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  • Dodge Dart GTS 1968

    1st of two views for a t-shirt design.
  • Audio Excellence

    T-Shirt design with the vehicle Corel used in my Case Study. Created entirely in DRAW!
  • M.O.R.E. FREEDOM 250

    All Vector all DRAW !!!!!
  • moreHoliday200.jpg

    Event T-Shirt design. Line work of vehicles by Corey - Splat Graphics layout, coloring and everything else by me. all Vector all DRAW
  • Corky Racing

    Back design for a t-shirt. All DRAW :-)
  • Balls Out 250

    All vector All DRAW
  • S McClain Stone

    T-shirt design entirely in DRAW
  • what a drag

    Rendered this for a good buddy of mine in need of somew vehicle help :)
  • smokin

    Just messing around trying to better my vector smoke effects. Smoke utilizes Interactive transparencies
  • OA Xtreme

    Created this one while testing X3.
  • mmjax07.jpg

    Event show shirt. Vehicle is the winner of last years show. This is the 5th year we have been designing and printing shirts for the club. CorelDRAW X3
  • Mustang Stampede 2010

    Annual car show T Shirt design.
  • MORE Kartek ORAF 250

    All DRAW all Vector. Thanks Cory for the help
  • Foothills Wrecker Service

    Many modifications to previously rendered wreckers. Final T-Shirt layout rendered in DRAW X3. All vector All the time
  • escalade.jpg

    Rendered this one for fun. Just trying to learn new techniques. All DRAW
  • H2

    Did this one a while back. Just trying to learn new techniques.
  • Filtermag 250

    Only have one more logo to add. Waiting for the sponsor to supply the working file. Created in DRAW X3 all vector with a couple interactive transparencies.
  • American Bedliners

    Rendered in CorelDRAW X3 for a customer t-shirt design. The truck was referenced from a customer supplied photo. Totoal rendering time about 7-8 hours. Mainly consists of of solid and gradient fills with minimal interactive transparencies for certain...
  • Spirit Flyer

    This was a fun one. Mainly uses regular gradient blends with minimal transparencies. Had fun and learned some new techniques for the clouds.
  • More Oraf LKR 500

    Event T Shirt design... All Vector All DRAW
  • Concept PINK

    Deviation of my deviation All vector with a couple vector transparencies and drop shadows. CorelDRAW X3 Inspired by Rendered for a club contest at deviantART.
  • Hollow Ground

    animated vBulletin forum header for gaming clan
  • Blaser Bash Part Deux

    All Vector, All DRAW !!!!!
  • vrrrrrmmmmmm

    rendered for fun and was able to use the bike in a t shirt design for a local club. Nuttin' like getting paid to learn :)
  • Scrantons Finest

    This was rendered for a t-shirt design yet I decided to make a little scene for fun.