Gerard - A question of Navigation

Try this please. Go to the forums top level menu, at the bottom of the left hand menu  is a link to the Community forums. Go there, and no further.

Now try to get back to where you were and dont use the Back button .

You have two links both called Forums one visible and one hidden in the '3bar' icon menu.

One, the visible one takes you nowhere, it links to where you are now. The other, hidden one takes you one level up, where you started from. This is misleading and difficult to find.

There is also a breadcrumb trail which is useful when you are buried in the threads of a forum, but there is still no way to get you back to where you were, the very top level with access to all forums.

Also note the Balloon icon is a link, but it takes you to the level one from top, the same location as the first words of the breadcrumb trail, so it is a duplicate.

Change the link on the balloon icon to take you to the 'All Forums ' menu please, otherwise it is superfluous. And change the links on one of the menu times called Forums so that they lead to the same place, or rename one of them, because at the moment they are contradictory and confusing.

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