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  • Blog Comments, Comments Spam and Filtering

    Each day I put my thoughts into a blog post to share with you. One of the wonderful things about the blog platform is that you can post a comment and share your thoughts. Some of you send me comments via e-mail and I strongly encourage you to post them as comments on the blog instead. That way all readers...
    Posted to Graphics Feeds - English on Mon, Jul 23 2012
    Filed under: unleashed, fosters-mailbag
  • Your Favorite CorelDRAW Productivity Tips Completed Facebook Chat

    Yesterday I hosted a live chat on the Graphics Unleashed Facebook page . If you weren't able to join us live, you can still read the archive of the whole chat and benefit from the tips and questions shared. I'll host another live chat in July (a date and time will be announced later) and I'd...
    Posted to Graphics Feeds - English on Fri, Jun 22 2012
    Filed under: unleashed, Facebook, chat
  • CorelDRAW Users Needed For Golf Yardage Book Projects

    I'm always amazed at some of the designs created with CorelDRAW and where those designs are used. This past weekend the US Open golf tournament was held and you can bet that CorelDRAW helped shape some of the shots you saw. A few years back I made the acquaintance of a caddy for a golfer on the PGA...
    Posted to Graphics Feeds - English on Tue, Jun 19 2012
    Filed under: unleashed, book, project, job, fosters-mailbag, yardage, golf
  • CorelDRAW Productivity Tips Facebook Chat

    We are going to do something new this week on the Graphics Unleashed Facebook page . This Thursday afternoon (June 21, 2012) we are going to have a live chat to share some of our favorite productivity tips in CorelDRAW. We will get the chat started at 3pm PDT (6pm EDT) and we want you to join us. I'll...
    Posted to Graphics Feeds - English on Sun, Jun 17 2012
    Filed under: unleashed, chat
  • International CorelDRAW Summit Dinner

    By the title of this post, you might think there was some fancy meeting or conference held. In this case it was just a dinner with Scott Georgeson (of Australia), his wife and myself. There were certainly a lot of subjects discussed that have absolutely nothing to do with CorelDRAW and graphic design...
    Posted to Graphics Feeds - English on Wed, May 30 2012
    Filed under: unleashed, just-for-fun
  • Romcat in Unleashed x3

    copied the disk to my HD but can't see or use the i missing something or can i only use these by using the disk in the dvd drive?
    Posted to CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X3 by djh22 on Wed, Feb 10 2010
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