• Mon, Apr 30 2012

    Comapring Stock Sales: April 2012 and April 2011

    In this post I will compare my April sales of 2011 and 2012 on Shutterstock, Vectostock and iStockphoto. I will also add a comparative table with the sales from all other microstocks I started contributing to in 2011. Press “Continue Reading” to find out more: (...)Read the rest of Comapring Stock Sales: April 2012 and [...]
    • Mon, Apr 30 2012

    Oberon Thumbnailer for CorelDRAW 11-X5 (and Maybe X6)

    Let's say you have a bunch of photos or vector graphics and you want a catalog of them all. Maybe you want to see a thumbnail of all those graphics as well as the file name. If there are thousands of them, how long would it take you to put such a catalog together? With a little help, you can accomplish the project in just a few minutes. Oberon Thumbnailer will import each of your photos or graphics and position them...
    • Sun, Apr 29 2012

    You Need a T-Shirt–and MY T-shirt Campaign is on

    You REALLY need a T-Shirt and MY T-shirt is on. Go check it out, I´ve just only started. Click image or here http://canvas.nu/store/ Enjoy! Stefan Lindblad Illustrator & graphic designer
    • Sun, Apr 29 2012

    CorelDRAW Brush Packs Render Faster in CorelDRAW X6

    When there is a new version of CorelDRAW, I'm always asked a number of "did they fix that?" or "does this work?" questions. When you look at the new feature list, often there are many things that are overlooked. One of the questions I've been asked is whether the CorelDRAW Brush Packs work in CorelDRAW X6 . Part of this confusion was because the "X6" hadn't been added on the product...
    • Sun, Apr 29 2012

    Made New banner for my main store

    I made a full clean out of my old store on my general website, and installed a new shopping cart. With it I am slowly adding products back again. Books, mainly in swedish, but also T-Shirts. For this occasion, well for today to be honest as the store had a nother banner beofore, I made New banner for my main store – Cheering and singing the occasion . The new banner for t-shirts can be seen here www.canvas.nu/store And...
    • Sat, Apr 28 2012

    Five of My Must-Have Utilities

    Some of my favorite utilities have been part of my arsenal for a long time and some have earned a place in a very short time. All of them are utilities I use on my system and they are used nearly every day if not multiple times a day. I'm listing the five in no particular order and I've provided a link to a previous blog post where I described the utility in more details. Office Tabs for Microsoft Office 2003...
    • Fri, Apr 27 2012

    WC Wunderbach Fonts

    I had someone approach me last week looking for artwork geared towards the military market. One thing that always says military to me is a stencil-type font. That led me to WC Wunderbach in its six crazy variants. Note that some of these variants are extremely complex and may be slow to render. We've also supplied these fonts in both TrueType and OpenType formats. What do you think of these fonts? Post a message on...
    • Fri, Apr 27 2012

    Oxfam GROW T-Shirt Design Challenge

    Redbubble teamed up with  Oxfam for a new t-shirt design challenge to help raise awareness for their GROW campaign. Learn more at a jump: (...)Read the rest of Oxfam GROW T-Shirt Design Challenge (79 words) © Anastasiia Kucherenko for Anastasiia Ku, 2012. | Permalink | No comment | Post tags: contest, grow, oxfam
    • Thu, Apr 26 2012

    Adobe Announces Lightroom 4.1 RC2

    Adobe released a second release candidate for Adobe Photoshop Lightroom version 4.1 today.  In addition to some performance tweaks designed to help that segment of the user base experiencing some speed issues, there are some additional changes. Notably is an exciting new tool for dealing with axial/longitudinal chromatic aberration. New Tool! The Lens Corrections panel now [...]
    • Thu, Apr 26 2012

    CorelDRAW X6, Text Speed and Windows XP

    One of the hottest new features in CorelDRAW X6 is full support of OpenType fonts and the extra characters they contain as shown in the example at right. Those of you using Windows XP as your operating system may find that the new text features are significantly slower than in previous versions. In this post I'll explain the slowness and possible solutions. First, Windows XP is coming up on its tenth birthday. It...
    • Wed, Apr 25 2012

    The Perfect Pointing Device

    I wish I could say there was a single pointing device that is perfect for all users. While working with users recently, I saw all types of devices attached to their computers. These devices may have been perfect for those users, but I found two of them darned near impossible to use. What surprised me the most is that none of them were using a graphics tablet. While I don't feel a mouse is the perfect pointing device...
    • Mon, Apr 23 2012

    Milestone Adobe CS6 Release Delivers Major Innovations for Design, Web and Video Pros

    Today Adobe announced Creative Suite 6. The contents of the press release are below. Much of the publicity was around the subscription offerings. Be very careful as you would not own any software and your usage of the software would end as soon as you stopped paying. Shipping of the boxed version of the product is scheduled to start on May 7, 2012 Pre-order Adobe Creative Suite 6 products now! Shipping begins May 7th...
    • Mon, Apr 23 2012

    Oberon Color Replacer for CorelDRAW/Corel DESIGNER

    A very common task when modifying graphics is to change one color to another. CorelDRAW has native support for these changes using the Find/Replace commands. The downside is that you have to run it twice if you want to change both outline and fill colors. A quicker method is to use the Oberon Color Replacer for CorelDRAW/Corel DESIGNER macro shown at right. It is a free download and simplifies the process. You'll...
    • Sun, Apr 22 2012

    Las Vegas, Slot Machines and CorelDRAW

    This past week I went to Las Vegas to meet with a client. Of course one of the questions someone always asks when someone returns from Las Vegas is "did you win?". My schedule was quite busy the whole trip so I didn't get a chance to even visit a casino. To answer the question, I didn't win or lose as far as gambling goes. I did see quite a few slot machines in various stages of construction and wanted...
    • Sun, Apr 22 2012

    Draw digitally without your computer or smartphone, enjoy coffee and life – Wacom Inkling

    Draw digitally without your computer or smartphone, enjoy coffee and life – Wacom Inkling is the product that make it possible for you to grab your favorite sketchbook or paper, to go to your favorite local café, sketch, sip coffee and look at people. Just relax and create. From there you go back to your studio, home, kitchen of office and hook the inkling to your computer, and digitally transfer the drawing you made...
    • Sat, Apr 21 2012

    Corel AfterShot Pro Service Pack Available

    In early January Corel released the first version of AfterShot Pro . I did a post titled Corel AfterShot Pro, Formerly Bibble Pro, Now Available that told you all about it. As noted by the title, it is an updated version of the product formerly known as Bibble Pro. First, we should talk about what it is and who needs it. If you shoot RAW photos with your digital camera, it is a great tool for processing those digital...
    • Fri, Apr 20 2012

    Tangle Font

    Last week I got the chance to dip my toe in the Pacific. If only it were that simple. Sure the water was cold, but I also got tangled in some seaweed and then discovered a bunch of tar on the bottom of my foot. In honor of this, our font this week is Tangle . There is only one font in the family and it only contains lowercase letters. Even with this very limited character set, the font is incredibly complex and should...
    • Thu, Apr 19 2012

    CorelDRAW X6 Solves Runaway List of Color Styles

    A couple of years ago I told you to Delete Extra Stuff to Speed Up CorelDRAW . While the advice is pretty simple, the actual process could be time consuming. Today I want to focus specifically on color styles. Last week I visit a client site to try and find solutions for some of the issues they were having with CorelDRAW. Maybe some of these symptoms sound familiar to you. Their files seemed to be larger than necessary...
    • Wed, Apr 18 2012

    Square Card Reader

    Last week I was in Southern California to visit a client site. While there I stopped by the offices of Sign Biz Inc and met with Teresa Young and Paul Strauch. Most of our time was spent talking about what may be of most interest to our respective customers, but we also veered off topic to discuss coffee makers and Cave Creek. It was a wonderful visit and I'm sure I'll have plenty to share with you in future posts...
    • Tue, Apr 17 2012

    Graphics Unleashed Community and Top Fans

    One of our biggest goals over the years has been to build a community where users of graphics software could find solutions to the issues they face. We try to do our best in putting out information and products (some free and some commercial) to address those issues. In order for us to truly have a community, it really shouldn't be a one-sided conversation. There has never been a better time for all of us to interact...
    • Tue, Apr 17 2012

    Importing AutoCAD Files Into CorelDRAW

    There are certainly posts I write that upset users. There may be an occasion where it is something I can control, but most times it is simply because I am delivering a message users don't like. This is one of those posts and I am simply trying to provide a solution for users who need to import AutoCAD files. I was working with a client last week who needed to import AutoCAD files into CorelDRAW. While CorelDRAW has...
    • Mon, Apr 16 2012

    Adding an Icon with your XSLT File

    *Introduction* We will be using the same XSLT files that we created last week, so if you have not read last week’s post you may wish to do that first. We added a menu item to the Dockers menu for our new custom .NET docker, each new item added gets a default icon assigned to it as shown in...
    • Mon, Apr 16 2012

    Custom .NET Dockers in CorelDRAW X6 and Using XSLT Files Instead of VBA

    Two weeks ago I shared two blog posts Shelby Moore wrote and Macros and Custom .NET Controls in CorelDRAW X6 . Today I want to share two more of Shelby's posts. Note that these posts are written for those who want to dig deeper into automating CorelDRAW. The information contained will be of most use to programmers, but all of you can read the posts to see the new tools available to programmers for automating CorelDRAW...
    • Mon, Apr 16 2012

    Adobe One Day Sale on Photoshop Elements 10 and Premiere Elements 10

    Adobe is offering a one day sale on their popular Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 image editor and their Adobe Premiere Elements 10 video editor. Each product lists for $99.99 and is only $50 during this one day sale. One day only - 50% off Photoshop Elements 10 with promo code ELEMENTS50. One day only - 50% off Premiere Elements 10 with promo code ELEMENTS50. This sale begins at 9pm Pacific time on April 15, 2012 and ends...
    • Sat, Apr 14 2012

    Better Explorer for Windows 7

    Before I tell you about a cool little addition for Windows, I will start with the small print. It will only work in Windows 7 . While it can be used on 64-bit versions of Windows 7, the developers state that it may be a little slow since it is based on 32-bit DLL files. OK, now let's go over Better Explorer . As the name suggests, it is a replacement for Windows Explorer. Don't confuse it with Internet Explorer...