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  • Carton design

    made in CorelDRAW
  • Brochure [back side design]

    Brochure [design of inverse side same for both] designed for my client's spices-powder factory as required for the business purpose. [made in CorelDraw X4].
  • Wild Flowers

    made in Corel Draw X3. Used the reference photo.
  • My 1st digital portrait art

    she is Maraathi Actress Urmila Kaanitkar, as her character 'Paarvati Mahaadev Shaastri' in serial 'Asambhav' which used to be telecasted on channel Zee Maraathi.(needs lot of improvement).
  • Sphere

    made in CorelDraw X4
  • Packaged Water Bottle Label

    made in CorelDRAW
  • business/v​isiting cards [made in corelDraw X4]

  • Dusraa [an Indian festival]

    made in CorelDraw X3. Used lots of tools & my own previous creations. Dusraa is a festival in Hindu religion in India. The symbol drawn on the slate is symbol of goddess Saraswati [goddess of all arts] which is worshipped on this festival. This...
  • Advertise as a hoarding

    made this design for the ad [20x3 ft] which will be put up as a heading on the welcoming-gate of a dandiya-show which is arranged annually the town where i live where my client's factory is one of the sponcerers. [made in CorelDraw X4]. Will soon...
  • business/v​isiting cards [made in corelDraw X4]

  • bevel peacock

    made in CorelDRAW X5.
  • Brochure [design concept 1] for front page

    Brochure design-concept 1 [for the front page] designed for my spices-powder factory as required by for the business purpose. [made in CorelDraw X4]
  • Packaged Water Bottle Label

    made in CorelDRAW
  • Yellow Flower

    made in Corel Draw X3 & Corel Draw X4. NO Corel Photopaint at all.
  • re-created vector designs from original bitmap images

    i re-created these vector images using the original bitmap images which my sister wanted to use but they were blurred. Sister is going to use these vector images for her jewellery-designs portfolio. [made in CorelDraw X4].
  • Sawaari : The Royal Ride

    made in Corel Draw X4. fully imaginary. no referrences. In Indian language Hindi, the word sawaari' means a ceremonial ride of king or some royal personality. I request all the viewers to please click on this painting to view the details.
  • 'My Pet' T-shirts series

    made in CorelDraw X3
  • Name-board/signboard [3'x2'] [made in CorelDraw X4]

  • business/visiting cards [made in corelDraw X4]

  • Label Design

    made in CorelDRAW X5
  • Diwali [Indian Festival]

    made in CorelDraw X3. fully imaginary but picturising the ambience of Diwali. I love this festival. India & all the festivals of all the religions co-existing peacefully which are celebrated in India, just really rock !!!!!
  • Special Chicken Masala (spices powder) [box-packing]

    Special Chicken Masala [Box-Packing] made in CorelDraw X5 & Photo-editing with Adobe Photoshop CS5.
  • Tribal Girl

    made in CorelDRAW
  • business/v​isiting cards [made in corelDraw X4]

  • Evening Silhouettes [1]

    made in CorelDraw X4 with bit of referrence of a photograph in an ad in newspaper, didn't use any tracing method of CorelDraw.