• Sun, Jul 31 2011

    New Contest by PositivePosters.com

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    • Sun, Jul 31 2011

    Fall Unleashed Volume 1

    After today, seven months of 2011 are finished. That means it will only be a couple more months before Fall is upon us. To get you ready, check out Fall Unleashed Volume 1 . It is a collection of 99 fall-themed pieces of vector artwork. Each piece is supplied in both CorelDRAW 9 and CorelDRAW X5 format. The artwork is the same in both version, but the CorelDRAW X5 version allows for more keywords and larger thumbnails...
    • Sat, Jul 30 2011

    Online Font Converter

    You've got a library of fonts on your hard drive, but are they all in the format you prefer or need? I know I've converted my share of fonts from one format to another over the years. While it wasn't particularly difficult, it did take a little bit of time and some special software. Now you can do the conversion online and it doesn't cost you a thing. Check out the Online Font Converter site for the details...
    • Fri, Jul 29 2011

    Selling Stock Vectors Tip#9

    With this post I continue the series of tips of how to sell your stock images. Please press “Continue reading” to find out more: (...)Read the rest of Selling Stock Vectors Tip#9 (167 words) © Anastasiia Kucherenko for Anastasiia Ku, 2011. | Permalink | No comment | Post tags: microstock, style, tip, vector
    • Fri, Jul 29 2011

    Rad Zad Fonts

    I watched the movie Encino Man the other day. It will never appear on a list of the greatest movies. Nevertheless, I always get a good laugh out of it. Made in the early 90s, some would call this movie "rad" and that leads to today's fonts, Rad Zad and Rad Zad Condensed . This is definitely a font that the star of Encino Man, Pauly Shore, would definitely love. Check it out and see if there is a place to...
    • Thu, Jul 28 2011

    Use Object Manager to Find Problems

    I've been working on some graphics lately that can be a bit complicated. Some of them have some problem objects. Finding and fixing the problems isn't nearly as difficult with the Object Manager Docker in CorelDRAW. This may sound strange, but CorelDRAW is database software. Typically you are working on the graphical report view. The Object Manager Docker lists each of the objects along with information about...
    • Wed, Jul 27 2011

    Netgear ReadyNAS Ultra 4 Plus Network Attached Drive

    If you were to lose all of your data, what would it cost you? For most users, the cost to replace that data would go into the thousands of dollars. What if you have multiple computers and you lost all the data on each of them? Now the cost goes even higher. That's why it is extremely important to have a backup strategy in place for each of your computers. Four years ago, we invested in a Netgear ReadyNAS drive and...
    • Tue, Jul 26 2011

    Me @ Photoshop Pop-up Store

    Greetings all. If you are in or near the San Francisco bay area between now and August 6th, stop in see the very cool Photoshop Pop-up store. Over the past few days we have had very cool workshops, photo shoots, photo walks, and print events by Canon and Universal.  Most of my days are spent [...]
    • Tue, Jul 26 2011

    Selling Stock Vectors Tip# 8

    With this post I continue the series of tips of how to sell your stock images. Please press “Continue reading” to find out more: (...)Read the rest of Selling Stock Vectors Tip# 8 (293 words) © Anastasiia Kucherenko for Anastasiia Ku, 2011. | Permalink | No comment | Post tags: profile, promote, sell, stock, tip, [...]
    • Tue, Jul 26 2011

    Scanning in CorelDRAW and Corel PHOTO-PAINT

    These days, many images are captured with a digital camera. But there are still times you'll need to scan in images and adjust them for use in your project Lesson 3 of CorelDRAW X5 Unleashed Advanced Topics provides information for scanning images and adjusting the color so it is just right. If you need grayscale or black and white, you'll also learn how to best convert your images. You get a 13-page PDF containing...
    • Mon, Jul 25 2011

    GDG Node Manipulator

    When learning CorelDRAW, it is extremely important to understand the manipulation of nodes. They are the building blocks of all vector artwork. GDG Node Manipulator gives you additional functionality for moving and selecting nodes in unique and creative ways. The best way to understand what is possible is to look at the dialog box (below). You'll also find a number of sample images on the product page . As an added...
    • Sun, Jul 24 2011

    Bull Riding, Western and Rodeo Artwork

    It was a pretty crazy scene Friday night. A couple of my friends wanted to check bull riding off of their bucket lists. I certainly won't be putting anything like that on my list in the first place. They both had good rides and one of them even went the full eight seconds. As I was watching, I was thinking about clip art. Yes, I'm a graphics geek so I'm always thinking about graphics. A perfect collection...
    • Sat, Jul 23 2011

    FontExplorer X Pro Manages Your Fonts

    Keeping the fonts on your computer under control is extremely important. Users of CorelDRAW are hopefully taking advantage of the Bitstream Font Navigator application that has been supplied for many versions. The biggest downside is that the utility has not been updated in many years and doesn't always work with all fonts and newer operating systems. An alternative solution is FontExplorer X Pro . It is available...
    • Fri, Jul 22 2011

    Macao and Macao Initials Fonts

    Here in the US, Las Vegas is the gaming capital and it draws a bunch of visitors each year. On the international scene, the gaming hot spot is Macao. What do those locations have to day with today's fonts? Nothing really other than the fonts are named Macao and Macao Initials . Each of them have an Asian flavor so maybe using them in a project will make you feel like you are visiting Macao. If you've missed some...
    • Thu, Jul 21 2011

    Working the Photoshop Store: July 23- Aug 6

    If you are passing through the San Francisco area, stop in at the Photoshop Store and say hello. I will be stationed there to help with your photography and Lightroom questions for the next two weeks.  Maybe we will crop something or a whole lotta somethings? Details Here Rikk Flohr © 2011
    • Thu, Jul 21 2011

    Premium Vector Vikings Available on VectorTuts

    New vector pack from me is available on VectorTuts+! Click ‘Continue reading’ to find out more: (...)Read the rest of Premium Vector Vikings Available on VectorTuts (109 words) © Anastasiia Kucherenko for Anastasiia Ku, 2011. | Permalink | No comment | Post tags: vector, vectortuts, viking
    • Thu, Jul 21 2011

    Wrap Text Around Graphics in CorelDRAW

    Back in May I told you about a catalog full of CorelDRAW mistakes . The good news is that the designer who was going to update the catalog had taken our CorelDRAW Unleashed Training Boot Camp .Armed with this new knowledge, the catalog has undergone a massive overhaul. Yesterday I saw a preview of the updated version and progress was definitely being made. While flipping through the pages, I did find some pages that didn't...
    • Wed, Jul 20 2011

    Medialink Wireless N Router

    Most of us have some sort of wireless network in our home or office. There are a variety of wireless technologies in use with different possible speeds. The Medialink Wireless N Router supports the newer 802.11n technology as well as 802.11b and 802.11g. That means you can connect your older devices and your newer devices and each can use the speed that works best. As routers go, it is attractive since the antenna is...
    • Tue, Jul 19 2011

    Change operating system on regular mobile phones and smartphones - not an option

    Why are we not given the opportunity to change operating systems on mobile phones and the new smartphones. Me for example I dont fancy the touchscreens on smartphones for typing. I like to press buttons, and keyboards in general have always been important to me when buying a laptop, in addition to all other important parts that make up a computer. Nokia has always offered keyboard with buttons, as long as I can remember...
    • Tue, Jul 19 2011

    Graphing in CorelDRAW

    Most of the time a graph will be created in a spreadsheet. There are some nice options there. But what if you want to use all of the graphic power of CorelDRAW to graph your data? Lesson 1 of CorelDRAW X5 Unleashed Advanced Topics provides information for creating 2D and 3D bar charts and pie charts. You'll also learn about a macro for automating the process. You get an 8-page PDF containing the lesson, and more than...
    • Sun, Jul 17 2011

    Seamless Textures Add Realism to Designs

    One of the things I like the most about CorelDRAW and Corel PHOTO-PAINT is the wide array of fills that are available to use. Unfortunately, some of the fill types seem to be underutilized by users. I'm not sure if they aren't aware of the fill type and/or how to use it or if the fills supplied with CorelDRAW just don't excite users. If I had to guess, I think it is a little bit of both. Hopefully I can help...
    • Sat, Jul 16 2011

    Problem Steps Recorder Can Help Solve Problems

    I've told you in the past about people who say " It Doesn't Work " and are surprised when nobody has a solution to their problem. I passed along even more tips in It Still Doesn't Work . The key to getting a problem solved is properly describing the problem. Today's utility is a great way to describe things in more detail. It is called the Problem Steps Recorder and it is included in Windows...
    • Fri, Jul 15 2011

    Hope Solo–great article about a great football player–what a life journey

    You may not read Swedish language, but do take the text in the article and use Google translate, and you will read an article about one heck of a great player in football/soccer, regardless if its women or mens football. And what a life journey she have made. The article by fellow Swede Simon Bank is movie-ish somehow. A movie about Hope Solo should be made pronto. http://www.aftonbladet.se/sportbladet/fotboll/landslagsfotboll...
    • Fri, Jul 15 2011

    The Three Laws of Image Use–Simplified

    © The answer this burning question with which so many struggle, I have devised these three perfect laws: IF I choose to create an image, it is mine. IF I choose to share it with you, you may look at it, but it is still mine. IF I choose to license it to you, you [...]
    • Fri, Jul 15 2011

    Iceberg Fonts

    We hit 117 degrees in Phoenix last week. As I watch the news, I see that many other areas in the US have been miserably hot recently. I thought it was only appropriate to feature the Iceberg family of fonts today . Included are regular, italic and bold weights. This is a nice serif font that you may wish to consider for body text in your projects. Nothing at all fancy about the fonts, just a good choice to have in your...