FontTesterPlus is a tool that allows you to browse and explore the fonts installed on your system. It also allows you to test your fonts with various typography technologies such as GDI, GDI+, OpenType, Uniscribe, DirectWrite and WPF Typography. At its roots, it is made by software developers for software developers but can also be used by font designers to test their fonts and end users to test and explore their fonts.

It has a lot of subtle but very powerful features and should be updated occasionally.

Yes, the user interface is atrocious, it is difficult to use, buggy and flaky but it can be very useful to get extended information about the fonts you have installed on your system.

It is provided to you by Corel free of charge but also without any support. In other words, you use it at your own risk. I will not run a virus scan on it, it is your responsability.

If you have questions about it, you can try asking here and I may reply if I have time but don't be offended if I do not : remember, it is not supported.

You can install it from here :

If after installing it you get error messages on launch, ensure you installed the "Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86)" ( first. This version will NOT work on Windows XP.