• Fri, Dec 31 2010

    Happy New Year from Phoenix GFX…

    I would like to take the opportunity to thank everyone for the support they have given me during the past year especially all my friends from Coreldraw.com and also the persons I’ve worked with during the X5 cycles. It’s been a great ride and I hope to extend congratulations to everyone who achieved their goals
    • Fri, Dec 31 2010

    Willegha Unregistered Font

    Did the royal couple register for their wedding? I just don't know what to get a family that already has everything. Since I'm guessing they aren't registered, I chose Willegha Unregistered font for today. It too is a script font with much smaller characters widths than the others I've featured. Today also brings us to the end of 2010. I know the last couple of years have been a struggle for many businesses...
    • Thu, Dec 30 2010

    Everything You'd Want to Know About Rubik's Cube

    I remember back in the early 80s when I got my first Rubik's cube. I think it came in my Christmas stocking. It took me a couple of weeks to figure out how to solve it and I could do it pretty quickly. Nowadays I even have a little one on a keyring though I long ago gave up trying to solve it. I recently ran across a page that is titled Everything You'd Want to Know About the Rubik's Cube . I think you'll...
    • Wed, Dec 29 2010

    DVD Drive for Dream Computer 2011

    One piece of equipment that is mandatory in Dream Computer 2011 is a DVD Drive. Some important software and artwork is supplied on DVD discs and you've got to have a way to load that data. You'll most likely want to burn your own DVDs and CDs. This is one piece of hardware that is really inexpensive, even for a quality drive. I went with the Samsung SH-S223 drive that sells for less than $30 . Depending on your...
    • Tue, Dec 28 2010

    Opening and Saving Files in CorelDRAW

    The task that you do most often in CorelDRAW is opening and saving files. It may seem like a task that you have mastered and yet there are a number of options that could make you more productive. Lesson 15 from the CorelDRAW X5 Unleashed Training DVD gives you everything you need to know about Opening and Saving Files . It has nine information packed pages! Your best value is to get the entire DVD that includes this tutorial...
    • Mon, Dec 27 2010

    Fleeting Glimpse’s Top Posts of 2010

    Every year, I like to conduct a brief retrospective of the top posts for this blog. In the event you missed one of the more memorable posts of 2010, here follows a recap. #3 Passport Photos: This article features a down-and-dirty way using Adobe Lightroom to quickly process an image into a suitable passport photo according [...]
    • Mon, Dec 27 2010

    What Can Your Automate?

    As the end of the year gets closer, I try to find ways to make my work easier in the upcoming year. One of the things I try to decide is whether there is a way to automate tasks I do on a regular basis. Think of the things you do regularly in CorelDRAW or Corel PHOTO-PAINT. Are there processes that are the same steps every single time? If so, you can record a macro in either program to automate those tasks. You may also...
    • Sun, Dec 26 2010

    Dr. Seuss Does Star Wars

    A couple of weeks ago I gave you Dr. Seuss's Tips on Social Media . So today I have something else that follows the Dr. Seuss theme. A cartoonist started doing some doodles where Dr. Seuss told the story of Star Wars. If you enjoyed the illustrations in the Dr. Seuss books or the Star Wars movies, you'll love the panels shared here . It would be hilarious if a full movie were to be made along this theme. OK, they...
    • Sat, Dec 25 2010

    Quicken 2011

    Wow, is it really Christmas already? Why am I blogging right now? I know that you all look forward to the daily posts and I don't want to let you down. I also know that many people spend a bit more than they should for the holidays. Now that a new year is staring us in the face, it is time to get our personal finances in order. I can't even remember when I started using Quicken, but it was many years ago. While...
    • Fri, Dec 24 2010

    Exmouth Font

    I found a few fonts with regal names, though I'm not sure any of them were quite right for the royal wedding. Now it is Christmas Eve and I'm on top of the world. My search has led me to Exmouth font and it is a lot more regal than the other fonts we've seen. I know you probably aren't making the royal invitations, but I think you'll still find a use for this font. I want to wish all of you a very...
    • Thu, Dec 23 2010

    Do Not Save Working Files as JPG

    You've taken pictures with your digital camera and they are saved as a JPG on the memory card. You want to edit those photos to enhance them in some way. It is very important that you do NOT save the working files as JPG format. JPG is a lossy format and the quality will degrade EVERY time the file is saved. So if you save the file and open again later to edit, it will get even worse the next time you save. The more...
    • Thu, Dec 23 2010

    Hard Drive for Dream Computer 2011

    Last week I selected an SSD drive for Dream Computer 2011 . I also provided an alternative of a hybrid drive for those that wanted to save a few bucks. The SSD or hybrid drive would be used to store the operating system. Now we're going to choose a mechanical hard drive to store our software and data. Actually, I told you all about my choice back in May . The Western Digital Caviar 2 TB has a lot of space and is very...
    • Tue, Dec 21 2010

    Outlining Objects in CorelDRAW

    Last week I featured a tutorial on Filling Objects in CorelDRAW and today the tutorial is all about Outlining Objects and the many things you can do with outlines. It is Lesson 13 from the CorelDRAW X5 Unleashed Training DVD and it contains 9 pages and more than 10 minutes of video tutorials. If you want the best value, get the DVD as it contains this tutorial and 44 more lessons for one low price! To see what all is...
    • Mon, Dec 20 2010

    The Many Worlds of a Video Game Artist

    I just ran across a wonderful article in the New Yorker magazine about Shigeru Miyamot o. If you don't recognize his name, don't feel bad. I didn't recognize it either. He is the video game designer responsible for bringing us Mario , the character in Donkey Kong and many other games since then. It is quite a long article, so I'll keep my post short. If you've ever wondered about the inspirations for...
    • Sun, Dec 19 2010

    DigitalDesignWare Products

    I've talked about many of the DigitalDesignWare products before and I wanted to mention them again as we get near the end of the year. As we near the end of the year, it is a time where we need to look at our budgets and tax planning. I thought you may want to get in a tax deduction before the end of the year and get some great clip art products at the same time. Especially for anyone doing vehicle wraps, these products...
    • Sat, Dec 18 2010

    Payroll, W-2 and 1099 Software

    As the year draws to a close, those of us in the United States have to think about planning for year-end tax paperwork. That includes generating W2 and 1099 forms for people who have worked or done work for our business. For Unleashed, our W2 forms are handled automatically by a payroll service. Yet doing 1099 forms has always been a headache...until last year. Even though our accounting software can calculate what is...
    • Fri, Dec 17 2010

    Fill Flash and Wildlife

    I’ve written about this subject before. The previous article was concerned with using fill flash to help illuminate the shadowed portions of wildlife in extremely bright situations. What about when the light is almost gone? This Bighorn Sheep at Badlands National Park conveniently posed at dusk-last night-right next to the roadway.  The sky was much [...]
    • Fri, Dec 17 2010

    Jellyka Saint-Andrew's Queen Font

    For the past two weeks I've been featuring fonts of a regal nature in celebration of the upcoming royal wedding. Since there is a Prince Andrew, I thought that Jellyka Saint-Andrew's Queen font would fit. This one is not nearly as formal as the previous two fonts. In fact, it looks more like real cursive handwriting. Yet I think you'll find it a nice addition to your collection. Now what does a guy have to...
    • Thu, Dec 16 2010

    Combine Multiple CDR Files Into PDF or Print

    I know it isn't always popular when I tell users that there are some things they shouldn't do in CorelDRAW. High up on my list is trying to create long documents. Back in May, I told you to break up long documents . A side effect of some long documents is massive files and I warned you about that back in July . For users who insist on creating these types of projects in CorelDRAW, there is an alternative that...
    • Wed, Dec 15 2010

    SSD Drive for Dream Computer 2011

    Last June I told you about the OCZ Vertex 2 SSD drives . In an SSD drive, your data is stored in flash memory. That means it is really fast and there are no moving parts to fail. This speed comes with a higher price than the typical mechanical hard drive. While the ideal setup would be to only use SSD drives in a computer, it isn't financially realistic if you work with a large amount of data. We're going to assume...
    • Tue, Dec 14 2010

    Lost Souls novel by Poppy Z Brite–now as audio e-book, my cover art

    Stefan Lindblad, Illustration & graphic design cover Copyright 2010 This summer of 2010 I got to do the illustration, cover art and graphic design for the LOST SOULS novel by Poppy Z. Brite, meaning the audio e-book version, published by Cross Road Press . It was pure joy to do. Hope you all like it. You can buy the audio book via my own web shop, from where you then go directly to the page for the book publisher...
    • Tue, Dec 14 2010

    Filling Objects in CorelDRAW

    CorelDRAW is loaded with a number of different fills and today's tutorial, Filling Objects , will show you all of the ins and outs of how each of them works. That includes fountain fills, two-color pattern fills, full-color pattern fills, bitmap pattern fills, texture fills and PostScript fills. This is Lesson 11 of the CorelDRAW X5 Unleashed Training DVD and it contains 12 pages and more than 19 minutes of video...
    • Mon, Dec 13 2010

    Behind the Shot: Shadow of the Beast

    Some shots are millions of years in the making. The first time I visited this fossil eroding out of the Badlands National Park Sediment it was a dreary overcast day.  The second time, the fossil skull was covered with snow.   Both times, I thought something was missing: a shot to do this subject justice. I [...]
    • Mon, Dec 13 2010

    Alexander Penkin's NeonTool 6

    If you want to create Neon in CorelDRAW X4 or X5, you'll definitely want to check out Alexander Penkin's NeonTool 6 . There are tools to help you draw neon, edit neon, measure the length, preview and develop signs. Pretty much all the tools a neon designer needs. I think the best way to learn about this macro is to check out the examples and screen shots provided for the macro .
    • Sun, Dec 12 2010

    15 Social Media Tips from Dr. Seuss

    If it is the holiday season, it must be time to watch the classic Dr. Seuss tale When the Grinch Stole Christmas on TV. But did you know that Dr. Seuss created some tips for social media? OK, so it wasn't really Dr. Seuss since he died long before social media existed. Each one starts with a real Dr. Seuss quote and then the quote is translated into English so that you can truly understand it as it relates to social...