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  • The Lunar Rover

    After the first couple of lunar landings, NASA decided to send along this little buggy, the Lunar Rover. This allowed the astronauts to go furter away from the LEM and do a lot more exploring and get more samples. I saw one at the Smithsonian, and it...
  • Jupiter 2

    "Here now is the Jupiter 2..." This is an old drawing of the iconic ship I did when I got Corel 3. I dug it up and did some modifications to it. It was actually the Gemeni 12, but as I was improving it, it evolved into the Jupiter 2.
  • The Lunar Module and Command/Service Modules

    The more and more I learn about Corel, the more techniques I learn. I think I figured out how to do the foil on the LEM body...and the reflective, protective gold chrome covering of the command module. I know I did these before....but I learned a lot...
  • Shado Mobile 3

    Another vehicle from Gerry Anderson's UFO. This is the truck they dispatch when there is a UFO sighting and possible landing sight. This was a fun draw...the treads were a challenge. Lots of cloning.