How to bend text in Corel Draw 12

Hello friends,


I am new to this site.    How to bend text.    

Strictly speaking, To make a polymer rubberstamp

How to bend text in a circle?(Forround seal)

Simply as like above one

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  • Try Text To Path in the Text pull down

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    Create inner circle which will be most outer point of stamp (that means that outside circle is stamp dimension). Type your text. Select text and circle and, in text menu (command bar) click on Fit Text to Path...

  • it's simple... just type the text.. draw a circle...

    select both...

    and use FIT TEXT TO PATH from Text Menu...


    for upside and downside see the red diamond at the text left bottom corner and drag it....

    for mirror text use mirror text (horizentally / vertically)

    done... done..

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    See this post, 12 had issues with fit text to path!

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    Thank you for the reply

    But it was not sufficient

    I already told that I need to create round seal rubber stamp

    So I want text in this manner


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    I'm not sure I understand.

    If you're using real 'text', you need to use Corel 12's Fit to Path options.

    On the other hand if you are trying to put hand-drawn text-like objects around the seal, that's a whole different story.

    This was done in version 12:


  • ashok_524
    How to bend text in a circle?(Forround seal)


    Try this: (the only step you can't see is when I select nothing, then select the text and hit ctrl-k to break from curve.)

    Hope this helps.


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    Thanks a lot.

    U helped me a lot

    and a small question

    How can we type Hindhi, Telugu, Kannada in Corel?

    Do they require any plugins codecs or.....?


    Once again thankyou

    Waiting for ur reply

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    You need language installed.

    Text - Writing Tools - Language

    On CD of Corel installation are all languages that are supported so you can install them at any time you need...