The CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X4 Viewer is available.

One of the requests that we've received on a regular basis has been for a CorelDRAW and Corel PHOTO-PAINT viewer. This has always been a very interesting point of discussion internally regarding how we could do this. Good news: With CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X4, there now is a viewer... and here is the detail on how to get it: Simply download and install the trial version.

The trial version of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X4 enables you to test the full version for 15 days. Once the trial period is over, the application will automatically convert itself into a Viewer, disabling all output features such as save, print, ... You will still be able to use the product, but you won't be able to save your creations. This means that you can keep the trial on your computer if you need to view CorelDRAW and Corel PHOTO-PAINT files on a regular basis without the need to print / save these documents.


  • Wow, very clever. People can toy with the features at length now...

    Question: Can it always open files in this viewing mode?

  • That's better than nothing, G. but still not great. A 298MB viewer is a lot different than say the 11 -30 MB Word/Office 2007 viewer which lets you view AND PRINT, but not edit. That's what most folks expect from a viewer. With the trial, not only is it a very large download, but you can edit to your heart's content, just not save or print. Not quite the same thing.

    The ability to at least print a low quality version of the file would make it some better. (Maybe put a button on the menu to zoom to page and send a printscreen to the printer set at fit to page might do it?)

  • Jeff, yes, you will be able to open all the files supported by CorelDRAW and Corel PHOTO-PAINT while in viewer mode.

    Val, I understand your comment about the size of the download and not being able to print. There have been long discussions internally about this. It is certainly once of the reason why we don't advertise the trial of X4 as a viewer... I just wanted to let your know that when you get the save menu disabled, your trial has expired and you now have a viewer. Every time you launch CorelDRAW or Corel PHOTO-PAINT, it will remind you that your trial has expired.


  • Its great to have a Corel viewer.

    But normally, Viewers are used on computers where the parent software is not available. With such a huge download I doubt if any of my clients would prefer to have such viewer.

    And yes, As Val says Viewer must have an option to print as well. In fact I suggest to have a feature allowing convert the file to lower versions like in Auto CAD viewer.

    Any way. A better solution at this time. Hope to have a smaller download with better features.

  • A Stand-alone viewer could be more useful (of course, if it's not too great, because it has to be embedded into the stand-alone file).  It could be useful especially, when making a CorelDRAW document and taking it to a publishing company to let print it (when they have no CorelDRAW or CorelDRAW viewer, installed on their computers, and wouldn't do that for just one client; they ask you to export the file as a PDF or PSD, which gives totally different color results on a printed document)

  • Would someone be able to post a link to a reputable site from which the viewer may be downloaded?


  • You can download the trial of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X4 from When the trial period expires, it will become a viewer.

  • I wrote an e-mail to Irfan Skiljan who is the creator of IrfanView.

    He replied that "...Corel do not offer any documentation for they formats."

    Does that mean Corel does not want freeware software to be able to view their files? I really don't get it.

  • Corel provides documentation for the CMX format (the Corel Media Exchange file format). Regarding the CDR and CPT file formats, we do provide a similar level of information as for PSD or AI from another company as far as I know.