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  • The Dark Side of the Force

    In order to save room for other pics, I combined a few similarly themed pieces. The Darth Vader head was from a pic of a Halloween mask I found. it was a great static straight on shot plus al the reflections. I like playing with reflections. Funny how...
  • The Droids of Star Wars

    I took some of my older droid drawings and combined them with a couple of new ones and came up with this, which, I was told, would make a great cover for a calendar.
  • Close up of the U.S.S. Enterprise

    Round 2 website has some desktop wallpaper there, and one that looks like this. it is a great shot and close up of the Enterprise. I wanted to see if I could do something that detailed in Corel. I was satisfied with the result.
  • Comic Book/Cartoon Batmobile

    During the run of the classic series, the comic books and a cartoon series was loosely based on the live action show. This was the Batmobile. It is somewhat based on the Barris Batmobile. A few years ago Polar Lights wanted to release a kit of the Barris...
  • The Robots of Buck Rogers the TV Series

    Crighton, Dr. Theopolis and Twiki.
  • UFO Interceptor

    This is the Interceptor from the Gerry Anderson TV Series UFO. It was the line of defense against invading aliens. The goofy thing about it was they carried only ONE missile each, that big thing in the front. Another goofy thing is they can't apparently...
  • Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

    I was watching my Voyage DVD's, and once again was blown away by the hardware. People watch sci fi and Trek for all the deep meaning and vision. Well...screw all that. I watch these shows because of all the great hardware and designs of such. This...
  • Main Control Panel

    All systems are controlled from here.
  • Luke Skywallker's personal physician

    In the Empire Strikes Back, after Luke gets attacked by the wampa, which is how they explain his scarred face after his car accident, this droid, 21B, is the medical droid that puts Luke back together.
  • Galileo Shuttlecraft Box Art

    I still love building models. My favorites back in the seventies were the Trek kits. I prided myself on building every kit in the series. And some of the only classic images we had of these ships was what was on the boxes of the kits. The shuttlecraft...
  • Daisy Atomic Disintegrator

    The title explains it. However, this post has been modified. The original I drew it from was Photoshopped...the rod below the barrel was removed and I drew it without it. A wise member of the Alphadrome board pointed it out and posted the correct pic...
  • U.S.S. Reliant

    This is the U.S.S. Reliant. This is the starship captained by Captain Turell. It was later hijacked by Kahn in his persuit of James Kirk. It later got destroyed by the Genesis Device.
  • Zooka Pop Pistol

    A cork popper ray gun.
  • Chief Robot Man

    This is a classic tin robot called Chief Robot Man. It was recently reissued with some subtle differences, but essentially the same. All I know it, i got the repop, and it works great and does some cool stuff. He's bump and go, eyes bling, head turns...
  • Luke, I am your father...

    This is what I always called the "Oh CRAP" shot...except I use a more color metafor which is spelled like shot, but with an I. Anyway, after whacking at Luke for what seems like hours, all that talking and convincing, and even disfiguring his...
  • Batcopter

    The last piece of new hardware from the Adam West Batman Movie of the sixties...the Batcopter. Not very sleek compared to some comic book designs or animated series designs, but this was the technology of the time.
  • Zeta Ray Gun

    A more common and popular gun.
  • The Jupiter 2 Fusion Core/Engine Room

    Nuff said.
  • Laughing Robot

    Another one of my toy robots in my collection. From the mid 80's, the Laughing Robot. You press his head and he either laughs or makes space sounds. He also has bump and go action.
  • The Ralph Mcquarrie Darth Vader

    The Ralph Mcquarrie Darth Vader. Darth Vader is my favorite, ultimate movie or TV villain. It used to be the Wicked Witch of the West growing up, but after the Empire Strikes Back, I realized how COOL Vader was. Anyway, this is a pic I drew based on a...
  • Lantern Robot

    I took a break from the ray guns today and cranked out this one. This is a reproduction of the 1950's Tin Lanter Robot. I hear to find one in halfways decent shape, and original, can cost you over $7,000. This one was fifty and brand new. I am unfamiliar...
  • Remco's Mr. Brain

  • Attacking Martian from Horikowa in Brown

    This is the actual latest addition to my robot collection. I drew one of these in silver years ago, which is the one I got as a child. But this one I got on Ebay recently. They are more common in brown, less so in silver, but really rare in gold. This...
  • Buck Rogers TV Series Starfighter

    The fighter ship used in the Buck Rogers TV series.
  • Marvin the Robot from The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy

    This is Marvin the Robot, the manic depressive robot from Hich Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy. A very odd and strange movie and book, but for me the shining light of this movie was Marvin. Being a toy robot collector, I had a natural interest in this...