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  • Mavka

    Old sketch
  • In memory of Chernobyl

    full screen - Pure vector without effects . I am proud of the participation in the competition with such worthy contenders .
  • evening morning

    This painting, along with two other of the trilogy. Each can be understood from the others. ++ 2. Early morning ( ) 3. Morning dream ( ) I look...
  • Spring

    curves illustration
  • Fiat lux

    Fiat lux CorelDRAW vector only
  • Izold

    Corel vector only =)
  • Expression

  • Noname

  • Last chance

    peace no war!
  • Листопад

    "Falling leaves" - in Russian word "ЛИСТОПАД" / listopad. Here he is in the autumn. And for some reason I always remember spring autumn. How do you think is happening in the picture? Good girl or bad? Well she? She is asleep...
  • to Mo & Ahmad

    Name Vote plese!) Description click-click fun comment Concerning a competition between my friends Ahmad & Mo. Mo : Ahmad: Vote...
  • Golden hair Isolde

    Tristan &Isolde click-click
  • love & attention

    Only love and attention to the outstanding masters of graphics can elevate your own work to the level of high art. Old vector. Original drawing : Rock Bogart
  • OKALINA MetalSoulSlagDross

    Dross[Slag] in Russian - "OKALINA" - is what separates the inside armor tank in an unsuccessful hit armor-piercing projectile [Google-trans] Окалина - это то, что отрывается изнутри брони танка при неудачном попадании бронебойного снаряда...
  • in action

  • Joke

    Please, vote, if it was pleasant to you (click on the stars):
  • clouds

    My painting technique clouds in a vector is fairly simple. Requires 1 . own photo - the source . 2. ability to use the tool " dropper ". 3. ability to use the tool "in the background ." 4. and a lot of work . Large view all pictures...
  • Listopad curves

    "Listopad' \ leaf fall - in russian lan\ curves of my new picture
  • Study with a candle

    Study with a candle. Only vector
  • silence

    Prints made on the basis of the picture with the Art V silence /
  • make a picture online...

    to be continued today/ From a my sketch in rastr to a vector
  • Genocide full

    sibyl Trojan Lived in the VI century BC. er. during the Persian king Cyrus , and the Athenian politician Solon . In her hands she carried ears of wheat . Only Corel vector. Dedicated to the memory of the Armenian Genocide
  • Offer of love curves mode

    curves mode of picture. The complete picture will be speed
  • Connelly dreams

    Pure hand-vectorisation.
  • Thumbelina my niece

    I'm from the outset conceived drawing pictures in a vector as part of the work on the big picture . I wanted to paint my young cousin, so she liked it .