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  • Грусть

    It is strange, what is it word is difficult for translating from Russian: Грусть (grust`). Грустить (verb) - means grief, to regret , it is difficult to say
  • Mavka

    Old sketch
  • three snakes

    Egyptian prophetess Taraxandra . In their hands it has always been a book, a middle- aged , wore a red dress. About sibyls said Clement of Alexandria in his " Word to the Gentiles ." In russian: прорицательница (сибилла) Египетская Тараксандра...
  • In memory of Chernobyl

    full screen - Pure vector without effects . I am proud of the participation in the competition with such worthy contenders .
  • evening morning

    This painting, along with two other of the trilogy. Each can be understood from the others. ++ 2. Early morning ( ) 3. Morning dream ( ) I look...
  • Fiat lux

    Fiat lux CorelDRAW vector only
  • Expression

  • Noname

  • Листопад

    "Falling leaves" - in Russian word "ЛИСТОПАД" / listopad. Here he is in the autumn. And for some reason I always remember spring autumn. How do you think is happening in the picture? Good girl or bad? Well she? She is asleep...
  • Love&Death

    textile pattern . They say that I'm scared of all the participants. What do you think ?
  • devilish flirt vestal

    cover CD.
  • promise

  • Alexandra

  • to Mo & Ahmad

    Name Vote plese!) Description click-click fun comment Concerning a competition between my friends Ahmad & Mo. Mo : Ahmad: Vote...
  • love & attention

    Only love and attention to the outstanding masters of graphics can elevate your own work to the level of high art. Old vector. Original drawing : Rock Bogart
  • OKALINA MetalSoulSlagDross

    Dross[Slag] in Russian - "OKALINA" - is what separates the inside armor tank in an unsuccessful hit armor-piercing projectile [Google-trans] Окалина - это то, что отрывается изнутри брони танка при неудачном попадании бронебойного снаряда...
  • Russian Saint Sergius of Radonezh

    Russian Saint Sergius of Radonezh. Artistic interpretation of the classic image of the icon
  • Tristan & Isolde

    According to the original drawing Vladimir Noskov
  • Tristan

    "Тристан изнывал , мучимый лихорадкой, раненный сильнее, чем в те дни, когда копье Морольда отравило его сердце ядом.". Роман о Тристане и Изольде.
  • Listopad curves

    "Listopad' \ leaf fall - in russian lan\ curves of my new picture
  • Study with a candle

    Study with a candle. Only vector
  • wounded Dionis

    congratulate with Catholic Christmas!
  • silence

    Prints made on the basis of the picture with the Art V silence /
  • shadowgraph

    The presented method of drawing for me a new one. Coming up with him I was inspired by Google maps . Textonic female body like the outlines of continents . Folds sheets reminiscent of the Soviet era Constructivism artist Rodchenko . Gloves are drawn in...
  • make a picture online...

    to be continued today/ From a my sketch in rastr to a vector