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  • Nausica'a Character Design Concept

    With this one I almost finished my Personal Project for the beginning of this year 2014. The Project is about some Design Concepts / Explorations of the Anime movie "Nausicaa - Of The Valley Of The Winds", which is one of my favourite animated movies, though from the late eighties. The story...
    Posted to artworks by mo by mo on Mon, Jan 6 2014
    Filed under: study, Concept, Pixel, Photopaint, mo, vector jedi, design
  • Meshfill Monaro Concept Car Original File

    (c) by PommyJosh and mo. The base wireframe work was done by PommyJosh and kindly provided for free elaboration. I did a meshfill coloring on it, and for the reason PJ provided the file for free, I should do the same I think. So here's the original CDR X3 File for studying and learning meshfill....
    Posted to artworks by mo by mo on Tue, Aug 4 2009
    Filed under: vector, mesh fill, meshfill, study, vectors, mesh, nodes, subdivision, powerclips, mesh fill in powerclips, Concept, Car, jedi, mo, vector jedi, vectorjedi, tutorial
  • Re: Tablets?

    [quote user="Andy"]lol, i feel a "show us your fave coffee house" thread coming on[/quote] [quote user="mo"]Ah, got an Idea: why not open a thread with photos of our most favorite, nicest or most crazy workplaces ?! Maybe I'll become more envy, but that's OK...[...
    Posted to CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X4 by mo on Mon, Aug 25 2008
  • Re: Can you write a small turorial?

    vobla73, as long as Corel doesn't provide it's products under a GNU GPL licence, there will be onone willing to give his hard worked out tutorials for free. I agree in everything what Rikk said. Maybe there are a lot of tutorial sites made from Photoshop users, but never confuse adobe with Corel...
    Posted to Corel PHOTO-PAINT X4 by mo on Mon, Aug 25 2008
  • Re: Tablets?

    [quote user="Ghiangelo"]of course Starbucks is everywhere [/quote] Hm, we should suggest to starbucks to make a special worldwide "Wacom and Corel User" price or menu , when so many people like us frequent this franchise cafe! Wouldn't that be great? No, I am joking, of course...
    Posted to CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X4 by mo on Mon, Aug 25 2008
  • Re: How to convert corel draw 12 files into corel draw 11

    [quote user="vinay007"] Thanks for your quick reply. But is there a way to convert corel draw 11 files into corel draw 12 or higher. Thanks [/quote] AFAIK there is no way to save a lower version to an upper version (save v11 as v12 for example). But you can load, edit, save a lower version...
    Posted to CorelDRAW X4 by mo on Mon, Aug 25 2008
  • Re: Tablets?

    Hehehe... You're funny guys, I love that. I am receiving my tablet tomorrow (If I had known earlier that the European Distribution of Wacom is only 20 km away in the next city, I would have picked up my tablet there by myself, arrgh...). I have at least a half dozen independent cafes next door (cause...
    Posted to CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X4 by mo on Mon, Aug 25 2008
  • Outside

    Posted to artworks by mo by mo on Wed, Aug 20 2008
    Filed under: Photopaint, mo, vector jedi
  • Mo's Trendwhore

    Result of playing around...
    Posted to artworks by mo by mo on Tue, Jul 8 2008
    Filed under: transparencies, vectors, blends, abstract, Trendwhore, mo, vector jedi
  • PixelPunk

    The opposite of the Vector Yedi... Done with vectors only.
    Posted to artworks by mo by mo on Tue, Jul 1 2008
    Filed under: vectors, Punk, Pixel, mo, vector jedi
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