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  • Comic Book/Cartoon Batmobile

    During the run of the classic series, the comic books and a cartoon series was loosely based on the live action show. This was the Batmobile. It is somewhat based on the Barris Batmobile. A few years ago Polar Lights wanted to release a kit of the Barris...
  • Batcopter

    The last piece of new hardware from the Adam West Batman Movie of the sixties...the Batcopter. Not very sleek compared to some comic book designs or animated series designs, but this was the technology of the time.
  • The BLACK BEAUTY from the Green Hornet

    Staying in the theme of the famous TV Cars...super hero cars, here is the BLACK BEAUTY from the Green Hornet. I believe it is made from a 1966 Imperial. I watched the show as a kid...and only then. Being a short run, it does not show up in syndication...
  • Iron Man Closeup

    This the first Iron Man I drew. I hope to do a full body version soon.
  • Dalek

    I am not a Dr. Who fan at all...but once again, it has cool hardware. Here is a Dalek I drew.
  • Iron Man

    One of my favorite movies and superheros...Iron Man. I dig Iron Man and Batman because they have no special power that gives them an edge...they use their intelligence and abilities to defeat evil.
  • Stark 4

    Tony Stark's car from the Iron Man movies. Not really the Batmobile, but still cool.
  • King Ding

    In the seventies, there was a line of toy robots out called the Ding-a-lings. They were a series of little robots allwith different themes. There was a chef, a fireman, a construction worker, and so on. The ruler of the Ding-a-lings was King Ding. He...