CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X5 Service Pack 1 coming this summer

The team at Corel is hard at work on the first Service Pack for CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X5. In addition to answering to the main feedback we have receive since the launch of X5, we will be adding a few new things to this release. One of the extras included with Service Pack 1 that we will release over the summer (sorry, I cannot give a firm date) is a great enhancement to Corel CONNECT. As you know, Corel CONNECT is a new application that was introduced with X5 to enable you to find the different graphical components that you want to use in your designs. With the version of CONNECT we shipped at launch, you had the option to search your local hard drive, a local network as well as the DVD that came with CorelDRAW Graphics Suite. With the version that will be included with Service Pack 1, we will be extending the concept of "searching for the stuff you want to use in your designs" to the next level by adding the capability to search online sites as well. Instead of typing long explanations, here is a small video to show it (it is available in HD on YouTube):

With Corel CONNECT included in Service Pack 1, we will be adding the integration to search three major online photo providers: Flickr (only for creative commons content), Fotolia and iStockPhoto. We are looking at additional services that you would like us to integrate with Corel CONNECT in the future, and I will follow-up with you once the Service Pack 1 has been released to get your feedback and better understand the services you would like to have added.

  • I am a longtime CorelDraw user (beginning with ver 8 and most recently ver X3) and recently moved to the Win 7 OS and CorelDraw X5.  I am seriously considering moving back to Win XP and CorelDraw X3 however, because my experience with X5 has been a complete disaster.  I have the ability to open several files edited in X5.  They contain the same number of bytes as before, but when they are opened I get nothing but a blank screen within the X5 window.  I also have had repeated unrelated crashes (never had a problem with X3).  Also, there appear to be problems with just saving files CorelDraw files (at times nothing is saved) and problems with file path and descriptors during exports to 'tif' files from CorelDraw.  At this point X5 is largely unuseable for me because I never can be sure when I will lose a file.  How about a hot fix or service pack to correct the current batch of serious problems before adding more functions.  I have never seen a major piece of software with such numerous and serious bugs.  I imagine tha tthe  changes MS put into Win 7 are the root problem and also imagine that MS is less than forthcoming in making the details available to competitors, but that does not change my current need for workable graphics software, for which X5 does not currently qualify.



  • Jack, have you reported your issues and provided your files to the technical support team? Before switching back, give SP1 a try when it is released later this summer.

  • Hi Gerard, That is very good.

    New feature comes with only service packs,

  • I don't think the x5 problems are solely related to windows 7 as I've also had a terrible time with it under vista. I've crashed x5 several times already simply taking it for a spin, while x3 has been rock solid for me for years. I've been a corel user since version 3, ten versions now (I skipped 9 and 11). With the sole exception of a version 6 file corruption bug, I've always had a wonderful time with corel over the last 15 years. Both draw and photopaint. With X5 I find I can't print any of my projects with facing pages and with photopaint I can't open any of my TIFF files. So I have the retail box still sitting on my desk reminding me that it is coming soon. If I can't print without corruption, I can't use draw x5. If I can't open tiff files which have worked fine with every version since 3, I can't use paint x5. I always like new features, but I wonder if with the level of complexity of current software there could be a faster way to roll out specific bug fixes rather than having to wait many months for the 1 or 2 service packs? The new features will be icing on the cake, but I hope SP1 focuses on stable and bug free (as stable and bug free as previous versions if not more so) so we can actually start to use the new version.

  • Hi, I have to agree that X3 SP2 is more usable then X5 currently in our large format printing industry, we are struggling to use it.

    Recently I did some tests on X5 to see where it was failing and it appears to strugle "processing" previews of the display especially bitmaps, often seeing multiple CPU's at 100%.  I have determined that it is nothing else but the display rendering code not being optimised for performance, still work to be done.

    Have noticed some poor performance with regards Saving and Printing.

    I love to give it some positives but most of our design team has gone back to X3 at this stage.

  • Is there a chance that an option for choosing X3 interface icons will be included in SP1?...

    Introducing this integration for searching photos online in CONNECT is a nice touch, but frankly, it's not that important - if we were to upgrade to X5, this feature would be last on the upgrade-reasons list.

    Uncomfortable interface icons is the major drawback for us - we have purchased X4, when it came out, but never really use it because of only that one reason - uninformative icons.

    We never bothered  to test-drive X5 not only because of it's overall bugginess, but mainly because it's interface is exactly the same as in X4. This topic has been discussed here in the forum a few times, and I know that there are quite a few people who would also love to see X3 icons back (as an option though - some people do like X4/X5 interface).

    Unless we find a way of implementing X3 look for X5 (either provided by Corel in SP or by some third-party workaround) we are not planning to upgrade to X5 and will be looking forward for X6. So far, we are happy with X3, same as Dave in the posting above.

  • Jack, reset your workspace to default ....coming from x3 as well .... using x5 on an win7 x64 system ... no problems

  • Has SP1 been released to the beta tester community?

  • I just posted another entry in my blog with some more insights into SP1 regarding the upcoming fixes and enhancements:

    Please make sure to do the full reporting when you encounter a problem on Windows 7 as the information collected is very helpful for Corel to identify the problems.

  • When I use X5 with my Epson 4800 printer, and printing labels, the driver gets changed to Manual Feed. I am unable to Manual Feed sheets of labels. I go back and change the printer options in both places and the same thing happens. I get an error message on the monitor and a Red Error light on the printer. All the other printing using X5 and the Epson 4800 is notmal. Apparently the selection of the Avery Label option is insisting on the Manual Feed thing for my Epson 4800.

    Any assistance appreciated.

    Bob  AZ

  • I've used coreldraw since v3 in my advertising business.  X5 has been a mess for me as well

    I was using X4 in a 32bit xp system with great results...I recently purchased a new system for my business: (Windows 7, 64bit, Fastest Intel 6 core processor, 12 gig of ram the works) and also upgraded to CorelDrawX5.  What a disappointment!  I'm wondering why I shelled out $4,500 for a new system and new software when X4 ran so nicely on the old 32bit xp!

    I'll forward my concerns to support....

  • Well, SP1 cannot come soon enough.

    I purchased X5 a week ago and have already gone back to X3.

    X5 continuously shuts down when scrolling with the mouse.

    Using Auto-centering in Powerclip doesn't center.

    Switching from Enhanced view has to be done manually instead of using Shift+F9, and when shifting back it switches to Normal instead of Enhanced.

    Selecting and shifting items has a lag.

    The interface (skin) should return back to that in X3. It's as if the icons have been changed just for change sake without improving them.

    Saving drawings increases file size 3 times.

    Shadow effect from X3 files to X5 is very pixely.

    Apart from that I don't have anything to complain about.