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  • Jupiter 2

    "Here now is the Jupiter 2..." This is an old drawing of the iconic ship I did when I got Corel 3. I dug it up and did some modifications to it. It was actually the Gemeni 12, but as I was improving it, it evolved into the Jupiter 2.
  • Lost in Space Laser Rifles

    More stuff I was asked to draw. The laser rifles used in the series. Two of them are actual toys off the shelves that were modified to make the weapons out of. A great way to sell the toy as THE OFFICIAL...
  • The Chariot from Lost in Space

    This was a learning experience. I never drew anything with so much transparency. I tried to create the illusion of seemed to work some, but not as well as I hoped. Anyway, I thought I would throw it out there.
  • Spindrift

    Another Irwin Allen ship. This is the Spindrift...the ship from Land of the Giants. It was a space passenger transport craft, not really a deep space ship. It was meant to go into low Earth orbit carrying passengers. I believe it was heading to England...
  • Flying Sub goes on a Mission.

    I was playing around with some of the fills in Corel and found the "swimming pool" fill and thought it perfect for this shot of the Seaview launching the Flying Sub.