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  • Battle In Space

    Once again, one of the great things about Corel is the ability to combine various drawings. Here is my Enterprise A firing on a Klingon Bird of Prey. OH...and I changed the Enterprise from the original pic. I added the one firing the torpedoes...adds...
  • The distruction of the Enterprise

    A sad day for Trek fans everywhere. The day in Star Trek III, The Search for Spock where Kirk is forced to destroy the Enterprise. Even though it looked different, despite the refit, this was supposed to be the classic, original Enterprise from the TV...
  • Another view of the new movie Enterprise

    I am quite familiar with the Enterprise from the original series...I can draw it in detail by heart. Not this one. The way I learn is by drawing if many times in many different configurations. Here is another exercise.
  • Klingon Battle Cruiser

    Another Klingon Battle Cruiser, but his one is based on the one seen in the standard, classic Star Trek.