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  • GDG Ring Around the Shape Macro

    I'll keep the description of today's macro relatively short as the graphic below gives you a good idea of all the settings it contains. In short, GDG Ring Around the Shape will rotate a shape around a center selected shape. This can be done either by using duplicates or clones. A macro like this...
    Posted to Graphics Feeds - English on Mon, Oct 22 2012
    Filed under: macro-monday
  • Bitmap Manipulator v1.2 Now Available With CorelDRAW X6 Support

    I can't imagine not using bitmaps inside of my CorelDRAW files. There are some projects without them, but most projects use a number of separate bitmaps. It is easy enough to convert bitmaps to a different color mode or change the resolution. But using the native features of CorelDRAW, you have to...
    Posted to Graphics Feeds - English on Mon, Sep 17 2012
    Filed under: macro-monday
  • Celebrate Labor Day By Using Macros to Do Less Labor

    Why do we use computers in our work? Hopefully it is to make things easier and get more work done in less time. So as we celebrate Labor Day, I wanted to refresh your memory about a couple of macros that can save you a lot of labor. Each of them can just as easily process 1-2 files as they can process...
    Posted to Graphics Feeds - English on Mon, Sep 3 2012
    Filed under: macro-monday
  • CCleaner Can Restore System Speed By Cleaning Up Junk

    Last week I suggested you Delete Temp Files to Prevent Crashes and Increase Speed . My instructions showed you how to do it using the Disk Cleanup utility supplied with Windows. In the comments on the Graphics Unleashed Facebook page , it was suggested that CCleaner is another tool that will help remove...
    Posted to Graphics Feeds - English on Mon, Aug 6 2012
    Filed under: macro-monday, weekend-widget, ccleaner
  • CorelDRAW Macros, Compatibility and Updates

    Everyone take a deep breath and remain calm. It seems that the topic of getting macros updated makes users a little cranky, if not completely crazy. So I wanted to outline some information on macros and those who develop them so you can understand why they don't just magically get updated. What I...
    Posted to Graphics Feeds - English on Mon, Jul 16 2012
    Filed under: macro-monday
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