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New upgrade policy with CorelDraw X6?

Today I found at a  website of a software shop, that Corel will change the upgrade policy with X6 so that it will not be possibe to upgrade from CorelDraw Version X3 or older! Only X4 and  X5 will be accepted for upgrading - otherwise you have to buy the Full Version!

Does anybody knows or heard of it if this is the truth? It's an important question for a X3-user like me who waited for X6 ...

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  • Hello,

    Corel has implemented a standard "2 versions back" upgrade policy last year across its entire portfolio (I believe that Painter 12 was one of the first apps) and it was announced at different places including in the official Corel blog. We know that this is a change compared to previous versions, and will be offering a transition period when we launch the next version of CorelDRAW for those of older versions to get it.


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    Thank you, Gerard, for your quick answer. I didn't noticed the change of the upgrade policy.

    Now is just one interesting question left...when will X6 be released...? I am looking forward for it!


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    That sure is an interesting question worth asking... just can't answer it ;-)

    In case you are interested in having an idea of some of the things coming, check out my blog.