Barcodes in CorelDRAW

I received an interesting question about the barcode feature in CorelDRAW. For those of you who aren't aware, CorelDRAW's barcode wizard is a very powerful feature that allows you to insert barcodes into your designs (think packaging design, etc.). The question was around changing the colour of a barcode in CorelDRAW - can it be done?

Well the answer is yes, well sort of. You can change the color, but by "cheating" a bit, by transforming your barcode into a regular group of curved objects. You can do this by:

-Creating the barcode (Edit menu / Insert Barcode, and then follow the wizard)
-Select the barcode object you just created
-From the Edit menu, select Cut
-From the Edit menu, select Paste Special
Choose "Picture (Metafile)" from the available choices
-The barcode is now technically no longer a barcode, but just a group of objects, which can be ungrouped (Arrange menu / Ungroup) and then the colors changed as you wish

An important thing to remember is that changing the color of a barcode may render it unreadable by certain barcode scanning devices. I'm not fully up to speed on barcode standards, but it's something to think about. Either way, for those of you who weren't aware of the barcode capabilities, now you are!



  • Hi J,

    One step further.. I've figured out a way today to lay out barcodes as batch production in Draw.

    For a whole lot less than the 399.00 someone charges for a Coreldraw utility to do this. ;-)

    Otherwise, I think Corel themselves has a solution for mass production of variable barcodes. I emailed a couple years back, and never got a reply.

    The price is not shown either... leading me to think that it's also high. You know the drill: "for more info about pricing, you need to call a salesman..." ;-P

    I think it's rather nuts to not be able to do this easily.

    I found a little app that can convert CSVs to barcode bitmaps. then you can bring those into Draw using monstermerge, which scales as required into an area.

    Only problem is I have no way to test the output. LOL... no barcode scanner lying around my office... ;-)