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  • Battlestar Galactica

    I basically cheated on this one. Nothing new...just a combination of old and recent versions of the ships from the series...the REAL series. But it turned out pretty well, so I put it here.
  • Jupiter 2

    "Here now is the Jupiter 2..." This is an old drawing of the iconic ship I did when I got Corel 3. I dug it up and did some modifications to it. It was actually the Gemeni 12, but as I was improving it, it evolved into the Jupiter 2.
  • The Dove and Phoenix from Journey to the Far Side of the Sun

    Gerry Anderson did a couple of movies, one of which was Journey to the Far Side of the Sun. These were the ships from there...the Dove and the Phoenix. I believe the Phoenix is the shuttle looking thing, and the Dove is the larger rocket.