Results for caricature
  • pirate

  • The yellow duck

    Draw in pencil, scan and colored in computer.
  • Business man talk

    Draw in CorelDraw and paint in PhotoPaint.
  • Beethoven in the cofee triangle

  • Gigapig

    Illustration in lines and gradiente
  • Caricature at Simpsoms's style

    Caricature at Simpsoms's style
  • Business man

    Lines in CorelDraw and colors in PhotoPaint
  • cartoon's woman

    Bezier by brush
  • Comic Universal, October 2002

    This is an old work in Corel Draw.
  • Pastorcita

    Pincels and brushes Paint, 2003
  • Fast food

    Illustration in lines and gradiente
  • Dogs and Bunnies

  • Caricature of Vin cent Van Gogh

    Brushes and layers
  • Caricature in brushes

    Paint in brushes, bitmap.
  • Caricature

    Caricature in vector lines
  • Insects, Bugs

    Draw whit mesh, vectorial image.
  • Caricature of my fiancee and I

    Brushes, Dodge and Burn tools.
  • Phone, i Phone

    Joseph's cartoon
  • Mr President of Colombia second version.

    I made any changes according to Sasha comments, Thanks, very much...
  • Montoya's caricature

    Draw in vectors.
  • Robo informático a Citybank en 1994

    Elaborated whit pincel, mask, and dodge tools. made en 2002.
  • Chief's caricature

    Vectors and pincel
  • Steve Jobs's tribute caricature

    Bitmap in normal brush and overexpose and underexpose. The image was inspired in the Apple's iCloud.
  • Jorge´s caricature

    Caricature in line and gradient