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  • Me drawing a Helicopter Live in my sketchbook

    In this video I recorded myself drawing on free hand a Helicopter. Using my marker pens. (Touch pen by ShinHan and Faber-Castell) I originally recorded the video for a video made by M. Adam creating the video for Corel Corporation. Made for the Video presentation they did about me for their Hero´s video...
    Posted to Graphics Feeds - English on Tue, Sep 16 2014
    Filed under: illustration, CorelDRAW MASTER Program, My trip to Corel
  • My illustration & Cover Art Design for “Jack Stone” crime Novel

    Stefan Lindblad illustration, cover art, graphic desing, book cover for the Jack Stone Crime novel 2014. One of the book cover art & designs I made this summer was for the crime thriller novel “Jack Stone”, written by the two authors Steven Savile and Steve Lockley. Jack Stone”...
    Posted to Graphics Feeds - English on Tue, Sep 16 2014
    Filed under: illustration, CorelDRAW and Corel PHOTO-PAINT, Books, Comics & Graphic Novels
  • 2D vector custom technical illustration: Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone

      Illustration by Stefan Lindblad, copyright 2014 Updating my website with 2D vector illustrations: I just added the handset of the 2D vector custom made technical illustration: Nokia Lumia 920 Windows Phone, Microsoft devices, Product image. This is one type, clean style of product illustration...
    Posted to Graphics Feeds - English on Wed, Aug 20 2014
    Filed under: illustration, CorelDRAW and Corel PHOTO-PAINT, _New illustrations, 2D Vector Technical illustrations
  • "Beetle Boogie"

    VW Beetle Customized by me
    Posted to STURGESS DESIGNS by Sturgess Designs on Sat, Aug 2 2014
    Filed under: Cars, Automotive, VW, Vector Art, Vector, Line Drawings, Classic, Old, UK, Chrome, Paint, Sturgess Designs, Automotive Art, Vector Images, Vector Design, Art, reflections, British, CorelDraw, England, colours, Illustration, Beetle
  • Create a 3D Gear using CorelDRAW’s Extrude Rotation Effect

    By Steve Bain For many versions now, CorelDRAW has included extrusion features that enable to apply depth to a single object and rotate it interactively. While it’s far from 3D modelling, it certainly present some interesting creative possibilities for drawing … Continue reading →
    Posted to Graphics Feeds - English on Tue, Jul 22 2014
    Filed under: coreldraw, Technique, illustration, Special Effects, Beginner, Workshop
  • Need A 2 Z Tutorial for Beginner of CorelDraw

    Hello my dear CorelDraw user, I'm totally newbie in CD. It's works (some illustrations) really impressed me so and I'm here. Actually my job goes to make something in Photoshop & Illustrator. Now I interested about CD. So anyone can explain something on tutorial and my thinking? Thanks...
    Posted to Design, illustration and page layout by Md.Bakhtiar Uddin on Tue, May 27 2014
  • Illustration technique in CorelDraw 1 Tutorial

    Great way to use transparency in an illustration. With the Interactive Transparency tool, you can make your plain illustration to be more realistic with shadows and highlights. Here's the video link . Enjoy.
    Posted to Alex Galvez's Blog by Alex Galvez on Mon, Mar 17 2014
    Filed under: illustration
  • 1934 Chevy Sedan

    1934 Chevy Sedan - Note the foot prints in the sand and the Hat on the spare wheel this was to represent the owner leaving the car for the last time This is an older drawing I did but must have forgot to post it
    Posted to STURGESS DESIGNS by Sturgess Designs on Wed, Mar 12 2014
    Filed under: Cars, Chevy, Automotive, Vector Art, Vector, Classic, Old, Chrome, Paint, Sturgess Designs, Automotive Art, Vector Designs, Vector Images, Vector Design, V8 Engine, Art, reflections, CorelDraw, Clouds, Sky, Illustration, 1934, sand, Sedan
  • 1956 Custom Chevy

    1956 Chevy Custom Car
    Posted to STURGESS DESIGNS by Sturgess Designs on Thu, Feb 6 2014
    Filed under: Cars, Chevy, Classic American Cars, American Classic Cars, Automotive, Vector Art, Vector, Line Drawings, Old, Chrome, Paint, Sturgess Designs, Automotive Art, Vector Designs, Vector Images, Vector Design, V8 Engine, V8, Art, Old School, reflections, CorelDraw, colours, Illustration, 1956
  • "Sarcasm?..."

    For all fans of Sheldon and Leonard)))
    Posted to Anna's Gallery by Anhen on Sat, Aug 3 2013
    Filed under: portrait, man, art, illustration
  • portugues

    Por favor, colocar minha página em Portugues
    Posted to In your language by Danilo on Thu, Jun 6 2013
    Filed under: align, Appling Colors, astroid, automation, Bitmap Editor, Blend, blend tool, b-spline, C++ DLL plugin addon product development distribution localization, CD to PS, Color Palette Browser, color management X5 ICC profile rendering intent conversion gamut, Color Palette, Colors, Colour, community, Connect Tray Thumbnail, converting jpeg file format, copy, Coreldraw, Coreldraw to Adobe, Coreldraw with Photoshop,, Default, Default Palette, dpi, Duplicate, Duplicate Page, Export, Eyedropper, FILLS AND CURVES, fire effect, flag, flag making, Flattening, Fountain Fill, Grid, Guidelines, Guides, hot keys, howto, illustration, Integration, Interactive Blend, Jesus, Keyboard Shortcut, keyboard Shortcuts, lather, Launch Photoshop from Coreldraw, Layers, macro, macro*, macros, maintenance repairs error failures, Manual Flattening, Mesh Fill, monitor, Monitor Calibration for size, Mouse wheel, multiple files, natural size, Navigating, Nib, objects properties exchange copy paste, ocean, Page Sorter View, Palettes, paste, Photopaint, Photoshop, Power-clip, ppi, Preview, Printable Layer, Printing, realismo, realistic, resolution, Scroll, sea, Set As Default, shadow, Shortcuts, sky, soft edges, soft shadows, squircle, superellipse, Text Layer, Text Object, Thumbnail, tips, TON, transparency, units pixels, VBA, VBA Editor, vector, Vector Halftones, vector water, Vista, Visual Basic, water, water effect, wave, waves, waving, Web Image Optimizer, wiki, wind, window, windy, xslt, Zoom, zoom 1:1
  • Line with nodes moves when zooming or saving

    Thanks in advance! I'm using CorelDraw 7 and searched these forums, but I haven't found any posts regarding a recurring problem. After creating an object (line, etc.), I zoom in on a different object or save the file and, when I return to the original object, it has randomly changed location...
    Posted to Community site general questions by Flopbott on Sun, Jun 17 2012
  • Tips about job resources / suitable places to promote oneself abroad?

    Hi! Let's start by saying that i have plenty of local Finnish contacts and i'm confident that they'll yield results soon enough (i just started promoting myself), but how about if i'm VERY interested and able in working abroad? What sort ways would you dear 'Drawians suggest? I'm...
    Posted to Community site general questions by Ville Mononen on Mon, May 28 2012
  • "Yiyi" The Yellow Dog

    Vector lines and bitmap color.
    Posted to Sergio Alfredo's Gallery by sergio alfredo Morales Dominguez on Sat, Mar 3 2012
    Filed under: animals, Cartoon, comic, caricatura, draw, vector, Illustration, Artwork, dibujo, funny, paint, brush, pincel
  • Looking for CorelDraw artists in the Tampa Bay, FL area.

    We are a marketing and advertising agency primaily using Corel X4 for most design/print projects. We are looking for someone who has strong illustrative skills and commercial page layout capabilities. Please send your resume to . NOTE: We are not looking for freelancers. We are...
    Posted to CorelDRAW related job opportunities by Theresa Galdony on Tue, Oct 25 2011
  • Re: Feed Back On gold coin

    Hi Jason, First of all, I recommend using a photo of an actual gold coin for reference. The vector image so far feels cartoonish (I don't know if you are going for realistic or not, though). You are using only yellows, whereas in real life, objects have a much bigger variety of colour tints on their...
    Posted to Design & Illustration Critique by Mosh on Thu, Sep 29 2011
  • Advanced technique for soft-edged vector objects

    This tutorial is an extension of the basic explanation how to create soft edged objects in CorelDRAW easily with the use of two shapes, the interactive blend featureand transparency. You can read this tutorial here:
    Posted to How-to and Tips&Tricks by mo on Thu, Mar 31 2011
    Filed under: Blend, Colour, Coreldraw,, howto, illustration, Interactive Blend, realismo, realistic, shadow, soft edges, soft shadows, tips, transparency
  • Creating shadows and soft-edged objects using only vectors

    Creating soft-edged objects without having to resort to bitmap effects is quite easy in Corel DRAW if you use the Interactive Blend tool . The following technique is useful for creating soft-edged shadows, but it can be used for many other object types (neon lights, glowing objects, deliberately blurry...
    Posted to How-to and Tips&Tricks by Mosh on Sun, Aug 16 2009
    Filed under: Blend, illustration, Interactive Blend, realismo, realistic, shadow, soft edges, soft shadows
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