Rincón Pacífico

This font was inspired in typical lettering found in the city of Oaxaca, México. It was first sketched on an old notebook, scanned and hand-traced inside CorelDraw. After an exhausting but interesting process which lasted for about two months, the characters were exported into FontLab to fine-tune (kerning and hinting, mostly).

Esta fuente fue inspirada por los rótulos en madera típicos de Oaxaca, México. Fue primero bosquejada en una vieja libreta, digitalizada y luego trazada a mano dentro de CorelDraw. Después de un exhaustivo pero interesante proceso que duró cerca de dos meses, los caracteres fueron exportados a FontLab para un ajuste más refinado de interletrado y hinting.

  • Nice font...but did you do a spell check on the content, I can't understand a single word.  LOL

    (can't speak a lick of Spanish)

  • Heh heh, you got me... didn't perform the spell check. Translated, it would be "Fifty very strange ways of pinching the woman who aided in baptising my child has this conceited, long-haired man". Well, perhaps the translation also needs a spell-checking.

  • hola, soy fanática de las fuentes de letras. esta está muy buena, si llegaras a hacer otra funete avisame!


  • Hola Lupita, ya he hecho otras, pero han sido primeros experimentos y no estoy 100% a gusto con ellas. Puedes ver una en mi sitio de flickr. www.flickr.com/.../moshdesigner

  • so where can this font be obtained??

  • Phibaoptik, it is not yet released. I have still to finish some details and then look for a distributor.

  • Great font!

    Yo tengo hablado español, pero soy mucho mejor en hablar italiano. Lo capiche? rsrsrsrs

    I'm Brazilian and think your font is so good to some works I've trying do. Include my english classes! rs

    Oh, "RS" means "risos" in portuguese, something like "laugh". I don't remember what is "RISOS" en español, but I think is something like "RISOS" also.

    Please, can you mail me with this font to download? I like fonts and icons. My e-mail is "chris.qcs@hotmail.com".



  • Hello Chris

    'Risos" is "risas" in Spanish. Thank you for your input.

    I am sorry to inform you that my font is not yet finished and that it is not planned to be distributed for free.