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  • UFO Interceptor

    This is the Interceptor from the Gerry Anderson TV Series UFO. It was the line of defense against invading aliens. The goofy thing about it was they carried only ONE missile each, that big thing in the front. Another goofy thing is they can't apparently...
  • Chief Robot Man

    This is a classic tin robot called Chief Robot Man. It was recently reissued with some subtle differences, but essentially the same. All I know it, i got the repop, and it works great and does some cool stuff. He's bump and go, eyes bling, head turns...
  • Attacking Martian from Horikowa in Brown

    This is the actual latest addition to my robot collection. I drew one of these in silver years ago, which is the one I got as a child. But this one I got on Ebay recently. They are more common in brown, less so in silver, but really rare in gold. This...
  • Battlestar Galactica

    I basically cheated on this one. Nothing new...just a combination of old and recent versions of the ships from the series...the REAL series. But it turned out pretty well, so I put it here.
  • Femisapien

    There is a company out there called WoWee Innovations. They put out robot toys that are as close to real robotics as you can get for a toy. I have a few of them...Robosapian, Tribot, Roborover and this one, Femisapien. This is their effort to appeal to...
  • Robosapien

    Another favorite toy robot of mine is the Robosapien. Quite is an interactive robot toy that can pic up things, throw them, dance, talk to others of its kind...all kinds of cool stuff. I hesitated to draw him because I was afraid I was...
  • Jupiter 2

    "Here now is the Jupiter 2..." This is an old drawing of the iconic ship I did when I got Corel 3. I dug it up and did some modifications to it. It was actually the Gemeni 12, but as I was improving it, it evolved into the Jupiter 2.
  • Iron Man Closeup

    This the first Iron Man I drew. I hope to do a full body version soon.
  • Seaview and Flying Sub

    I did a Seaview years ago, but it was rather stylized...cartoonish. So I tried to do an actual render of the famous glass nosed atomic submarine. I also imported the rendering of the Flying Sub I did previously. It fit without reducing the sze of the...
  • Saturn Robot

  • Supercar

    Another show I loved as a kid was Gerry Anderson's Supercar. Unfortunately, after I plunked down fifty bucks on the DVD, I was less impressed with it as an adult than as a kid...despite still liking Fireball XL5, Stingray and Thunderbirds. However...
  • Dalek

    I am not a Dr. Who fan at all...but once again, it has cool hardware. Here is a Dalek I drew.
  • Another view of the new movie Enterprise

    I am quite familiar with the Enterprise from the original series...I can draw it in detail by heart. Not this one. The way I learn is by drawing if many times in many different configurations. Here is another exercise.
  • Krome Dome

  • Iron Man

    Here is another Iron Man. This is my first time drawing him whole. I did the flying shot, but considering the angle, I didn't have to draw a lot of him. But here I took a picture of the model kit, and between that and other pics, I came up with this...
  • Shado Mobile 3

    Another vehicle from Gerry Anderson's UFO. This is the truck they dispatch when there is a UFO sighting and possible landing sight. This was a fun draw...the treads were a challenge. Lots of cloning.