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  • Space Shuttle with SRB seperation

    My tribute to the end of an era. The last shuttle flights are coming now I guess we sit here doing nothing because our fearless leader shelved the return to the moon initiative. But a critical moment in the lift off of the shuttle, the seperation...
  • The Lunar Rover

    After the first couple of lunar landings, NASA decided to send along this little buggy, the Lunar Rover. This allowed the astronauts to go furter away from the LEM and do a lot more exploring and get more samples. I saw one at the Smithsonian, and it...
  • Enterprise NX01

    From the TV series Enterprise. The NX01. The first starship Enterprise captained by Capt. Archer. It was experimental, thus the X designation. I enjoyed the series...much better than Voyager or DS9, but apparently others didn't think so and the show...
  • American Spacecraft

    I drew a couple more of ships from the American Space Program. But instead of posting them individually and taking up all that space, I combined them into one pic. Here is the Mercury, Gemeni, Apollo and the Space Shuttle.
  • The Dove and Phoenix from Journey to the Far Side of the Sun

    Gerry Anderson did a couple of movies, one of which was Journey to the Far Side of the Sun. These were the ships from there...the Dove and the Phoenix. I believe the Phoenix is the shuttle looking thing, and the Dove is the larger rocket.