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  • Corel Draw 12 crashes after opening object manager docker

    Hello. I have an odd problem, I have recently gotten a new laptop with windows 8.1 and reinstalled my CorelDraw Graphics 12 onto it with no problems. However, when I open an image or start a new image, the moment I try to open the object manager docker, the whole thing shuts down immediately. It only...
    Posted to CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 12 by ilovevolcanoes on Wed, Jun 4 2014
  • Cannot Start CorelDraw

    --------------------------- CorelDrw --------------------------- Try restarting your computer and then restarting the program. If these actions do not resolve the problem, please uninstall and reinstall the program. (Error 1) --------------------------- OK --------------------------- I tried reinstalling...
    Posted to CorelDRAW X6 by Grauenwolf on Wed, Jan 29 2014
  • Draw x6 - EPS Crash - NO SOLUTION.

    Okay, so...frustration has set in. Every time I go to export an EPS file from Draw x6 it crashes. I've tried disabling background tasks, and I've installed the latest hotfix... and those were the only solutions I was able to find for the issue... and it's still occurring. I'm not getting...
    Posted to CorelDRAW X6 by KByers12 on Fri, Nov 29 2013
  • Coreldraw Crash while exporting jpg png ang gif

    Hi everybody. I have Coreldraw X5 with servipack installed, and also the hot fix installed. And i have a win 8 pc, 64 bit, 8 gb ram and i3 processor. The program goes very well, for 1 mounth everything it was ok, but today, when i export pgn, gif and jpg the software crash. I follow the guide to go in...
    Posted to CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X5 by on Mon, Nov 18 2013
  • Templates and some imported vector files crash Coreldraw X6

    Hi folks, After the last couple updates for Coreldraw X6 (now running at v my version of Draw has been crashing when-ever I go to open any of our custom templates. The templates are rather complicated, and we've been using them for years... probably since Coreldraw 7 or so, and they've...
    Posted to CorelDRAW X6 by Jeff on Fri, Oct 4 2013
  • Delete Temp Files to Prevent Crashes and Increase Speed

    About a year ago I wrote Disk Cleanup Essential to Healthy Computer . It is such an important task for all computer users that I wanted to revisit it today. I constantly hear of users who want fewer crashes and more speed . Simply cleaning up your disk can accomplish both and it takes less than five...
    Posted to Graphics Feeds - English on Thu, Aug 2 2012
    Filed under: speed, thursday-tip, crash
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