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  • Weakest Link logo concept

    My concept for an updated version of the Weakest Link logo. I was surprised to find that the show still airs in the UK and it still looks like the same as it was 10 years ago. I felt that the look should be as intimidating as the host so I created...
  • W Grill lamp post banner 2

    Another lamp post banner, this time promoting their ribs meal.
  • A Sparkling Christmas Carol

    I've just found this in my old backup files. It's from an old project back in 2008 for a popular hotel chain's Christmas campaign. This is the third of a four-part campaign (the other two are in my gallery here ). The original files were lost...
  • Jaguar E-type (wireframe).jpg

    The same car in wireframe view so you can see the individual layers used in the image. This time, I've used some bitmaps in my work.
  • QC2D3D conference

    This is a poster I made to promote an animation conference for students and young professionals, sponsored by the local city government. This was actually done on short notice and made entirely in CorelDRAW. Despite the 3D look, no 3D programs were used...
  • Partypod panels 4

    4th of 4 panels for the Cosmic Kidz Partypod party venue
  • Tsumura Sale Ad

    This is where my previous work (cherry blossom) was used. The ad was for announcing a special discount in commemoration of the restaurant's 3rd anniversary. There were three versions of this ad but this was the one that was selected. - Edited on...
  • 7 deadly sins

    This was originally a design study for a new set of prepaid call cards for a major telecommunications company but it was rejected as it was unlike a previous study pre-selected by the client. I decided that this was too good to be used for a call card...
  • Partypod panels 1

    One of four panels that were created for the Cosmic Kidz Partypod, a party venue near the Cosmic Kidz play area I submitted earlier. Two of them had a Christmas theme while the other two were of a birthday party theme. Because of the heavy workload...
  • Jaguar logo.jpg

    Just a clue to what my next project is. Cay you guess what typE is it?
  • Oasis ad study

    An ad study I made for a friend's startup company. Effects made in Photo-Paint and layout done in CorelDRAW.
  • geisha detail

    a closer look of my earlier work showing the details of the image
  • Halloween arch

    The proposed entrance arch of the Halloween display study. All of these were done in CorelDRAW.
  • archangel

    This was inspired by a song of the same name from an UK act called Burial (it's not a death rock band, actually. more of an techno-dubstep sort). Listening to it, the song's sort of dark and mysterious, yet etherial and solemn with a modern tehcno...
  • rihanna wireframe.jpg

    Wireframe view of the picture to see the different layers and details.
  • Brochure Wine Bottles

    Here are the bottles I've used for the brochure promoting a luxury hotel's Christmas offering. The concept of the brochure was "Sparkling Christmas", so I've presented each restaurant and bar as a bottle of sparkling champagne (hence...
  • Heresy

    Been very busy lately so I made this to clear my mind a bit. I've thought about making a compilation of dance remixes of classic rock anthems, but I haven't had the time to get around this. But after being overwhelmed with a heavy workload...
  • Zooom!

    This is the poster for the hotel's New Year's party which concludes the hotel's holiday campaign, with the sparkling Christmas spirits exploding upwards like fireworks. Notice that the title has three "O"s. That's because the...
  • ExpoMom 2011 flyer

    A poster/flyer created for a trade expo for mothers. This year's theme was eco-friendliness, and they wanted to reflect this in the poster's visuals. The image depicts the usual mother-and-child graphics but placed them in front of a round flowering...
  • Weakest Link timer concept

    In my previous post, I mentioned that I've included a "clock" face in the design. I'd imagined that they would use a large screen on the set (preferably behind the host) as a backdrop with the logo and either some or all of the individual...
  • Producers Market

    Flyer/print ad for an organic market/bazaar for a client of mine. The client had provided a lot of copy and placing all of this inside a small space proved to be a challenge. The only solution was arranging the copy in a layout similar to those found...
  • archangel (wireframe)

    This is a wireframe view of the archangel I made earlier. This is to show the various vector elements used in the image.
  • Lamborghini Murcielago (white).jpg

    This is made entirely of vector elements (including the Lamborghini badge, insignia and shadow below). It was based on an actual photo but I've shifted the angle to differentiate it from the original photo. The only original concept here is the wheels...
  • Corel Painter X2 study

    Here's another package study I've made. This time its for Corel Painter 12, where I've changed it to Corel Painter X2 so as to relate it to CorelDRAW's X5 numeration. Hope you like this as well.
  • Corel X5 study

    I was actually inspired by Eric Andal's version of CorelDRAW's packaging. I've noticed that (in my opinion), compared to its competitors, Corel's packaging looks slightly dated and a bit cluttered. So I thought what could be done to...