Allegory of war in South Ossetia

 Allegory of war in South Ossetia

  • I observe the current situation daily. THIS symbolic allegory is a very good synopsis and narration. Even though I think that the double headed eagle of the russian arms should be ten times as bigger as the gregorian lion...

  • The states are equal in rights on the international arena. Therefore they of the identical size, Mo. Thank for comment

  • Hm. The first thing that came into my head was the power of arms, not the equality of rights. But- as I see it now - the eagle protect the rights of the undependent leopard and doesn't attack the lion. Was that your desired expression? Is this work a job for a client?

  • Eagle attacks Lion in a head (allegory of bombardment). Is not present, this work is made not for the client. I simply do not have such clients, to which it would be interesting.

    Originally there was an idea to make figure on a silk fabric for registration of walls. This variant can be looked here:

  • Aaah, now I understand the historic background! I admire your works more and more, trojza! One question at least: do you also print your vectors on canvas?

  • Thank! Unfortunately on a canvas I do not type. It costs too much)

  • Мы должны были изменять это!))))))) вектор - это искусство, и покупается искусство больше всего на холсте!))) В Германии интерес велик.))

  • I like your Artist's point of View and  personal interpretation.

    Though the complexity of each canvas can vary, (as mo pointed out) and  in the ‘news' associated with abstract  concept instead of a ‘literal’ meaning.  Very nice

  • Mo

    And at us this idea with a seal on a canvas is carried in air))) But to realize this idea there is only one way, - art galleries. But they are too conservative. And to reduce a level of art up to a level of souvenirs balalayka-matriochka))) it would not be desirable)))


    These variants of interpretation - most interesting!)