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  • QC2D3D conference

    This is a poster I made to promote an animation conference for students and young professionals, sponsored by the local city government. This was actually done on short notice and made entirely in CorelDRAW. Despite the 3D look, no 3D programs were used...
  • Partypod panels 4

    4th of 4 panels for the Cosmic Kidz Partypod party venue
  • Partypod panels 1

    One of four panels that were created for the Cosmic Kidz Partypod, a party venue near the Cosmic Kidz play area I submitted earlier. Two of them had a Christmas theme while the other two were of a birthday party theme. Because of the heavy workload...
  • Rules and Regulations

    The Rules and Regulations board for Candy Factory. To avoid the usual cliches of industrial images of steel and gray shades, I made it appear as a blueprint so as to keep it colorful and kid-friendly yet still make it look industrial. All characters and...
  • Cosmic Kidz Standee sign

    Here's the other two characters as used in the Standee sign promoting the Cosmic Kidz play area. The little apple-shaped robot (g.u.i.d.o.) wasn't included and was used instead in the play area itself as a guide for the kids.
  • Magical Halloween

    A study I made for a Halloween promotional campaign for a popular toy store in the Philippines. I wanted to avoid the usual Halloween cliches (graveyard, vampire, frankenstein, etc) that was used in last year's campaign so I used elements from...
  • Candy Factory Standee study

    Standee design for a new activity center which opened recently in a major mall here in Metro Manila. Logos, mascots and overall design were done using CorelDRAW.
  • Cosmic Kidz flyer

    This is the flipside of the map I posted earlier. The map is actually the contents of the flyer when opened. With exception of the SM Mall of Asia logo and the Selecta Kids Universe logo at bottom right and the Comfyland logo and characters in the middle...
  • cupid.jpg

    One of several images used in a catalog of java games for mobile phones for a major telecommunications company
  • Cosmic Kidz mascots

    Deatiled full-body images of two of the five mascots which were used in standee designs. The other three were used together since two of them had no legs. All of them are vector images created using CorelDRAW.
  • Birthday card mock-up

    As part of the party packages offered at the Partypod party venue, I had to design a birthday party invitation card (since birthdays are the most-likely reason to hold a party at the venue) for Cosmic Kidz featuring the characters I've created but...
  • anime fighter.jpg

    This was used in an ad for a mobile phone service in an anime-based magazine.
  • FIDO robot

    I came across this picture while I was removing old files from my computer. I forgot that a client of mine had the F.I.D.O. robot (from the CosmicKidz project awhile back)built for real but it proved to be very complicated and it came out a few months...
  • heart detail (cupid)

    One of my friends asked how I did the heart from the cupid illustration since regular fill techniques. Here's a step-by-step graphic tutorial I made to show him how I did it. Perhaps you may use this technique as well in your illustrations?
  • Kidz Republic mural

    I've worked with a friend of mine who needed an overhaul of the look of their kid's activity center. The problem here was the tight deadline were given since this was in between two other projects by the same client. This is just one of two murals...
  • Chick Boy

    Package design for "Chick Boy" snacks by a client of mine. One of the several projects that I have been busy with lately. Aside from the product shot, all of the elements here were made using CorelDRAW X3.
  • Partypod panels 2

    2nd of 4 panels for the Partypod party venue
  • Partypod panel 3

    3 of 4 panels created for the Cosmic Kidz Patypod party venue.
  • Kidz Republic photo booth

    This is the photobooth featured inside the play area. Time was short when this was done and I had to resort to using a clip art (specifically the jeep) which I've altered and adjusted to match the overall look of the play area. Eventually, the faces...
  • Kidzville Mural

    One of several murals created for a new indoor Children's Play and Party Center in Metro Manila. The center was a miniature version of a small town, complete with it's own school, hospital, store, etc. Along with the town, there is a huge playground...