• Wed, Aug 31 2011

    Genius SW-G2.1 1250 2.1 Speakers

    Getting speakers for your computer can be a tough choice. You can either spend money to get good sound quality or you can save money and sacrifice quality. Sometimes you can get lucky and strike a nice balance between cost and quality. The Genius SW-G2.1 1250 2.1 Speakers give you pretty good quality for around $50. You get two satellite speakers, a subwoofer and a standalone amp. These speakers won't fill your office...
    • Wed, Aug 31 2011

    August 31, 2011 Graphics Unleashed Newsletter is Now Available

    The August 31, 2011 Graphics Unleashed Newsletter is available for your reading pleasure. It contains more than thirty-five new articles along with some really hot new products. One of those is Corel PHOTO-PAINT X5 Unleashed ! We are now taking pre-orders with shipments to start at the end of next week. One a completely unrelated note, we found a chart that showed which companies make which US beer. You can see it at...
    • Tue, Aug 30 2011

    CorelDRAW Unleashed Magazine Loaded With Tutorials

    In 2007 and 2008, we created an amazing collection of CorelDRAW learning resources in the form of CorelDRAW Unleashed Magazine . While some of the information was created four years ago, it is still very applicable to the latest versions of CorelDRAW. Each issue was filled with several tutorials for advancing your skills in CorelDRAW, Corel PHOTO-PAINT or another complementary graphics tool. If you are missing any issues...
    • Tue, Aug 30 2011

    1-Month Depositphoto Subscription Giveaway!

    Today you have an opportunity to get 1 of two 1-month Depositphoto subscriptions! Click ‘Continue reading’ to find out more about giveaway as well as Depositphoto itself: (...)Read the rest of 1-Month Depositphoto Subscription Giveaway! (473 words) © Anastasiia Kucherenko for Anastasiia Ku, 2011. | Permalink | One comment | Post tags:
    • Mon, Aug 29 2011

    Little Hamster Available to Download for Free from VectorTuts

    Little Vector Hamster is avalable to download for free from Vectortuts. (...)Read the rest of Little Hamster Available to Download for Free from VectorTuts (49 words) © Anastasiia Kucherenko for Anastasiia Ku, 2011. | Permalink | No comment | Post tags: donload, free, freebie, hamster, vector
    • Mon, Aug 29 2011

    GDG Color Blender

    Getting just the right color in your projects can sometimes be a challenge. GDG Color Blender gives you a number of tools for getting just the right color. That includes blending between colors based on a number of factors, creating color swatches and even labeling the colors. Check it out and see if it is something you need to add to your toolbox!
    • Sun, Aug 28 2011

    CorelDRAW Brush Pack 3 Is Now Available

    The first two CorelDRAW Brush Packs were very popular with users and now CorelDRAW Brush Pack 3 is available with more than 400 new and amazing brushes for use with CorelDRAW X3, X4 or X5. Not sure if it is right for you? You'll find over an hour of free tutorial videos on the product page showing how to create phenomenal designs in CorelDRAW using brushes. Want a preview of the brushes included? Download the free...
    • Sat, Aug 27 2011

    Luminance and PictureNaut Provide Free HDR Tools

    Last week I told you about the ReDynamic plug-in for creating Pseudo HDR from images . Today I'm going to tell you about two more solutions for creating HDR images and both of these are free tools. Luminance HDR is an open source tool available for both Mac and Windows. It runs as standalone software and can work with a number of formats including many popular RAW flavors. Ideally you will have shot multiple exposures...
    • Sat, Aug 27 2011

    Five Freeware Gems for Windows

    The folks at CNET recently did a post entitled Five freeware gems for Windows . Their five choices include Fences , Malwarebytes Anti-Malware , SoftMaker Office 2008 , TeamViewer and WizMouse . They also welcome comments from users about their favorite freeware tools so you may want to read through the comments. Feel free to post your favorites as a comment on the blog or on the Graphics Unleashed Facebook page .
    • Fri, Aug 26 2011

    X-Grid Fonts

    Fonts can serve many purposes. Some are great for long blocks of text and others have very specific users for only a few characters. Today's font, X-Grid definitely falls under the latter description. Each of the characters sits on a grid, a slanted grid in the italic version. I'm not sure where this one may be useful, but I'd love to hear what you think. Post a message on the Graphics Unleashed Facebook page...
    • Thu, Aug 25 2011

    The Feature You Desire May Already Exist

    Quite often I will use an e-mail or phone call I receive when writing a blog post. In this case it was a phone call from someone who wanted to know if there was a macro or add-on for CorelDRAW that would do a specific kind of product. The person was ready to buy if I could simply tell them where to find this magic tool. The answer to the question was very easy and not at all what the person expected. There was no need...
    • Wed, Aug 24 2011

    Selling Stock Vectors Tip#11

    With this post I continue the series of tips of how to sell your stock images. Please press “Continue reading” to find out more: (...)Read the rest of Selling Stock Vectors Tip#11 (170 words) © Anastasiia Kucherenko for Anastasiia Ku, 2011. | Permalink | One comment | Post tags: micrstock, sell, stock, tip, tutorial, vector
    • Wed, Aug 24 2011

    Masking tech in Photo-Paint

    Just like to share a tip when masking a photo in Photo-Paint. This summer a huge flying insect came right at me and after a while it was either me or it. My newspaper didnt stop itself and the insect fell on the car. I instantly looked at it and saw how big it was and took a photo of it. Now months later I am using the photo and making an image of it. As part of an illustration I am working on. When I took the photo I...
    • Wed, Aug 24 2011

    Beats by Dr. Dre Headphones

    I went to visit family last week and spent some time on an airplane. I am usually very productive while flying as I put on my headphones and catch up on reading. While watching others on the flights, I saw many who just use the standard headphones that came with their device. I did see one passenger sporting the hottest headphones on the market right now, Beats by Dr. Dre. They come in several flavors and I'll list...
    • Tue, Aug 23 2011

    Selling Stock Vectors Tip#10

    With this post I continue the series of tips of how to sell your stock images. Please press “Continue reading” to find out more: (...)Read the rest of Selling Stock Vectors Tip#10 (91 words) © Anastasiia Kucherenko for Anastasiia Ku, 2011. | Permalink | No comment | Post tags: illustration, microtstock, sell, stock, tip, vector
    • Tue, Aug 23 2011

    Automation of CorelDRAW

    To really turbocharge CorelDRAW, you'll want to take advantage of the macro functionality it includes. Lesson 10 of CorelDRAW X5 Unleashed Advanced Topics gives you details on creating your own macros as well as running existing macros. You'll even see how to customize a macro by adding a user interface. You get a 7-page PDF containing the lesson and more than nine minutes of tutorial videos to supplement the...
    • Mon, Aug 22 2011

    Alexander Penkin's Variables Tool

    With this macro, it is important to understand a variable. It is a piece of data that changes. In the case of this macro, the variable could be text or a graphic. It pulls data from a database and processes that data by replacing text and graphics. I could continue to try and describe it, but to best understand it you should watch videos of different projects. Alexander Penkin's Variables Tool is a very powerful macro...
    • Sun, Aug 21 2011

    National Geographic Wallpaper

    I recently went to the zoo and took some great pictures of the animals. While I was happy with the pictures I took, nobody publishes better pictures of animals than National Geographic. On their Web site are a wide variety of pictures that you can download as wallpaper . While on the site, I suggest you look around for a while. Looking through these photos can give you great ideas for photos and designs of your own. You'll...
    • Sat, Aug 20 2011

    Working music

    I know its another older song, but what a song to work with. And now I am working with a mixed media illustration. Coldplay
    • Sat, Aug 20 2011

    ReDynamix for Pseudo HDR

    Over the next few weeks I'm going to tell you about a variety of tools for creating HDR (high dynamic range) photos. Some of the tools will be completely free and some will have a price tag. I'm going to start with a program that is probably one of the easiest to use. It does simulate the look of HDR from just a single original. For those who like the look of HDR and don't want to go to the trouble of taking...
    • Fri, Aug 19 2011

    Sudbury Basin Fonts

    Have you figured out that I love fonts yet? I know I'm not the only fontaholic out there. Today we have four fonts named Sudbury Basin . There is a regular, ink, gaunt and 3D version. Get your copies now! If you've missed some fonts, don't forget to visit Fonts Unleashed where we keep a list of all of the fonts available for download. Today is the last day of Corel's five day sale . Don't miss out...
    • Thu, Aug 18 2011

    State the Correct Version Number

    A few months ago I told you about the lack of information provided by a number of users who simply say " It Doesn't Work ". One of the most basic things you should supply is the name of the software and the version you are using. A pet peeve of mine is users who either don't know what version they are using or post the wrong version. For example, a user may say they are using "CorelDRAW 5"...
    • Wed, Aug 17 2011

    Featured Artist of the Week: Yogita Vilas Butala (India)

    Miss Yogita Vilas Butala is a young CorelDRAW Artist we wanna introduce in this issue of "Weekly Featured CorelDRAW Artists Around The Globe". Her Works of Art cannot be abstracted in a single category due to the versatile styles she features in her Works. In essence, in her pictures you can see her affinity to nature and enthusiasm for appealing graphics and design...
    • Wed, Aug 17 2011

    OCZ Agility 3 SSD Drive

    How much is a speedy computer worth to you? Often one of the slower components is the hard drive in your computer. When you are booting, data needs to be pulled from the hard drive. During a computer session, numerous temporary files are saved to the main drive. These are just some of the reasons you should consider an SSD (solid state drive) drive for the boot drive in your system. Due to the higher cost for the storage...
    • Tue, Aug 16 2011

    Google + Invites!

    Follow Rikk Flohr of Fleeting Glimpse Images on Google + here. Put me in your photography or image editing circle! Rikk Flohr