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  • Грусть

    It is strange, what is it word is difficult for translating from Russian: Грусть (grust`). Грустить (verb) - means grief, to regret , it is difficult to say
  • Пакгаузы

    Rarely happens that the work of another artist might like so much he wants her to paint himself in the vector. It so happened with me. Original drawn a great Russian artist bestiarij . It's called " Ramenskoe and warehouses ". (Раменское...
  • Drago

  • three snakes

    Egyptian prophetess Taraxandra . In their hands it has always been a book, a middle- aged , wore a red dress. About sibyls said Clement of Alexandria in his " Word to the Gentiles ." In russian: прорицательница (сибилла) Египетская Тараксандра...
  • In memory of Chernobyl

    full screen - Pure vector without effects . I am proud of the participation in the competition with such worthy contenders .
  • SOBR

    "SOBR" - a rapid response squad of KGB - FSB "sobr" - in Russian like " self-discipline , diligence ." Sometimes called to disperse the youth performances. I have not yet caught.
  • evening morning

    This painting, along with two other of the trilogy. Each can be understood from the others. ++ 2. Early morning ( ) 3. Morning dream ( ) I look...
  • Spring

    curves illustration
  • Intim scene

  • Fiat lux

    Fiat lux CorelDRAW vector only
  • firm style

    vector. Only Corel vector
  • Expression

  • textile ornament

    vector only!)
  • Drink reception stand

    My project for the competition CorelDRAW Internatioal design contest 2011 Nomination Marketing. CLCK-CLICK
  • Tank 2

  • Table art

    50 $
  • Noname

  • Last chance

    peace no war!
  • Листопад

    "Falling leaves" - in Russian word "ЛИСТОПАД" / listopad. Here he is in the autumn. And for some reason I always remember spring autumn. How do you think is happening in the picture? Good girl or bad? Well she? She is asleep...
  • Hypatia medit sa mort

  • Design of booklette

    =( not realised only-corel-vector design of 2008
  • angry Bear

    Very angry Russian bear
  • logo

    vector presentation
  • Night in the automobile

    vector only
  • love & attention

    Only love and attention to the outstanding masters of graphics can elevate your own work to the level of high art. Old vector. Original drawing : Rock Bogart