a tileable texture I built from scratch in Photo-PAINT X4 . Maybe you can use it somewhere... The bump map effect in Photo-PAINT X5 is still broken after SP2...Hopefully Corel fixes this once and for all, it was broken in X3 for a period too. It's the effect that created the panel look below. To check for how it tiles, bring into CorelDRAW and tile it with the method you like most ( there are several ways...