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  • Interplanetary UFO Mystery Ship by AMT Models

    One of my favorite Starships is this one...the U.S.S. Leif Ericson, or later to be known as the Interplanetary UFO Mystery Ship, both from AMT models. It too was designed by Matt Jeffries, the man who designed the ships in Star Trek, including the Enterprise...
  • Battlestar Galactica

    I basically cheated on this one. Nothing new...just a combination of old and recent versions of the ships from the series...the REAL series. But it turned out pretty well, so I put it here.
  • Jupiter 2

    "Here now is the Jupiter 2..." This is an old drawing of the iconic ship I did when I got Corel 3. I dug it up and did some modifications to it. It was actually the Gemeni 12, but as I was improving it, it evolved into the Jupiter 2.
  • The U.S.S. Constellation

    My favorite episode of Star Trek TOS is the Doomsday Machine. The episode begins with the Enterprise getting a distress signal from the disaster or distress beacon from the Constellation. When the Enterprise find is, it is free floating amongst rubble...
  • Lief Ericson/Interplanetary UFO Mystery Ship

    In the seventies, AMT Model Company decided to create their own space universe, similar to the Star Trek theme. They were to make a series of models, each kit containing a story on the instruction sheet about the ship and a cardboard record which had...
  • Another view of the new movie Enterprise

    I am quite familiar with the Enterprise from the original series...I can draw it in detail by heart. Not this one. The way I learn is by drawing if many times in many different configurations. Here is another exercise.
  • Galileo Seven Shuttle Craft

    This is one of the shuttlecraft from the Starship Enterprise. The Galileo Seven was lost in the Maursaki 312 Nebula with Spock, McKoy, Scotty and other assorted crewmen. It landed on a planet inhabited by giant ape like creatures that killed off some...
  • AMT USS Enterprise Model Box Art

    This is my tribute to the AMT USS Enterprise, a model which I have built numerous times over my growing up. The second issue of this kit included lights and a photograph of the finished model on the cover, which AMT continued to use until the nineties...