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  • Close up of the U.S.S. Enterprise

    Round 2 website has some desktop wallpaper there, and one that looks like this. it is a great shot and close up of the Enterprise. I wanted to see if I could do something that detailed in Corel. I was satisfied with the result.
  • Interplanetary UFO Mystery Ship by AMT Models

    One of my favorite Starships is this one...the U.S.S. Leif Ericson, or later to be known as the Interplanetary UFO Mystery Ship, both from AMT models. It too was designed by Matt Jeffries, the man who designed the ships in Star Trek, including the Enterprise...
  • The U.S.S. Enterprise in Dry Dock MODIFIED

    This definitely was a challenge. The Dry Dock alone was a pice unto itself. Then there was the Enterprise. I used existing pics of the space station and the shuttlecraft. The earth could have come out better, but it DOES work. And this is modified...
  • The Enterprise as it first appeared in Star Trek the Motion Picture

    Done basically as an exercise in lighting...working with spot lighting and blends.