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I'm sure like me, most users would love to be free of our monster desktops and slow laptop start ups, and would love to move to a pad for some of our work. I hope Corel will get in the game with more then just its ( put your own comment here!) first apps.  The pad platforms are still new and not fully formed yet, but like others I want to see a basic version or beta, or at least some news something is in the works.  What would any of you like to see in or out on a version. I looked at Adobe and so far it is way weak on concepts. the pads are not seen as a real platform yet but will be the only one in a few years. the desk top will go back to a business tool existence with only a few of us and some gamers to stay with.  

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  • Hello Aric; If you look at some of the old posts you can see were this was brought up. It may help answer your question, and give you people that are on your side.


  • Have no fear, Windows 8 will come out probably next year and you will have full Windows on pad form devices.  One OS that runs on desktops, laptops, and "slates".  You will be able to run anything that you currently run on Windows 7.  What kind of power you can expect is a question mark though.  Forget about ipads and android tablets.  Windows 8 should be a game changer.

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    Sing to me! : ) seeing in hand will be believing, but I do have faith my brother!

    With what has been shown so far It  may well be a game changer, and a lighter app will not be needed. (but still would be nice on the ipad side) I know HP has pulled its proprietary pad system (out for only five seconds) and may be resetting for 8 so if all goes well it will be a war of hardware. That will be good for all, and i'm sure processing will be fixed by competition. My worry will be that Windows tends to be fat and get fat. I do not much care for Mac but I will say I love the pad and the app style is smooth. As for android, I do work with it a lot, and with so much open source on the apps it starts to bog down and reminds me of a OS version of My Space. Windows 8 may suffer in the same way with being by nature more open then Mac.  I do remember Corel on Mac though : ( , maybe I should take back my wish!  I'll start praying for 8. Please God let it work as promised.          

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    Thanks George : ) I will run back through.