• Sat, Mar 31 2012

    RAW Formats Supported by Camera RAW Lab in CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6

    One of the problems with having RAW support in a graphics application is that you are dealing with a target that is constantly moving. With each new version and service pack, Corel adds support for more cameras. For those who only occasionally work with RAW files, the Camera RAW Lab in CorelDRAW and Corel PHOTO-PAINT gets the job done. Those who need to process more than a handful of files, it can be a bit slow and you...
    • Fri, Mar 30 2012

    I Am a Zazzle Pro :)

    Today I  received an email from Zazzle support saying that I became a Zazzle ProSeller. Find out more about it: (...)Read the rest of I Am a Zazzle Pro :) (328 words) © Anastasiia Kucherenko for Anastasiia Ku, 2012. | Permalink | No comment | Post tags: prosellers, zazzle
    • Thu, Mar 29 2012

    Vector Vegetables and Fruit Available to Download from VectorTuts

    New set of Vector Fruit and Vegetables is available to download from vectortuts, learn more at a jump: (...)Read the rest of Vector Vegetables and Fruit Available to Download from VectorTuts (266 words) © Anastasiia Kucherenko for Anastasiia Ku, 2012. | Permalink | No comment | Post tags: CorelDRAW, vector, vectortuts, vegetable
    • Thu, Mar 29 2012

    Weird Tip With CorelDRAW's Smart Fill

    Users are often asking me about things that don't work right for them in CorelDRAW. Many times I have an answer, but some issues can stump me too. Recently I was working on a project that used the Smart Fill tool. When I clicked in a defined area with the Smart Fill tool, an object was created elsewhere in the drawing. Suffice it to say it had me baffled. Before I get to the full solution, I had drawn some wavy lines...
    • Wed, Mar 28 2012

    Create Hand Drawn Textures in CorelDraw

    In this post I will tell you how to create hand drawn textures in CorelDraw. Learn more at a jump: (...)Read the rest of Create Hand Drawn Textures in CorelDraw (229 words) © Anastasiia Kucherenko for Anastasiia Ku, 2012. | Permalink | No comment | Post tags: CorelDRAW, doodle, hand drawn, lesson, texture, tutorial, vector
    • Wed, Mar 28 2012

    Intel Core i7-3820 Processor 3.6 GHz

    I am asked on a regular basis to help someone find the best computer for their graphics need. There is certainly no perfect computer for all users and all tasks. It all depends on the budget involved and the types of projects that need to be completed. Yet having a fast processor will typically make sure the overall computer is fast. I say typically as you also need other pieces to go with that fast processor. Intel recently...
    • Tue, Mar 27 2012

    What Others Are Saying About CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6

    A week ago we provided our Top Ten Reasons to Upgrade to CorelDRAW X6 . We hope you have had a chance to download the trial version and give it a try . We'll also remind you that our special offer ends in a few days so make sure to take advantage of it before the offer ends. Today we want to share with you some of the other reviews that have been posted. Note that we have only included reviews that are significantly...
    • Tue, Mar 27 2012

    CorelDRAW X6 Unleashed Multimedia Training DVD Series

    Ever since the release of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6 a week ago I have been receiving questions about CorelDRAW X6 Unleashed Multimedia Training DVDs. I'll try to outline the plans for this three disc series as best possible. So the answer to the first question asked is that yes, we will be producing a series for X6. To get a good idea of what will be included, you can see detailed tables of contents for the CorelDRAW...
    • Mon, Mar 26 2012

    Adobe Creative Assurance Promotion

    I know we all hate it when we buy software right before a new version is released. Adobe is running a Creative Suite Assurance Program from today (March 26, 2012) until May 6, 2012. If you purchase one of the Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 products during the promotion, you will get a free copy of Adobe Creative Suite 6 when it is released. North America: Buy CS5.5 now and get CS6 at no additional cost. Offer ends May 6, 2012...
    • Mon, Mar 26 2012

    Corel attend Sign & Digital UK 2012 fair, Birmingham, England

    This is a pressrelease I like to share with UK readers. This pressrelease list a variety of topics that will be talked about and demonstrated, and all other information you may need visiting the Corel stand. http://www.signuk.com/page.cfm/Action=Exhib/ExhibID=182/PageOption=Press_1/libEntryID=192 The fair will be held in Birminham, England. (UK). Website for the FAIR http://www.signuk.com/ Quote Press release// You can...
    • Mon, Mar 26 2012

    CorelDRAW X6, 64-bits, Scanning, Twain Drivers and WIA

    With each new version of CorelDRAW there are quite a few questions asked. There are also important tidbits of information that sometimes don't get the proper attention. One of those regards scanning in CorelDRAW and Corel PHOTO-PAINT X6 . Those of you who run the 32-bit version of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6 will see no difference in the ability to scan in either CorelDRAW or Corel PHOTO-PAINT. Things are different...
    • Mon, Mar 26 2012

    Custom .NET Controls in CorelDRAW X6

    *Introduction* With CorelDRAW X6 you can now create custom .NET controls that can be hosted in either a custom docker or the UI itself, including toolbars and menus. I will be doing a few posts on exactly how this is done. For this post we will build our own slider control that will change the...
    • Sun, Mar 25 2012

    Macros and CorelDRAW X6 (64-Bit)

    *Introduction* The good news in most macros from previous versions of CorelDRAW should work great. The one exception to this are macros that use WinAPI calls. All previous macros that use WinAPI calls will need to be updated for CorelDRAW X6 (64-bit). This is only for the 64-bit version, if you...
    • Sun, Mar 25 2012

    Scanning CorelDRAW X6 64 bit a macro from SoftBotz

    Scanning CorelDRAW X6, using the 64 bit version a temporary glitch. Are your trying to Scan via CorelDRAW X6, 64 bit version but cant? here is a must have macro from Softboz for all who need to scan directly via CorelDRAW X6 64 bit, during the transition period till Corel have their own solution ready. W hy do we wait for Corel? As I have written previously Scanner manufacturers like Canon dont supply a TWAIN or WIA driver...
    • Sun, Mar 25 2012

    CorelDRAW Unleashed Bonus Content Pack Volume 1

    One thing we get asked by CorelDRAW users quite often is where to get more content to use with CorelDRAW. We offer quite a range of that content on the Graphics Unleashed Media Marketplace from ourselves and other vendors. Over the past few years we have been creating a lot of content in various areas. We've offered each of the items separately. Now we've taken some of our most popular content and combined it...
    • Sun, Mar 25 2012

    Some nice words from a Diversion fan!

    Letters such as the following are very nice to receive! Thanks! Kind Sir, Thank you for all that I have learned! Your tips make the world a better place. I have been reading your Daily Diversions for some time--first through the Graphics Unleashed Newsletter, and now by direct subscription. Every time I read one of your posts, I learn something new that helps me make more attractive greeting cards and calendars for my...
    • Sun, Mar 25 2012

    Cartoon Maps Featured on Trueup!

    I am so excited to see some of my cartoon maps featured on a wonderful blog Trueup by Kim Kight! (...)Read the rest of Cartoon Maps Featured on Trueup! (72 words) © Anastasiia Kucherenko for Anastasiia Ku, 2012. | Permalink | No comment | Post tags: cartoon, fabric, feature, kim kight, map, trueup
    • Sat, Mar 24 2012

    Creating a fire animation in Photo-PAINT

    I've used the GIF animation component of Photo-PAINT for quite some time. It's a bit mystifying at first. The following sample was created in Photo-PAINT X6, primarily using the Smear Tool . One of the best things you can do to stay same is to assign some hotkeys to rewind or advance single frames. I use the page up and page down keys for that. Seems sensible! :-)
    • Sat, Mar 24 2012

    Adobe Photoshop CS6 Beta Now Available for Free Download

    Adobe Photoshop CS6 Beta is now available for download in the Adobe Labs . The world's best digital image editing software is about to get even better. Explore Adobe Photoshop CS6 beta for a sneak preview of some of the incredible performance enhancements, imaging magic, and creativity tools. Discover why Photoshop CS6 software will be a whole new experience in digital image editing. Photoshop CS6 Beta Highlights...
    • Fri, Mar 23 2012

    What Do Those Abbreviations in Font Names Mean?

    How many times have you looked at a font name and noticed a few extra characters in there that didn't make any sense? Most likely they are an abbreviation for something. For example, Corel gets many of the fonts for CorelDRAW from Bitstream and so they'll contain BT at the end of their name. The folks at Extensis put together a comprehensive list called Abbreviations in Font Names Explained .
    • Fri, Mar 23 2012

    Alegreya Fonts

    This week we continue with new OpenType fonts. There are a total of twelve different fonts in the Alegreya family . Unlike the last two weeks, there are limited special features in this fonts. One thing you will find is that each font also comes in a small caps version. You'll find this family works really well as body text so make sure to download your free copy. What do you think of these fonts? Post a message on...
    • Fri, Mar 23 2012

    Could Apple Buy Adobe or Corel?

    Not a day goes by without someone asking a question about the availability of a native Mac version of CorelDRAW. Last summer I told you Why You Shouldn't Expect a Mac Version of CorelDRAW . Given the current business conditions, it just isn't going to happen. The folks at ZDNet put out an article this week suggesting it would be in Apple's best interest to buy a company in the graphics software business. Go...
    • Thu, Mar 22 2012

    Resources Docker and Colored Nodes Registry Hack Updated for CorelDRAW X6

    Last October we did a post telling you how to Enlarge and Color Code Your Nodes in CorelDRAW X5 . To make it easier for you to color code the nodes, we created a registry file that will change the setting for you automatically. It has now been updated to include both CorelDRAW X5 and CorelDRAW X6 registry files . We have also updated the popular Resources Docker for CorelDRAW X4, X5 and X6 . When you run the installer...
    • Thu, Mar 22 2012

    Installation of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X6 Upgrade

    One of the questions that arises often about a upgrade version of software is how it checks for a previous version. This question has been more popular with the new CorelDRAW X6 Upgrade Policy . Remember that users of all previous versions are eligible for upgrade pricing until June 18, 2012. After that (and with future versions), only users of the most recent two versions are eligible for the upgrade price. If you install...
    • Wed, Mar 21 2012

    CorelDRAW & Photo-Paint New upgrade policy

    There is a new upgrade policy from Corel. With the introduction of CorelDRAW X6 one may only be eligable for upgrade if one have X4 or X5. But because this means a big step from previous VERY generous upgrade policy, Corel announce they will offer EVERY user with ANY version of CorelDRAW to upgrade to X6 – for 90 days. Corel have been preetty much one of the few Computer graphic Software out there to offer a upgrade since...