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Did you create or see a great design such as flyers, signs, billboards, embroideries or graphics designs, that will fuel the inspiration of your peers. Why not share them with your friends and other members of the community on Flickr® or Facebook®? Show it to the world and tag the image at the same time.

handcrafted with care in CorelDRAW
Add this image to the file you upload if you created the design in CorelDRAW

you could design this in CorelDRAW
Add this image to great designs that could be designed in CorelDRAW

How can I share and tag great designs

With the CorelDRAW community app for iPhone, you can simply take a picture or select one from your library, add the correct tag and upload it directly to Flickr or Facebook.

From your desktop / laptop computer, you can download and add the stamps to the files you want to upload to Flickr or Facebook below, and simply add it to your photo in Corel PHOTO-PAINT. Simply follow these steps :

  • Download the correct image above - "Handcrafted with care" if you created the design, "You could design this" if you find a design you see inspiring and want to share it.

  • Add and position the appropriate image to the photo you want to upload on Facebook or Flickr using Corel PHOTO-PAINT (or if you really have to, another photo-editing application).

  • Upload the image to Facebook and/or Flickr to share it with your friends.
    Make sure you add the tag "MadeWithCorelDRAW" when uploading to Flickr so that it can be easily found

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