• Mon, Feb 28 2011

    Coreldraw Macro CADtool4 - CAD tool like for CorelDRAW

    CADtool4 - get it here! CorelDRAW no doubt is a very powerful illustration program. It is perfect to use for working with technical illustrations if you are into that. And in case you would need even more technical tools, for example EZ Metrics among features, then CorelDESIGNER the sister program of CorelDRAW could be an alternativ. Or you could buy the EZ Metrics macro from Unleashed. Now as the title says - CADtool4...
    • Mon, Feb 28 2011

    GDG Multi Text Changer

    You've designed the perfect piece and you think you're all finished. At the last minute, you need to change the name of the product and it appears many times in your design. That's just one of the examples of situations where GDG Multi Text Changer can come to your rescue. It will not only allow you to change the text, but also the formatting applied to the text. Best of all, it isn't limited to a single...
    • Sun, Feb 27 2011

    RIP David Huss

    Those of you who have been using CorelDRAW and Corel PHOTO-PAINT for many users will no doubt recognize the name David Huss. He wrote several books on PHOTO-PAINT and was very active in the Corel community for a number of years. More recently he had turned his attention to other products so his name probably isn't as familiar to users who have joined the Corel community in the past few years. Unfortunately David passed...
    • Sun, Feb 27 2011

    CorelDRAW Brush Pack 2 and Combo Pack

    In January, I told you about CorelDRAW Brush Pack 1 . It brought so many questions that I wrote a follow-up post revisiting CorelDRAW Brush Pack 1 . The first pack was so popular that I'm here today to tell you about a second pack of brushes. CorelDRAW Brush Pack 2 includes 400 more brushes. Those of you who love video tutorials will want to visit the CorelDRAW Brush Pack 2 product page as it includes nearly four...
    • Sat, Feb 26 2011

    Vector Pack Cartoon Landscaped Available for Premium Users on VectorTuts

    A new set of vector illustrations available exclusively for Vector Premium members. In this pack you will find a great selection of cute, shiny backgrounds of all seasons. These illustrations are perfect for postcards, posters, and adverts for different purposes: from tourism to children’s illustration. Learn more at the jump! (...)Read the rest of Vector [...]
    • Sat, Feb 26 2011

    ShellMenuView Can Help You Control Context Menu

    When you right-click on a file in Windows, you are presented with what is called the Context Menu. There are a number of options presented for what you can do with the file. Controlling all the options that appear in the menu can be a nightmare. There may be a lot of options you don't want and options you do want may be missing. That's where today's utility comes into play. ShellMenuView makes it easy for...
    • Fri, Feb 25 2011

    Blazed Font

    I had a quick trip to Las Vegas last weekend to help surprise a friend on his birthday. It was Las Vegas, so I can't really tell you what happened. That's stay in Vegas. But I can tell you that the volcano in front of the Mirage hotel was upgraded a couple of years ago and the fire and water show is even more spectacular than before. That got me thinking about fonts with a fire theme and I found the Blazed font...
    • Thu, Feb 24 2011

    CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X5 "The" book on Colour Management.

    CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X5 "The" book on Colour Management . BUY THE BOOK HERE> There is an all new color management interface for the CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X5. Making this publication a must read. Author and Colour management guru David Milisock´s new book on Color Management in CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X5, Covers users using Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. Author David Milisock, owner of Custom Graphic...
    • Thu, Feb 24 2011

    Marital Rating Scale and Coca-Cola Recipe

    Today I'm going to take a quick break from graphics software and pass along a couple of fun things. The first is the Marital Rating Scale from the 1930s. It describes what makes a good (or bad) husband or wife complete with point values for each item. I think you'll find it good for a laugh. Ever since I was a kid, I've always enjoyed a cold Coca-Cola. I've also heard about the secret "7x" recipe...
    • Wed, Feb 23 2011

    One Day CorelDRAW Sale & New VideoStudio X4

    Corel has introduced a new version of their video editing application, VideoStudio X4 . I've listed a brief description of the new version below. For more information, to purchase and for a free download of the trial version, you can visit the Corel VideoStudio X4 Web page . I've also embedded a short video tour of VideoStudio below the description. Note that this video is only visible when reading this post on...
    • Wed, Feb 23 2011

    Epson PP-100 Disc Producer

    There is one piece of computer equipment in our office that is constantly being used. After nearly 2.5 years, it still works flawlessly. The only thing we've ever had to do to keep it running is replenish the supplies. It is the Epson PP-100 Disc Producer and it is used to duplicate CDs and DVDs. At first glance, some users might not think they have a use for such a device while others can immediately think of uses...
    • Tue, Feb 22 2011

    Aligning, Distributing, Duplicating, Copy and Paste in CorelDRAW

    Getting objects perfectly aligned in CorelDRAW is a very important task that most users complete at least a hundred times a day. Distributing isn't as common a task, but it is important to get it just right. There are also tricks to duplicating objects as well as using copy and paste. Lesson 23 of CorelDRAW X5 Unleashed will teach you how to get the most out of these features and much more. You get a 7-page PDF as...
    • Tue, Feb 22 2011

    Buy book for reluctant readers

    Buy book for reluctant readers. Interest Age 8 - 14 years | Reading Age 6 - 7 years. "Inside the Earth". UK. A book for reluctant readers. I made several illustrations for the short stories in the book. http://canvas.nu/zencart/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=6&products_id=75 Buy the book directly from me and my own shop. Price including shipping worldwide 6 euros. Stefan Lindblad Illustration...
    • Tue, Feb 22 2011

    New Free Vector on VectorStock

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    • Mon, Feb 21 2011

    Interview with Anja Kaiser – Top Stock Illustrator

    Today I am so000 excited to interview Anja Kaiser – one of the most popular stock illustrators and a very nice person, being always helpful and encouraging on microstock forums and in life. Anja’s illustrations are so stylistically and technically neat, that most of them make it to the tops of the most popular photobanks. [...]
    • Mon, Feb 21 2011

    GDG Round Text

    Here in the USA it is the President's Day holiday. Hopefully that means you get a chance to take a little bit of a break from work. When you get back in front of CorelDRAW, one of the most common questions asked is how to put text on the top and bottom of a circle. It isn't particularly hard, but it does take a few steps to get it just right. The GDG Round Text macro will make the process even easier. Text can...
    • Sun, Feb 20 2011

    Drawing an Indian Girl in Vector Step by Step

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    • Sun, Feb 20 2011

    Tribal Animals 2 Clip Art

    A few months back I told you about the Tribal Animals Clip Art . Today I want to tell you about Tribal Animals 2 . It contains more than 400 more tribal animal designs. Each of the designs is provided in AI, EPS and JPG formats so you'll have exactly what you need for almost any type of output. Make sure to look at the sample PDF file so you can see all of the images you get!
    • Sat, Feb 19 2011

    Xara 3D Maker 7 Announced

    Xara 3D Maker 7 is designed to create the highest quality 3D text and graphics, such as headings, logos, movie titles and buttons. It's the perfect way to add impact to your web pages, mailshots, presentations and movie opening and closing credits (all images are fully anti-aliased for that smooth, professional quality). Xara3D Maker 7 can also create awesome 3D animations in seconds—GIFs, AVIs and simple Flash movie...
    • Fri, Feb 18 2011

    Stop & protest against Shark-finning , directly to the EU commision–or where you live.

    Shark-finning is one of those incredibly cruel  things people do simply to let people have a cup of shark fin soup and make money. I personally don't understand why anyone in their sane mind like to support the cruel killing of sharks for having a shark fin soup. You have the possibility to make a contribution in protesting and support those in the EU commission who tries to stop the shark-finning madness. Latest...
    • Fri, Feb 18 2011

    Birds Against the Moon Won 20$ RedBubble Voucher:)

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    • Fri, Feb 18 2011

    California Font

    When I think of California, I definitely think of palm tree. I also think of a modern look with a few rough edges. The California font has all of those elements. I also love the example design shown on the font page. This font does have a fairly limited character set. There are only capital letters, numbers and the main punctuation marks. Of course it is probably perfect for a few headlines in your projects.
    • Thu, Feb 17 2011

    Get Graphics Out of Microsoft Word Files

    Why is it that clients think Microsoft Word is a graphics program? I'm not sure we'll ever get an answer to that question, we just have a find a way to deal with it. A few days ago, Jeff Harrison gave you a solution for getting the graphics out using the freeware Open Office suite . There is another way and you don't need any extra software if you are provided with a DOCX file generated from either Microsoft...
    • Wed, Feb 16 2011

    Eyedropper Tool in CorelDRAW

    In this tutorial I will tell you about CorelDRAW’s  Eyedropper Tool. Eyedropper Tool is the tool with which you can easily do many things: from simply copying solid colours to copying gradients, shapes and other properties from one object into another one. So, first find Eyedropper Tool on the Toolbox on the left: (...)Read the [...]
    • Wed, Feb 16 2011

    Keeping the Dream Computer 2011 CPU Cool

    I am still putting together the list of components for Dream Computer 2011 . Once I've selected all of the components, I'll do a recap listing them all and totaling up the price. Back in November, I selected the CPU for our dream computer . I may even revisit that topic as some new options are now on the market. But before we do that, we need to make sure the CPU stays cool. Why is it so important to keep the...