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  • American Bedliners

    Rendered in CorelDRAW X3 for a customer t-shirt design. The truck was referenced from a customer supplied photo. Totoal rendering time about 7-8 hours. Mainly consists of of solid and gradient fills with minimal interactive transparencies for certain...
  • Johnsons Towing

    These two trucks we rendered from customer supplied photos. The trucks utilize a ton of interactive transparencies. Entire design rendered solely in CorelDRAW X3.
  • Scrantons Finest

    This was rendered for a t-shirt design yet I decided to make a little scene for fun.
  • V-Twin Station Plus

    Logo & T-Shirt design. CorelDRAW X6
  • Spooky X3

    Rendered this one for fun a little while back. Just messing around trying to learn new ways of rendering and using the awesome tools in DRAW. Uses mostly solid fills with some gradients. Lots of contours and extrudes. I did duplicate a gradient lens over...
  • ShrimpFest08.jpg

    Simple t shirt design for annual shrimp festival. printed on white t's as cmyk due to cost.
  • what a drag

    Rendered this for a good buddy of mine in need of somew vehicle help :)