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  • Venus Williams

    One of several images used in a catalog of java games for mobile phones for a major telecommunications company.
  • geisha detail

    a closer look of my earlier work showing the details of the image
  • Rocker Girl

  • archangel

    This was inspired by a song of the same name from an UK act called Burial (it's not a death rock band, actually. more of an techno-dubstep sort). Listening to it, the song's sort of dark and mysterious, yet etherial and solemn with a modern tehcno...
  • rihanna wireframe.jpg

    Wireframe view of the picture to see the different layers and details.
  • archangel (wireframe)

    This is a wireframe view of the archangel I made earlier. This is to show the various vector elements used in the image.
  • combat fighter.jpg

    One of several images used in a catalog of java games for mobile phones for a major telecommunications company
  • Archangel 2

    My entry for the 2011 Coreldraw International Design contest. Please vote for my entry by clicking on the stars here . Thanks!
  • Rihanna (update)

    Here's an update on the Rihanna image I made awhile ago. Please not that it's still a work in progress as there's still a lot of detail missing.
  • Phone Call

    Another image from the series. I've tweaked it a bit and changed the background color to help differentiate it from the original file I've sent.
  • Rihanna

    This is an attempt to create a realistic portrait using CorelDRAW, but it's not yet finished and this is all I can show so far. This was actually inspired by a song by this artist (can you guess which one?) and I've imagined how'd she probably...
  • Cosmic Kidz mascots

    Deatiled full-body images of two of the five mascots which were used in standee designs. The other three were used together since two of them had no legs. All of them are vector images created using CorelDRAW.
  • archangel 2

    Another version of my previous study. I felt that the previous one was too dark so I made one with a light brown background.
  • Beach hunk

    This was used in a proposal for a summer fitness event of a major fruit and beverage company in the Philippines.
  • Ecology girl

    Another illustration I made for a client.
  • Kidz Republic photo booth

    This is the photobooth featured inside the play area. Time was short when this was done and I had to resort to using a clip art (specifically the jeep) which I've altered and adjusted to match the overall look of the play area. Eventually, the faces...